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  • event bookings

    In addition to being a professional

    photographic studio, Simulacra is a highly

    flexible venue for hire with sound system,

    lighting equipment and most importantly

    a fully licensed bar serving a selection of

    classic cocktails, locally brewed Brixton

    beer and small batch cider.

    We happily cater for parties, launches,

    private functions, shindigs, soires and

    get togethers of any description.

    This side of the studio hasnt gone

    unnoticed by promoters whove

    booked secret sets by big name

    DJs Julio Bashmore, Kindness,

    Hot Since 82 and more.

    We also have staging and seating

    suitable for theatre productions

    and a purpose built aerial rigging

    point for cabaret and circus


    Photography studio by day, intimate club by night, these Brixton railway arches are getting serious bang for their buck. By hosting everything from photo shoots to Boiler Room sets to ultra on-trend corporate events, this venue is stretching the

    limits of whats possible in an exciting, intimate space.

    302 - 304 barrington road / sw9 7jj london / / t. 0207 733 1979 / m. 07960 124 249


    - Time Out.


    DRY HIREYou run your own bar with your

    stock and staff, following the terms of the licensing agreement, taking proceeds

    from the bar and door. Our capacity is 250 people, including crew and guest list.

    A cleaning fee will apply.

    Wet hireThe venue is also available to rent per hour.

    We can provide the bar stock and staff and will take the proceeds, but you will be able to run

    and take proceeds from the door. Our capacity is 250 people, including crew and guest list.

    A cleaning fee will apply.

  • Sound system10k Dedicated Nearfield PA Comprising Of:

    4 x 18 Reflex Cabs (B and C)8 x 15 Reflex Cabs (RCF)

    4 x 8 Mid Arrays (B and C)2 x 4 Radial Flares (EV Dh2012)

    Mini Rig 1 x Versatile 2k Vocal PA

    2 x Martin Audio Bass Foldbacks2 x 800w B and C Duel Concentrics


    4 x Technics 1210s1 x Allen & Heath XONE: 42 1 x Pioneer DJM600

    (We do not supply CDJs)

    MONITORS2 x 15 500w Active Foldbacks (PROEL)2 x 12 400w HK DJ Monitors4 x 12 300w Trapezoids6 x 12 300w Floorstanding Foldback Stagewedges

    LIGHTING - THEATRE / STAGE9 x 4ft x 4ft Staging Panels + Risers16 x Lanta Fireball LED Par Cans8 x Source Four Par 64s (Snubnose)2 x Junior Source Four Profiling Spotlights 8 x Par 64s (Longnose)2 x Zero 88 Dimmerpacks

    LIGHTING - CLUB / EFFECTS4 x 250w Datamoon3 x 250w Martin Destroyers 4 x 400w UV Cannons

    equipment list

    We can also supply: Mics, Micstands, Lightingdesks, Mixingdesks, Lighting and

    Sound Design, Sound and Lighting Engineers, Smoke Machines and much more Audio Lighting equipment.

    Please contact us for prices.

  • Terms & conditions

    1. The provision of regulated entertainment shall only take place

    in the Main Space (Studio 1).

    2. The Premises Licence Holder shall provide sound and amplification

    equipment to the premises for the use of all patrons/users for the provision

    of regulated entertainment.

    3. The Premises Licence Holder shall prohibit all patrons from bringing in

    and utilising their own sound/amplification equipment except for instruments used for

    the provision of live music. This condition should be embedded in the contract for

    persons hiring out the venue.

    4. Background recorded music shall only be played within the bar.

    5. No licensable activities shall take place in the external yard areas.

    6. There shall be no use of the single

    storey arches in the blue gate yard for licensable activities or any other

    amenity use by patrons.

    7. No speakers shall be placed out in the external yard areas.

    8. All doors and windows to be kept closed whilst regulated entertainment is taking place except for the ingress and egress of persons or in the event of an emergency

    9. The gate to be kept closed at all times whilst licensable activities are taking place except for ingress/egress of persons.

    10. At all times when the premises is hired out for functions and events, patron entry and dispersal shall be from the blue gate yard adjoining the railway bridge only.

    11. The pedestrian access adjoining the residential property shall not be used as a smoking area or any other amenity use by patrons when licensable activities are taking place.

    12. The use of the blue gate yard for amenity use by patrons (adjoining the railway bridge) shall cease at 22:00hrs Monday to Saturday.

    13. From 22:00hrs all patrons shall be prohibited from taking drinks outside and consuming them within the blue gate yard.

    14. From 22:01hrs, the blue gate yard shall be a designated smoking area. This area shall be monitored at all times whilst in use by SIA/management and be restricted to more than 10 persons smoking at any one time.

  • 22. Implement an orderly queuing system to the blue gate yard when necessary to ensure patrons are contained within the curtilage of the site to prevent patrons from obstructing the public highway.

    23. From 21:00hrs Monday to Thursday employ a minimum of 1 SIA and a minimum of 2 SIA Friday and Saturday nights for events/functions/parties involving the provision of regulated entertainment and/or the supply of alcohol.

    24. Search persons pre-admission to the premises should the need arise; ensure an orderly queuing system; supervise the conduct and behaviour of patrons within the yard; regulate the designated smoking area and ensure efficient dispersal from the premises.

    25. Proactively monitor the internal licensed area and engage with patrons where necessary to ensure no undue noise; anti-social behaviour or crime & disorder issues.

    26. SIA to remain on site until all patrons have dispersed from the premises.

    27. CCTV system is to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and be maintained in good working order and shall be operational at all times the premises is open for the purpose of licensable activities.

    28. The Premises are to use all reasonable efforts to provide police and local authority officers with recordings from the CCTV system on request (e.g. by supplying recordings on DVD, CD or tape).

    15. All patrons shall be prohibited from accessing and using the pedestrian

    accessso as to ensure no undue noise or nuisance to the neighbouring residents.

    16. Entry to the premises shall only be granted to those persons that have

    obtained a pre-booked ticket or invitation to a function/event. No walk-ins

    or general members of the public shall bepermitted on to the site.

    17. All patrons shall be discouraged

    from socialising/loitering and smoking on the public highway at all times.

    18. No customers shall be allowed to leave the premises with drinking vessels or to consume alcohol on the public highway.

    19. No service/sale of alcohol to any persons who appear drunk or inebriated.

    20. Implement a Challenge 25 policy for the sale of alcohol and entry to the premises, keeping a record

    of the date, time and description of all refusals made.

    21. Management/staff shall proactively monitor the conduct and behaviour of patrons inside the premises and the blue gate yard area to

    ensure no noisy, rowdy or anti-social behaviour. Those patrons deemed to be engaging in such behaviour shall be asked to disperse

    from the premises and area quietly.

  • 29. Staff to ensure that all litter generated by the use of the premises shall be cleared from the immediate vicinity outside on the public highway at the terminal hour once all patrons have dispersed from the premises.

    30. Devise and implement a robust dispersal policy to ensure that patrons leave the premises and vicinity as quietly and speedily as possible. Ensure that patrons are verbally advised by management/SIA upon leaving to be mindful of the neighbouring residents so as not to disturb the peace.

    31. There shall be no emptying of bottle banks between the hours of 23:00 08:00hrs Monday to Sunday.

    32. Patrons to be advised to wait inside the premises until their vehicle/cab has arrived.

    302 - 304 barrington road / sw9 7jj london / / t. 0207 733 1979 / m. 07960 124 249

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