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  • 1. Film Studio Research By Tyrell Batchelor

2. Introduction For this task I am carrying out I have to research film studios known for producing Thriller films. In this task you are going to see a brief overview of each studio with examples of the success they have had and then explain what studio I will want to distribute my film 3. TOP 10 FILM STUDIOS OF 2013 4. LIONSGATE Date established- 1997 in Vancouver Location- America They release films in all genres but are known for their Horror, Thriller and Action films. They are also the 6th most profitable film studio 5. The Expendables (2010)Now You See Me (2013)Director: Sylvester StalloneDirector: Louis LeterrierLocation Produced: AmericaLocation Produced: AmericaBox office: $274, 470, 394Box office: $351, 723, 989 6. PARAMOUNT PICTURES Date Established- 1912 in Los Angeles Location- America The have a wide variety of film genres thriller being one of them and they also the 4th oldest existing film studio 7. Jack Reacher (2012)Mission ImpossibleGhost Patrol (2013)Director: Christopher McQuarrieDirector: Brad BirdLocation Produced: AmericaLocation Produced: AmericaBox office: $216, 568, 266Box office: $694, 713, 380 8. COLUMBIA PICTURES Date Established- in 1919 Los Angeles and Founded by Harry and Jack Cohn, Joe Brandt Location- AmericaThe have a wide variety of film genres thriller being one of them 4th most profitable film studio 9. SALT (2010)Total Recall (2012)Director: Phillip NoyceDirector: Len WisemanLocation Produced: AmericaLocation Produced:Box office: $293, 503, 354Box office: $198, 467, 168 10. Conclusion From the research that I have gathered I have come to the conclusion to distribute with the film studio Lionsgate as from my results I know that they specialize in Horror and Thriller films witch suits my film the most also my favorite thriller Now You See Me was made their so I would love my film to be based on that for e.g. the twists used etc. by watching this film it inspired my chosen idea. Also this film studio may prioritize my film more that other studios like Paramount and Columbia also as they aren't as big as the others I will have more control but Lionsgate is the 6th most profitable film so will still have a massive audience.