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  • 1. Market | Connect | EngageLesa Seibert, PresidentBrian Wallace, SEO/Social Media DirectorWeb, SEO & Socialfor Business

2. Web Design & Conversions Understand what your site and each page issupposed to accomplish Know your business online objectives Have a clear idea of how to convey the objectivesto site visitors Determine who your audience is and where theycome from Once this is done you will be able to createconversions when visitors come to your site 3. Designing for Audience Online tools help businesses understand theiraudience There are free tools such as Quantcast thatprovide this visitor information Helps you determine who your visitors are andwhat they might be looking for based ondemographics Analytics tools help you find out how your visitorsgot to your site The information that analytics tools provide iscalled Technographics 4. Designing for Source There are many sources/channels that yourvisitors can arrive through Search Engines Link on another site Social Media A typed in URL Visitors who arrived through a search engineare usually looking for something Visitors coming through social media wantentertainment or quick information Direct visitors look for trust and confidence 5. Designing for Conversion Your main goal is to influence conversion You must understand your visitors motivation Provide easy access to information and pushvisitors toward an action Complete a form Register for a newsletter Purchase a product Make sure your site meets the needs of yourvisitors and has something to get them toreturn 6. How To Define Target Market The better you know your market the betteryou can create your site to cater to it Who makes up your market? Moms between 25 & 45 Computer Programmers Business Owners College Graduates What gender are they Knowing your market better than yourcompetitors gives you an advantage 7. Finding Your Target Market Look at your site traffic and analytics info Engage with your prospects or clients often Do searches on Facebook for target keywordsthat best represent your product or company Search Google for discussion forums in similarmarkets as your company 8. Website Objectives What do you want visitors to do once they get toyour site? Dont try to Keep up with the Jones Your online presence should complement orenhance your offline presence Realize it is a tool for communicating withcurrent or potential customers Your website should be customer-focused 9. What Visitors Expect Is your site planned or is it a random collectionof items Have products, services or information easilyaccessible Ease of Use No more than one click to access information Is your site concise and to the point Does it provide the content that your visitor isthere for 10. What Visitors Leave With Do you want them to connect with yousomehow Phone call Email Quote request form Purchase a product What do your visitors want before they leave? 11. Why Should Visitors Return Do you have constantly updated information? Do you have a blog? Do you sell products and have new items fromtime to time? Do you offer specials from time to time? 12. Mobile Marketing Trends Mobile Marketing isexpected to rise from $648million to $3.3 billion by2013 More and more mobileusers are reliant on theirphone for connectivity andinformation 13. Advance Mobile Communication Current mobile devices provide for multipletypes of communication: Phone Text Email Social networking Blog posting Text messages have a 94% open rate within 4 minutes of receipt 14. Consumer Partnerships Retailers offer specials, oneday only events Sports teams offer free snackor ticket during certain timesduring a game 7th inningstretch Hair salons, golf courses,doctors notify patients of openappointments due tocancellations Organizations remindmembers about meetings 15. Respecting Consumer Boundaries An average mobile campaignwill have a 15%+ responserate vs direct mail which isat most 2.6% Text is 100% opt-in and is permission only Text no more than onceweekly respect their time Dont spam 16. SMS Text For Business Virtually every consumer over 13 has a mobilephone 98% of those phones have SMS text capability Reach your customer where they are at anytime 17. SEO: Not an Afterthought Just having a website wont bring traffic Careful considerations for on-page optimization Off-site: links and traffic Local SEO is taking over Real-time / recency considerations Blurring the lines into social Not fake! 18. Tip #1: Get Your Basics Right Google Webmaster tools Google Analytics Website Optimizer Sitemap Page Speed Stop designing bad websites! 19. Tip #2: Get Local Google strongly favoring locations Knows where you are by IP address Get your Google Places account Claim Profile Complete your profile 20. Tip #3: Get Social Google is looking for recency Social signals Overlap with local Real-time results Universal search: video, images, and more 21. Using Social Media for Business Survey: 80% of small biz not on social media 15.8% of the Fortune 500 are blogging Thats what we call competitive advantage if you do it right Enter the Echo Chamber 22. Where to Focus? Your business is your full-time job Only on places you will continue to use Already must have user adoption Facebook (Page NOT user) LinkedIn Twitter Blog Youtube RSS / Monitoring Scheduling 23. Build a Following with Social Not Everyone Will Buy Some Chat and spread 24. Questions? 25. Market | Connect | EngageXstreme Media, LLC18 Valleyview DriveFisherville, KY 40023877-307-6418 http://www.xstrememedia.com LinkedIn http://linkedin.com/in/lesaseibert LinkedIn Group - http://linkedin.com/groups?gid=2143888 Facebook Group -http://facebook.com/XstremeMedia Twitter http://twitter.com/xstreme_media