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  • 1. l o NBy Tomo and yuu

2. Quand? When?Nol is at the 25 of DecembreAnd could be held every year 3. Holidays? Vacanzes?Christians celebrate Christmas 25 Decembre because Jesus was born a 25 DecembreSometimes you could go to cold places like winter wonderland 4. Comment What we do ?They open Christmas present on Christmas Eve and not Christmas Day in FranceThey open presents at Christmas Eve or Christmas Day 5. tsPourquoi ?What? The word "Nol" means for Christianity when Jesus was bornNol means Christmas or rveillion in English 6. What do people eat ? Que mangent les francais ? They eat roasted rabbits and roasted birds around the world for Christmas EveNol is celebrated in the whole wide world 7. Pourquoi ? Christmas is the day to remember that theMessiah came to earth and brought peace 8. n ux ye Jool 9. Key words Pre nolBche de nol Pain calendal Rveillion 10. Anyques 11. stio ns?