Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7

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Transcript of Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    4k&J r .,*-Fjl' ur* 6t6.ulY c+J\;r4,lr'r,r+;.G\ r."fuq4v s.-xKe

    Q#fi.ulr-o\\r aZ,\f,-r'r

    g6}t ,;:Jt| :'-.-aJ!t-l*r--r4qdal


    4JJl.+4llrl=it--.'..........-J -.Jt1s+>

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    #-jt'J\7r*+LStrr3lg 6ot r,Jl,-rLrll

    t6ltlL-;Jlt.-i-Jt g't L )t 4J#r 0'o (J+31 ,/l nJ .r"*l dl: c'$ll 4liLl ai.f'd

    #ey t--r-{-F\r-'FY3P)rr-{-. ; - | t.\t n i{ iAr-).-b Yr ru )L---J Jp +.F ; J'=J ,-:. "a-,1t*' q)L -;''----;,L+ 4-J-*l!!+:-e g-ot-_*-. .rtJ,r! fs._(-9-r* e-l .h: r Ju3 tr.r :tujlu {"tf{i LL)i 'i| ,J-, ,-e al JG4u d-* -,$ Yl .*" Jf-2 lil .,:lrl ,-E, i ,iy ,F: t\tr :jr,rlrt fEi j| :p>t*lt,;/tr^ .ris -J ;!,JJlrl r:)tc^l.,|jj u dlji Y-1, .4-i Yi s\-tv-s''t-, t*,6y- n11,/+j,- iL.,t;*t.:!.il l

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    (,r+ 41, Ur + Cb y, 7))V ztf C ilt*trlr ;LJl ..,U1/.r!1U-Jl iCJI di^, a;JJl e f.,|l u.;l,j JrJ r JJi i ,j-.Jl Jl -uil3 tit'rl ./ Jr*J!Sai t"l-r:l g4!; J--1 e 9 tJ + r#.ll-r Y ur fr)tj'\.plr L* i't-ulrprti rj.l.-J Otll r^ etJii L*s ql J.r.Jt r:* Yy i)t-'!t lJt(1 J*- Y.rl)\-Jl 4^J.e '/y ?V o-*-6 \., et3 g JU u ,!gi rv rilJ;- Lf * * or, lts db Jr*Jt a)-arr kL.t*; (J.!Ell q.lli,Jl 3t; ;,t.tet-t #)l ,-,t-tiJ[ C-giH:-l l, dJl dlS db ,[SrL frt*; nirl -r= "4,t ai-'o jp4 A Ji .jlLlJ !1.-- l, ,>t)rt lJr+b lip ..-,t+-*Jl ,lss d 4.:1i f-6;.(J.j.l('Jlpt Jti e,LJr .--; ,y)l ij*JL ,>41Wr: or.lt +r-l)t jlLr Jl Le #lr d-r./Fl ..rKi r, .;,'"IJ eJiJl cjls qJ, t* 4: .4J iJiJl 4S -# La+'i t #[Jl-r9+ 415 lj-aj , 7Vt * 6 j.1l^a)l ./ i-.Jl dllJr d*Jl 6s-ru,t.{ot .J Yt+-)')4t Yr ./-.^Jl J.r*Jl Yl "-+ J--Jl d/ JJI 6Yr Uir ."*"1 .:ILJI d lUAr"i f+i.U--re ,iJl f-#i::-l ,5jJl L:!l UiJ . f-{-1, &l ,>l}-a.:LJJi J" ooju"o-J-r*: -; :J"*i * f+ pt

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    ** * J + I il;u' ti-,- i tL^'-je cJtil ,-''Ul/e);u'Jt oii'r;; t*,'!t, j;lt;1* y;'r4i-1-"tr.-n!l 6pt 6yll ;t-,;t-y-iji\r'6;'1;;'.tJ;5;)t /.;r 19-9Jt -2tj

    '^-J.-,,ryc.-;L-s w t ; .,) :Jl'b!Jj;i .:-U,- i ;, L:Jl "JJ .'.-Jr,-r-r-,*JL 13;it ^:i'r;-lJ iLr-'il9 j;lt e4&[^-l1lg AJL3'lf ,;!tl

    gqJ:'D (5Jc d JT^ J 4Jiti" ail- dcJ.c cnl t..rl Jli yl cJ.D d pgrt JsT cJI t'tJ'-rull :r[-r+ )c .iL 1 ;*i iit-lt ,in-l ;-'Jt Ju'r

