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Transcript of February 2019 Newsletter - Peace Lutheran Churchpeace- Peace Newsletter 4 February 2019 Community...

  • Peace Newsletter February 2019


    February 2019 Newsletter

    Some of you have heard my faith story in bits and pieces either in a class or in sermons, but many of you have

    not heard much. I share it not for any pride on my part, but to emphasize how God works in our lives, and to

    encourage you to think about your own faith story and share it with others. In this space, I can only highlight,

    but I hope to give you a pretty good picture.

    I was blessed to be born into a Christian home where Sunday School and worship was a given every Sunday,

    which enabled me to receive a solid faith foundation and even to attain perfect attendance every year from

    grade school through high school. I loved music and started singing in the church’s children’s choir at age 4,

    and I’m still in the choir. One of my best friends growing up was the pastor’s son, so I spent a lot of time

    around the parsonage. In Jr. High Confirmation, I loved learning the Bible and Catechism. God used all this

    experience to lead me to want to be a pastor at that early age.

    When it came time for college, I attended Wartburg, one of our Lutheran Church’s colleges, taking courses with

    ministry in mind that included Latin, Greek, and several religion classes with a major in philosophy. The draft

    lottery for Viet Nam was initiated, and I was ready to go and become a war hero like my father had in WWII.

    But God kept me in school with the high lottery number of 360 something. After college graduation, I went

    straight to seminary.

    After my first year at Luther Seminary, I had had enough of school! I was ready to get out of the classroom, so

    God showed me the door out by opening the door to take my year of internship that second year instead of

    the normal third year. God gave me an extraordinary year of internship in Dallas, TX with an excellent

    supervising pastor! That year convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to serve in parish

    ministry, and apparently that’s where God wanted me, too. God even hooked me up with Diann, and we were

    married a year later.

    My ordination was at the church where I grew up in Mason City, IA, with the pastor who confirmed me

    officiating, and seminary friends participating. We left Iowa just ahead of a major snowstorm and headed for

    South Texas with everything we owned in a small U-Haul trailer, where the bluebonnets were prolific and in full

    bloom! I accepted my first Call to a two-point parish sight unseen. God was in control and it turned out to be a

    great place to start.

    After 4 ½ years, we moved to Tucson, AZ due to God’s intervention with the Call Committee and situation

    there. He carried us through 2 ½ turbulent years that might have broken me, but instead strengthened me for

    the next Call in San Diego, CA, where we found support and some of our closest friendships. Then, 9 ½ years

    later God led us to Coeur d’Alene to a broken congregation that needed an experienced pastor, but could

    barely afford ½ the salary I was getting. Again, God provided, and both my ministry and the congregation

    flourished. When the church I served abandoned Scripture to follow our sinful culture instead of God’s Word, I

    resigned with no Call, no church, no income, only a group of Biblically faithful displaced Lutherans who became

    Peace Lutheran Church.

  • Peace Newsletter February 2019


    Before I started writing this, I told Lynn in the church office that I didn’t have any thoughts or ideas for a

    newsletter article. In a matter of moments, the Holy Spirit inspired me to share this. In this very morning’s

    devotion, Oswald Chambers writes, “When we are born again we all have visions, if we are spiritual at all, of

    what Jesus wants us to be, and the great thing is to learn not to be disobedient to the vision.” I hope this helps

    you see how wonderfully God is at work in our lives. I look forward to my future and the future of this

    congregation because I know God has us all in his loving care and grace! Thank you for the last and best nine

    years of my ministry! – Pastor Kurt Wandrey ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Call Committee Corner The Call Committee has been very grateful for all your prayers during this incredible process. Our work has felt

    light and not rushed – that’s the Holy Spirit moving us along! We have opened and closed every meeting with

    prayer, specifically to allow God to be in control sweeping our personal feelings aside to allow the Holy Spirit to

    work in us. During the interview process, we have considered every detail of your congregational wishes. This

    has been an endeavor undertaken in love and caring for our ministry together and future.

