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  • 1.The FifaWorld Cup is the biggest spectacle on earth. It never misses a chance to amaze the supporters of the 32 teams that are participating every year. I am sure there will be no difference this time. All the teams are aiming at the event with the best possible squad they have.

2. Each player is a performer and has proven track record. But then again, there are players who are exceptional and can change the game anytime they are playing.These match- winners are the focus of the article in which we are discussing about key players of the event. 3. The first person that comes to mind is the little maestro of Argentina, veteran of 2 world cups Leonel Messi. Messi has truly been a revelation in Argentine football.This remarkable footballer is considered as the second Maradona by many in the football world. Hes one of the magicians of football in the modern world. But hes going to get a tough fight as John Obi Mikel of Nigeria is rearing up in the same group to give him a hard time.This will be the ideal time for the Catalan Midfielder to shine again on the big stage. 4. When we are discussing Messi, his rival Christiano Ronaldo surely deserves a mention.This Portuguese forward is known for his fierce on-field rivalry with Messi. Both play for the two giant clubs in Spain (Messi in Barcelona and Ronaldo in Real Madrid). Each year we see goal feast between the two. 5. Not only that, for the past few years the greatest prize for any footballer, the Ballon DOr was evenly contested by these two big names. Ronaldo will rock the FifaWorld Cup based on his superior goal scoring ability and set piece awareness. Plus he has won the Ballon DOr this year.That means he is at the peak of his form. 6. Spain is the reigning champion and it has one of the classiest squads of the tournament. Right from Andres Iniesta, Pepe, Xavi, Xavi Alonso and Iker Casillas; all are capable footballers. But I think in this FifaWorld Cup 2014, the spotlight will be on Sergio Busquets. 7. This man is media shy and has an odd style to his play which makes him attractive to watch and classy in his own way.This footballer can well be the key factor this time when Spain is looking to stamp their authority on world football again. 8. Well, I have discussed about three countries having their best men on the show. Be it Argentina, Portugal or Spain, every team has different synergy within the team and players who are awaiting the ideal chance. Every one of them is capable to turn the game on its head and make their presence felt on the occasion. 9. But there are few exceptional who are more than capable of winning the game as well as the supporters hearts whenever they play. No matter which team you support, you will always enjoy seeing them play. 10.