Filling the Baby Boomer Gap

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Learn how to harness the power of video to help you find and fill replacement talent rapidly.

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  • 1.FILLING THE BABY BOOMER GAP Using Video Interviewing Technology

2. Human Capital Management professionals are facing challenges as more and more of their employees with deep cross-generational knowledge retire. We will address a few of the challenges that we routinely see mentioned in the current trade literature. 3. REPLACEMENT TALENT IS HARD TO FIND 4. REPLACEMENT TALENT IS HARD TO FIND Generation Y, or millennials, with STEM degrees are difficult to recruit and attract, as they may be courted by any number of technology companies and startups outside of the fields they may have traditionally entered. What if you could post a series of recorded video interview questions the same questions you might ask to screen candidates at a job fair or during the initial phone screen? Consider this: 5. REPLACEMENT TALENT IS HARD TO TRAIN 6. REPLACEMENT TALENT IS HARD TO TRAIN Once the internal talent is spotted, it then becomes the managers responsibility to take on the role of mentor to the protg, and this can often be impractical due to scheduling considerations or location differences if they work in offices spread around the globe. How do you find time available on everyones schedule that can produce an effective learning environment? Answer: With tighter budgets, you probably dont often have the luxury to fly every trainee in for a weeks worth of training sessions with their mentor. 7. TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE IS HARD TO TRANSFER 8. TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE IS HARD TO TRANSFER Giving your top management team members access to a tool where they can re- cord tribal knowledge in compact video format is a powerful way to help meet the knowledge transfer challenge. You can always take the recorded information and more carefully formalize them into your Learning Management Systems. What about the knowledge your junior team members need to obtain, practice and use TODAY? InterviewStream helps companies generate great candidate experiences and re- markable returns through Web-based video screening, interviews and preparation. InterviewStream also has a suit of video applications that go beyond hiring and in- clude RolePlayPRO for training and performance management, and ivMessage for one-way messaging. 9. For more guidelines on how to fill the Baby Boomer gap by using video technology, visit to download the complete guide.