    The CC attended the January council meeting to make a recommendation of prospective candidate, Pastor Jon

    Anderson. The council wholeheartedly endorsed this recommendation. Pastor Jon and his wife, Chris, spent the

    weekend of Jan 11-13, getting to know the CC, our Council, worshiping with us, then attending a casual meet &

    greet during fellowship. It was very positive from both perspectives! At the Annual Meeting, President Paul

    Seher shared, “We have now moved into a negotiation process that is headed for a favorable outcome after

    working through final details.” All in God’s good timing!!

    Our Call Process Steps

    DONE! Fellowship Forum; Creation of Call Process & Steps; Congregational & Community Profiles; Pastor

    Survey, review pastoral job description in Bylaws; compile pastor packets for the LCMC Gathering & beyond

    DONE! Advertising; accept resumes; prepare interview questions; request CDs/DVDs; read resumes

    DONE! Search narrowed; interviews conducted; references checked

    DONE! Background check/credit report; recommend final candidate to Council

    DONE! Presentation of candidate by Council; personal visit/met candidate and family

    NEXT! Transition time, congregational vote; extend a Letter of Call; set start date; moving; Installation!

    CC Members: Ken Birge, Chair Pr. Gail Gutterud, Lynn Affeldt, Ruth Clark, Secretary Connie Arthur, Kit Carey,

    with Alternate, Molly Shofner

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dear Friends,

    This is a thank you note/picture from Resurrection of Hope,

    Uganda, who held a children’s Christmas party where 1,500

    children came to celebrate Christmas! You will recall that we

    did an open basket offering collection after church on Sunday,

    Nov 30, and received $400! The Christmas party was a meal and

    a fun day of activities including a Bible story and memory verse

    show with winners! You can see more of the party on Facebook

    at Resurrection of Hope Uganda. The director of this ministry is

    a friend, and was my mentor during the Medical Mission trip.

    Thank you PLC for your generous contributions!

    Jolene Pooley

    Check out Resurrection of Hope on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Resurrection-of-hope-Uganda-


    https://www.facebook.com/Resurrection-of-hope-Uganda-ROHU-313154698844017/ https://www.facebook.com/Resurrection-of-hope-Uganda-ROHU-313154698844017/

  • Peace Newsletter February 2019


    2019 Family Promise Ministry Greetings from your PLC Family Promise Team! Since it’s the beginning of a new year, we have time to reflect

    on our past and also look forward at setting goals for this year. You may have already chosen your goals for

    the year, or like me, still thinking of how to make this year a little better than last. Either way we would like you

    to consider sharing your spiritual gifts in one of the ministries here at PLC. We invite you to: Seize the

    opportunity to care for people/families who are experiencing life struggles.

    I was thinking what is in it for me. I will say be careful what you ask for (remember God knows all). I did, and

    was surprised to discover God’s plan for me was to provide a deeper understanding of what it means to serve

    those in need. I was surprised how easy and rewarding it was to volunteer. It did not require any special skills or

    training just a willing heart to share what God had already equipped me to do.

    What I was allowed to experience was two families (one a single mom with two young teens, and another

    mom, dad and four little ones), coping with temporary challenges working to improve their family situations. I

    witnessed two young boys taking charge when necessary to care for a loving mom. I saw three very energetic

    children competing for their mother’s attention while she cared for a newborn while dad was working the

    evening shift. What was asked of me as a host was to show up, provide a meal, and allow them to unwind in a

    safe and caring environment.

    Four times a year there is an announcement that FP week is coming and the need to sign up to help provide

    meals, hosts, help with set up, cleaning and everything else to provide our special families a safe and

    welcoming place where they can decompress from the challenges they are facing. Our personalized MealTrain

    website is perfect for this!

    When I signed up to provide and host the meal, I did not realize what Go