FDU Globalization: Nature, Causes and Consequences September 9, 2013

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Interdisciplinary Studies as a Vital & Unappreciated Approach Towards Sustainability: Some Tips Along the Way. FDU Globalization: Nature, Causes and Consequences September 9, 2013. Your guest lecturer. Longest Serving Sustainability Change-Agent in NJ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of FDU Globalization: Nature, Causes and Consequences September 9, 2013

  • Interdisciplinary Studies as a Vital & Unappreciated Approach Towards Sustainability: Some Tips Along the WayFDUGlobalization: Nature, Causes and ConsequencesSeptember 9, 2013

  • Your guest lecturerLongest Serving Sustainability Change-Agent in NJSenior Fellow, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Institute for Sustainable EnterpriseNJ Department of Environmental Protection AlumnusBusiness, Academia, Environmental Group, Government ExperiencePerpetual Student Columnist

  • SustainabilityMust look at Economy/ Environment/ Society Togethernot SeparatelyProblems are urgent, but dont necessarily need to see them that way to get startedNo one has all the answersBusiness is not necessarily the enemyWe must help poor countries develop their economies in more benign ways than we did itCall for creativity in addressing the above

  • Personal Sign Posts Along the WayInterdisciplinary studieswithout the nameEnvironmental economics/Ecological economics/Behavioral economicsSustainability/Sustainable BusinessPhilosophy of science/Critical thinkingEdge-walker/Positive Deviant/Social EntrepreneurInterdisciplinary studieswith the name

  • Interdisciplinary ThinkingWhere does the following so-old-its-new-again metaphor say?

  • Some tenets of Interdisciplinary studies (from Repko)needed to answer complex questions, solve complex problemsthat are increasingly beyond the ability of any single discipline Descriptions of relations between disciplinary fields: Bridging, Blending, Integrating, Transcending, Reconciling conflicting disciplinary insightsConnecting dotsregardless of the disciplinary box in which they reside

  • Further tenets of Interdisciplinary studies (Repko)into a whole that is larger than the sum of its partsRecognizing & confronting differencesLooks for common ground although may criticize individual fieldsDefying of disciplinary limitsBreadth, comprehensiveness, realismIs not a side-by-side placing of insights from different fields

  • Apply to a Real Life Case: Managing a Farmers MarketA very popular sustainability applicationProblem: Have 3 farmers selling produceDo we accept a fourth if the market cannot currently support it?Maximize interest of the existing farmers (economic viability), or the Community (the social element of sustainability)?Is there a creative solution to this?

  • Any relevance to todays readings to point out?Any recent or current sports management issues which could benefit from an interdisciplinary approach?

  • How to play this role?Whats the first academic thing to go after graduation? Ability to do all-nighters & still function the next day, eat greasy subs, courage, curiosity, open-mindedness, a sense of nuance, an I-can-change-the-world focus & energyDont let this happen as you move into careers, life gets busy & crazy; adversity to risk and theres-nothing-new-under-the-sun attitudes become tempting

  • Other TipsNot everyone has to be a change-agent like this. Still need many to help make numerous small changesFigure out your strengths & weaknessesand work on a select number of the latterNo one knows everything/Usually no one side is completely rightor wrongAre opportunities that no one may tell you Be creative

  • Feel free to accept the challenge of pursuing sustainability In your role as studentIn whatever profession you join, create, or change toAs well as in your future roles as parent/ citizen/volunteer

  • Conclusions about Interdisciplinary StudiesCan be very usefuleven if its not in your job titleA very nice thing to have in your backgroundgives you a professional edge even if the marketplace doesnt always understand itCan be a special and, occasionally, even a beautiful thing