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Federalism redefined. Please define in one sentence, what European Federalism means to you. European Federalism. A set of institutions which allow European citizens to express their positions in the most approriate way. Today, a European constitution. European Federalism.... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Federalism redefinedPlease define in one sentence, what European Federalism means to you.

  • European Federalism...A set of institutions which allow European citizens to express their positions in the most approriate way. Today, a European constitution.

  • European Federalism...Striving for peace, respecting the subsidiarity principle and achieving democracy.

  • European Federalism...Federalism is freedom.

  • European Federalism...Rational efficiency.

  • European Federalism...Democratic and better governance for the EU.

  • European Federalism...Is a last call to unify what was and is the wish and curse of history. A Europe as one state. And it is in our hand to see it through as something better than being confined to your own borders After all, the world is colliding into big states.

  • European Federalism...European states bound permanently into union, inseparable because of shared values - but also United in Diversity - able to make decisions depending on their particular locality and accept the decisions of other states even if they do not agree with them.

  • European Federalism...Is a logical way to step ahead - finally, decisions can be taken by the right persons... And they will be really in touch with Europeans.

  • European Federalism...Peace + System + Cooperation.

  • European Federalism...The things that describe federalism like rule of law, human rights, democracy, subsidiarity, etc. do exist in the EU, but I think that the EU is far from a federal form

  • European Federalism...Federalism for me is free, tolerant countries without borders cooperating with each other on all different levels.

  • European Federalism...For me it is an idea for bringing Europeans under one roof based on principles like subsidiarity, democracy, respecting the human rights, etc.

  • European Federalism...A more coherent, consolidated, transparent foundation and structure to the European continent - based on the principle of subsidiarity.

  • European Federalism...The sum of strong parts working for a common goal.

  • European Federalism...Uniting countries who all participate in decisions and have representative organisation that represent them on global level.

  • European Federalism...Is the future of Europe!

  • European Federalism...Centralization Power.

  • European Federalism...Subsidiarity! Equal opportunities for everyone.

  • European Federalism...A system/structure for political entities.A political ideology based on certain values and moral principles.

  • European Federalism...Subsidiarity + Democracy + Rule of Law + Peace.

  • European Federalism...The only feasible solution for Europe.

  • European Federalism...A very effective way to make the European vision come true.

  • European Federalism...Is a way of making the political structure more democratic in a sense of leaving issues that concern lower levels of governance to be dealt with at those levels.

  • European Federalism...Equal opportunities and freedom to choose how you live and where you live regardless of your birthplace.The most democratic form of governance in a globalized world.

  • European Federalism...What marriage means for personal relations, federalism means to politics.

  • European Federalism...Expanding of the EU.

  • European Federalism...The possibility to get people involved (local level).Unity in Diversity.To solve global issues in a democratic and tolerant way.

  • European Federalism...Democracy at the most appropriate level.

  • European Federalism...A European government elected within a European democractic system providing peace, stability, growth, education, freedom and the respect of human rights for all European citizens.

  • European Federalism...Getting to know each other better; beyond the borders of nationalism and stereotypes.

  • European Federalism...Is the way to feel European civilian and regard Europe my own home country so that I can communicate and collaborate with all the other Europeans exactly in the way I can do with my family, friends, neighbours. I wish us all to work together and live together.

  • European Federalism...Means something that you can NOT define in 1 sentence.

  • European Federalism...An ideology, whose main value is peace.An institutional structure, the only structure that allows to bring a stable peace, based on the subsidiarity principle and democracy at different levels.A societal structure, which allows to keep differences and manage them in a peaceful way.

  • European Federalism...Democracy, subsidiarity, efficiency, peace.

  • European Federalism...Is an attempt to sustainably pacify the coexistence of a multitude of peoples, sharing the same or similar values.

  • European Federalism...Democratic...Division of political powers, checks and balances,Division of competencies,Direct democracy and participatory civil socieaty,Multilayered identities.

  • European Federalism...Democracy, subsidiarity, civil rights and duties and tolerance.

  • European Federalism...Is giving a chance to you and to others to fullfil their needs.

  • European Federalism...Integrating our continent in a system of shared and self-rule drawing its legitimacy directly from the European citizens.

  • European Federalism...A more integrated Europe based on subsidiarity and supranationality.