    OL-JI ir: ir;:v.isi d lt, ltl- iu^-lu Li; ci t;1y*, ?--p ,t' rq *+ \ ,*-r Ji d 'L': r, ll '"^;;lt ?-o-t::, ,t' *: .fi UW i-u: g r-r--JJ ,-jLr'r Li'J3g-L+ jl-u rt-;s'!t f *, f- (;q'v-i t '--t Jt ; i.r -.1.r-. c.-;u C A>J,4 't--t- i':s U:Jl-J dJ c^I;j!** Jrr r*. c^j-u. r*J t';J A:):" "J-;l Jui;*J ,, .-Fl .ri -r.r [tr :.ruLarr] 4. tfu Yi :Sf itVi t ,h: t dl Jub, C.* "i d ., U't*, ;i ;f-r a^, v; ir;"'ll J^ '*;; * *:1 u 5'th-t +Jt' :J;, *iU .i iL L; ,FU! a-'r5; lj'o ,y ''r'r gf[Jl nJ;' JJ+ ,ltJ vr:Jb-1,jb- Y fJl -l^-r d/t"4t!l * -*t..Jt'bJ- n;;tL,'lU 'l +:'ll'r'-e eirl -t"'ca+- lg,!, t\rc :rtjtirl 41!j1\'r# ;tyi) ^: Y 4ii'#u'lq U C*- l:'i'!'t!;jJUl +,-Jl J^i .r t-ai f+ nirl ,r g*,-e iitl C|b-,y d""t'a:;'il S 6i 'al.^:+Jlr Jr-Jl .)6 -#rr .\' :r*,r'r {rii "utJt;t 4 @ -tA * 3Jt'. u} 4j1V ;Sl.; atQ 41:6 \tS, M :i)t Jr) g

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    q+ ,* J + ) il;u, x* C aL^1Jr eJt$l .-JUl/e);L'Jl uiF,y'>\-,- oe;3 Y.tiil i---r-r (iurl ,ldl V 6.rt; r;r! eJ Lt'l;:l Y 'tirl J"ijJJ#.Jl 'Yj-t ,:1;3Jl-,1, d i-"-;l1l.t-i c'i ,F t)-t'2'o3 J::l' ;- l.,;b Y3.r..^Jr

    "xijLr)l ./ g"* r.-c,-,i 9l! eju)lr , qJ! iiU)! nt art'i .le-,l..fjJl

    -j;-ilfrr-r-r drl i^>t 6l-,L:;,-.ll cu.-, et,r" ,*l' f+iJi ;le.llrl J'-$r-r---Jl ,;,J il-! J...Jl ,ri+J 4i,L;li^Jl JJ* -r-i.i ,ki3;rr-- d-9 t"^'- 'JiiJl:t"|,.ptJ dt-tL r{&.)tL:"U I y"Jl -t.'Jl .rtr,ri+y ?;U H l-r'4i -*t ;'r-J)l ts Y,ti{+,) $! {}r x--ht er: ,F ,y Jt*' fl frll l:^ ,r-J! rl:i+U \i43 J '*( A'e ut r+l Y .il Ji,-r+Jl tib dul .it "i .;rf trr ';r,-t {!1Cy+'S l,:*- lj|*{trt;; rll r,t;d.r tr'r :; iJl 4i4+t J V *,x-e l* d/ q ur4 u d, tr\\ :;J'alrl 4iA i'*:- "1i* [v' :'rulJrJ 4:"Cd JU-r .gk-e-Yl i*jlr t{-;i G; .;S Jb L:^ J*r trt t :;riJll 4'iiV Y )i Ub4.iJl i.-j J+.r +L-- 4!l dlj J-- lt [Y\\ :;Fr] {y6( X}irt!t9* t'll}+Jly )-. U ;'\ 8 i,/1* ,e-rr" .- t^; L/*Jl JL- ,/ {rE \9* ,Ju lJ r+C,.'Jr, Ldc, ri 4j ,*

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    dL jJ$ g) e ryt *,-c- JjZ)i]uli)r'. C tt-r.rlr 6lJl-rUl/e);Lr"Jlj A43ta+.11g 6.rl;Jl r-rl-rJl

    o.r1 fe ,9.1 .rg 4st .jl)ta d s,r.r., df"l ,+ ..9.4 0" AJig" ail* do.;EilLi lil !l 6f,rLr.r Cf ;ol*-, $l t"ili or.r$' 0. i+" U" {*-' .JS "l5l"t4-JllU : i e-iL-- - ^'-"-t*.:JJr I' J;iJ, : t';-'-it-.;)l ;Kl-1,.t-"lJj!'-5 Y3 it ; , r1 ;g d'J i'Lt- c.jls t*l i=-'lt V;UJi/-,. Uli t-"-s "l.u-Jl -r:.-e 6si)- dts L- q+Y.,p JL; r;!,r-=Jl; + ,--g-r*: -;4J 1;i'3'-3u i'-*Jl lr*: UL-:-JL; jYl Fi &iJ qi , d u'.4r L')\; otJ 4ir-

