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Transcript of feat hair stylist - Neroli Salon & Spa · PDF file 2017. 1. 19. · feat / hair...

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    KIM VOGT - N



    Q_How do you stay creatively motivated when the average customer isn’t necessarily looking for what’s “new or trendy?” A_ There are a lot of customers that every six to eight weeks want the same cut or color, but I always suggest a change every time they show up – even if it’s a small one. It keeps me going, keeps my creative juices flowing, and my customers have learned to trust me – even if they’re hesitant. That’s also how I keep my clients for years – I help them step outside of their comfort zone. Q_Name a myth about your industry that you’d like to dispel. A_ Many people don’t believe that this can be a life-long career. The tools are provided for you, and if you push yourself, you can do very well. Picking the right place to work makes a huge difference, but you have to strive to better yourself. Even after 9 years, I still set goals every day. It’s up to the individual to make every day worth it. Q_Describe yourself in three words. A_ Honest. Passionate (about my work). Inspired. Q_Why should someone trust you with your opinion of what to do with their hair? A_ Consultations are really important to me, and if anyone comes to sit in my chair, I ask a lot of questions – and listen. Building trust comes with great communication, and I’ll talk to someone for their entire service if that’s what makes them feel comfortable. Q_Many stylists move on to open their own salon. Is this something that’s on your radar? A_ It has crossed my mind, but Neroli has so much to offer that I don’t think I will. I’m really happy with where I’m at in my career, and where I work; and Susan (Haise) works really hard to create a place for her staff that’s fun and on the cutting edge. I have everything I need there, it’s like family. Q_If you could cut and style anyone in the world, who would that be? A_ My mom. [Laughs] Why? She’s a little stuck in her style, and I’d really like to help her move forward.