Film Production

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Film Production. Hayley McIntyre and Tonelle Richardson. PRE - PRODUCTION. Finding a setting/location Planning the props and wardrobe necessary Planning special effects and where they would be placed Making schedule to produce film Creating the sets Partial finalization of the script - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Film Production

Film Production

Film ProductionHayley McIntyre and Tonelle RichardsonPRE - PRODUCTIONFinding a setting/locationPlanning the props and wardrobe necessaryPlanning special effects and where they would be placedMaking schedule to produce filmCreating the setsPartial finalization of the scriptReading of final script with directors, cast and others who are intrigued

PRODUCTIONWhere footage is recorded

POST - PRODUCTIONSorting and editing the recorded footageAdding/Choosing/ Editing music for soundtrackGraphics and titles added inEdit and correct colouringSpecial effects are touched up and added into footageTaking doubles of scene if needed