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    ;r" l-6;l,u.^1 4;-? SS # eI (,Jldjt c,,e,rJ .:trl Jt ,;l ;)lr)t )y c.:l;yr-iJlL^,-rt U qq: Y.:|.:lfl_e.:l1y.r-c.Jl3.:t ;LJl ,tp c4fl3;.rtj.!13 lul e__-.,raL: Y td't, 't*ttJU;*"Lt :f UJl lt^ .,, 4irl JUJ (JJ-dJl d.,3J:-., fi *s JLr*)Ld,Fl, * i-f t.lJi or dtrJl fr.J,Ji4l:jti *J)t d,.lt .;l*;,ur;Jt ;.,,LJ.JI(;r?djl ,J' 1j5,/ I U f\ ,! J?aii 9 t- +. i/ ,J: ^;!t -l1; ,rr+rt.j^:(Jt .,1oi u.r:." il'U.Jt .i-" .rt Jt5*i)t r, ,toJt$i -,lJ.b.,) + JFJI cl.pt1*f:.iJt .:ti )!il L, .'.:LriJ1, dut C* !; dJl ,ii ,rC)t ,6)t_, ,r|t:(olf J.iL:" .rt"_pl: i-h d ,.lr; C g.:ld'--J oJ-p.+ h 4iJl .;J-k."t.;t e bt nutlt ,5* # *rt j-.t;tj ,i3i &r Llr :Jr,r ar,)i qtr .JtJ Jt--i L3 c a-le ,J,"; ), c, .:.j|5 ob U!, ., a--j ;i I .rLJ ji J"..d-_

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    *;* +tt ,h u i\u zi;,' C sL+rlr ,-r-Hl '''!'lllel;lJl *i \rt l U 'r\v, q dJ! 'r1 .$, 'ii'l ;r d'i',- 6jJl di ..iJ!r o'\r {i u-'',fry Jt; ^i"q'.-:*i Yl *u i r.'lJ i,i'" Lrr"' 'i^Jl J-fii '-1 f.,+ ':i ;,S^,,':Jti W./rHl 6t6,?1 Uti 4Jb- tJ "A;6 4JtJ Y '^*)l 'ii 'rte..jlJr'' U+v ?-t'.=r'r.rirt t; -*t^,.1r

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    \\ ,jc + ,h U iJjL. iiJr.' C SL,rrlr.,-Hl:Ul/cr);LJl.-l>fi r^;Jl Ju t s.J.J ci ,-E ; c.LJl cr-,: c+"r*t ai-r- li! A 6;; g.:r'Q.ri,5jJt-,"'Yl t^jb li^ .,1.c r,'Yt _* U o.(.!-r ,q+* r9.t*'-n J1jaL;!-r.lis I JA'Yj, .li li(.-o .6JLr J.*',-, "!-^l ...ti1a.)l.dtr.'oHl fqp) .-Ir. $ ,* g"i * q\ cl.taeitgy c,.r^-Jt cr..^,- sJ

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    ,i4 + ,h u il)v'nr C aL'Jr "-Ht ',,Ul /'r);tJt j \YJ-9d'i tL,,/ J5 + g.r +.Fl fr U .iiul bLJ*ii di3 ''t;;;";Jt ui.lfr,JJl r--Jl .:lJi,jd ,?"+>i!",/ ;;j'a ofs T "',la*lli5:IL:..=11 glj-l;Jt

    ;irr;r.,-2;rr-) p ist' il-J ;r; i \t'r;i|r + ;-J.ltei-'ui U-aJ li g:l l-' c'-;i-li! ,J ^J id d --ralqo;1!!g'r"Jl i1 :r;;r JU L "r'; u'-'\ J'* JLF":n-J.tJ ;'il dts f-.r.;J! 4li li!c',,'r-.-Jl oli ''r":;. '\ Ji '" fi ii^ .r;+.Jl Jl iiJF&?,- Ji d.,5.-,- 'i +'!i 'LIi L t, qlt r''ir I t' ilu-Jl 'ie gtJ # 'c.l'r''JJ 'id,r,;\l ,si,,.1-d! 4j; t ! .c'''r-'^Jl .Jl.-.*'- ejrii'Jl 'i'" Ji Jti t^,b ';'Yl_L,JJJi .ri r.rr rp.ri .r_ eJ*:;.:13 ,Jti t JUr;'!r ;": g.r--Jl 6ir3 -rilt.rJt J,,l-+j;Jr ql,y: s r

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    tr ,d ,d ,rt .* L iJ;L, 'n-,- eL+rlr r,r[Jl ..,Ul/c,,!;tJl ,.rl43t ^.illg o{.tLaaJl uLll

