FIDE World Chess Grand Prix July 12- 24 2019 Hamburg … · 2019-10-24 · FIDE World Chess Grand...

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FIDE World Chess Grand Prix July 12- 24 2019 Hamburg Volunteers Program

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Transcript of FIDE World Chess Grand Prix July 12- 24 2019 Hamburg … · 2019-10-24 · FIDE World Chess Grand...

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    FIDE World Chess Grand Prix July 12-24 2019 HamburgVolunteers Program

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    World Chess has been accorded the long-termcommercial rights to the World ChessChampionship by the World Chess Federation(FIDE).Since 2013, World Chess has been staging theWorld Chess Championship Matches and sawthe sport to grow into one of the biggestsporting events in the world. Called the hybridof the most popular computer game and theNobel Prize, chess has gained popularity amongkids, millennials, business luminaries,celebrities, and politicians alike.

    World Chess

  • Hamburg Grand Prix 2019 Schedule

    Press Conference*Opening Ceremony

    Round 1Game One

    Round 1 Game Two

    Round 2 Game One

    Round 2 Game Two

    Round 2 Tie-break

    Semi-finalsGame Two

    Rest day Tie-breaksAward Ceremony

    November 4 Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayNovember 5 November 6 November 7 November 8 November 9 November 10Sunday

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundayNovember 12 November 13 November 14 November 15 November 16 November 17

    Round 1 Tie-break


    FinalsGame One

    FinalsGame Two

    Semi-finalsGame One

    Monday November 11


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  • 1. Be a part of one of the biggest world sportchess event2. Gain valuable skills & experience working in abig international team and improve your CV3. Get an official letter of recommendationfrom the most intellectual brand in the worldof sport4. Experience the atmosphere of a high-classinternational event5. Get branded merchandise as a contributor’sreward


  • 1. Smart and proactive person2. English language (upper intermediate andhigher)Chess knowledge is preferable but notobligatory


  • 1. Functional: work with core management.2. Players' Zone: zone management, assistanceto players and arbiter.3. Entertainment Zone: spectators guidance bychess program.4. Info Desk & Reception: work at thereception desk, informing guests about theTournament.5. VIP Zone: zone management, assistance toVIP guests.6. Floor management: accesses management,maintaining silence, spectators experiencemanagement, etc.

    Work functions

  • Before October 20: submitting applicationsBefore October 25: candidates’ interviewsBefore October 30: personal schedule confirmationNovember 1-3 : introduction & educationDays of work: November 4—17 except rest daysApproximate hours of work: 1—7 PM, except rest daysTo submit your application, please write to Liubov Erikina,Event Manager at [email protected] and PolinaOstasheva, Project Manager at [email protected] your letter please tell us about your university, study field,age, previous volunteering experience and why would you liketo become an intern for the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix 2019. CV is appreciated but not obligatory


    *расписание может незначительно меняться

  • 11 contacts: Liubov Erikina e-mail: [email protected] phone: +7 915 296 57 22

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