    #+ 0f oi$ tg rrri.J ",n,i n:ro $s t 4JjE" ai.r- d:tJjllJ:r+ilt ;-1 'C L- l-jlJ,-,r ul,r- du,LriJ-J u:;-L ;')r i iJr Ljyr t;i u, + J: '# ;J J:y7lt g c*;13,---,rt-i c-;ir et , t-:i ;Iil1| , ; :l r rfj-; Y'r-*iilt, it : tl dLJ U.+JJ rJ-r---;! c*;'t- * t-r F

    ,.J c*J ;*J Yl _#16 ,,d ,F;"' c! 4l,#1 ,d C u :.;Jr J.p_Jt d Li! qJi e j; t.l , t+# W ,;,.r1:(^Jl lt ,itt )\-i .r;q3Jt a-:--.:Ur .li

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    dt ... zt.Ht v C;iJiviiy. s4J..6!Jl.',ul/e);L'loi,/.U;i V ji*t.,r:...*Jl ,f*"Yt J I o-r^'Uil '*Ur-r r^UiJl-l ';ite J-etlt,-,Ut lir r-f F,.i'l Ylo,rri-,l-r-i,- Y r$t r1 & 4*-il+ Cu'j!i "Ul l-i-nL/Jl tt-ir F #-Jl 3r :'Jla-.; e- .':*Jl9 ]-o-t-Jl -5.-r1. ', ' ;t-J d ru:' S-s;j- i-e Jitt-2t;\t!/; \ q-a).,.r.-.L; ;9't---'-l

    &t^rillg 6.il.rrJl uLrJlu.fi.] AiJhtl U eg,t' 41itr" aif' ddlir,Al 03J ,*.LAI J g.r:" sJl c,Jli'r 0! ,f1|:urJ;;*lr 4."-rti J;i Jt-.tl 'reltJt' )#JL+;l :#:1Ls. ^.* q-l.illS 6;ia1-.i-t-i,y*:a L-{-1-, ;t--:--

    .r, d|5-r lslr ,\.r '$u-e\;tK-:ll .i',1 'r".o "t^-'' al ti;."l ,/t c^l;r*ul-ri tr;*,ri ut-Jirti t- :J Jri, itt e-h e 4.v A u r'-r ";tr J'it t,* lc.r)rrrv ,,.-Irt a$ 7: e EdA|/* * 3(,l iL+r il 'jrr : ;* +rr,ru ,"r,, 4:{6t X}i-'&\,JAi e;J:l rYr-:erFrvrl 4:vdirt\t".b,-r';ir-r- !r'l' JFj! ,l;ti-[r', :;t7r:rt1 43cr- +'i'ii |Ftl l-#t- Y r+brie--- U rC rL:rr >u i'.tJ\ll "Y3r l"r-c Vs 'U?s ,):: ,gt J-rl Y!d " u!^i,;t*;)U .dJt*;)l +'-*--;f i *J;" e-'- U y!r.'*.,- Y ",r:Jt O\t ,

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    \o dt . . . $.Hl u L-l i iliu iif.; ilt ^,rle 6Llt -,Ut/.:,!;L.Jt otiJl r.ir ,-,,J-b^Jl J". Jqrll .-Jo "qlt ,li o:, hl u*" c^t iL3 .JU t, 4:J! c^.J*j,r:*: rr ,6rt ((4i 3-6 tri !* n Agi i5l ,*Jr4 Jt; .,si u+Jr jJ;ltC di3 c,5 t.5 .,,*" JtJt d lt-rs dlt.i9

  • 8/6/2019 Fatoohat e Makiya jild 7


    dt . . . it-Ft u d ; r$v i3r.C f,L+rlr 6[Jt -,,Ul/'r);u'Jl jU^ u.6;lrr'!! rui w .Jvi*Jl ;\-e ilrtuil r*J 'lp il;Jr .l Jblt ,}ridli (ilr::-)l aJ;*. q- U ';;i W5'6k.'-l AiU*- c'r3t*i Y JLC-S!


    r,i,:-*-Jl .='\1 giJf ":.J'^^-)l+ ^'l! rUJIJi:+Jl ir.'t tiJl'-*Jl * L'" jl'-"'!l.r; g-llr, ^lrw- .-Ei l.s u JL:JI J*+ ii'Jl + fJl rv ''.,liJl "li "r o'PVt,r]- ]no,, {Gli '-f+i> ^Jr4 i'-l')\'"" 4l'>r ''liJJ

    -)\''' Jll J'*'' di n6r'Fi ""qi! * ,f u J& rr"rJt ;ua'*' o'1-' ril a^; {.-'+rl t"!jut".Jl ,i ;.--blgiJl -* ':!iJ '[Jl e^>) J>'-i jl,r'!l "i^'l; tr'rv :ilJ'\ll] {'JF"'4:e+, W '"'+* : Jur .