Fasoo Digital Rights Management Brochure

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Fasoo Digital Rights Management Brochure

Transcript of Fasoo Digital Rights Management Brochure

  • Digital technology has created an efficient means of information exchange within and between companies. As digital documents and files become the new company standard, the importance of protecting important documents from being mishandled has become a top priority. In todays corporate environment, careless and/or rogue employees present critical information security issues. Furthermore, in more recent times, the advancements of the IT industry have presented information security challenges in itself with such trends like virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile office.

    Fasoo Enterprise DRM is the one and only solution that addresses these information security challenges. Fasoo E-DRM can fundamentally prevent sensitive information from theft or breach through direct and constant control of file use and access, regardless of time or location.

    Fasoo.com has consistently been at the forefront of the technology battle to liberate and protect enterprises from information security challenges by leveraging their information control capability. Over 800 enterprises worldwide in diverse sectors have chosen Fasoo Enterprise DRM to address information security issues. Secure your information and your competitiveness with Fasoo Enterprise DRM.

    Fasoo Enterprise DRM


    Enterprise DRM vs. Other Security Solutions

    Enterprise Content


    Network TransportEncryption

    Data LossPrevention

    Full Disk Encryption


    Controlled Phase

    Protection of Data in Rest






    Protection of Data in Transit

    Protection of Data in Authorized Use

    Enterprise DRM

    " Differentiate your corporate competitiveness with persistent protection over intellectual properties."

  • Adopted as document protection standards by major corporate groups, Fasoo Enterprise DRM has become aleading independent brand representing document protection technologies.

    Fasoo Enterprise DRM, consisted of seven independent products differentiated by the location of target information, addresses any information security problems in todays enterprise environment.

    Persistent ProtectionDirectly encrypts files to maintain constant control throughout the entire lifecycle of any given file: from creation until discarded.

    Dynamic Permission ControlsPolicy changes are applied on a real-time basis to every document in every status.

    Context Sensitive PolicyPolicies can be automatically applied to selective documents depending on the information they contain.

    Tamper ResistenceProvides high level of security based on the Fasoo DRM Platform with market-proven stability and quality.

    Flexible InterfacesProvides APIs and modules for smooth integration to other information systems.

    Audit TrailTraces all user/file activities and monitors policy changes in real time.

    Any Document on Any DeviceSupports diverse file formats (documents,video/audio, images, CAD drawings) and devices (PCs, smart phones, USB).

    Key features of Fasoo Enterprise DRM

    protects documents managed in repository.

    protects documents created at PC.

    protects documents shared with partners or customers.

    enforces visible watermark on printouts: including virtual printing environments.

    protects documents managed in file-server.

    protects content rendered via web browser.

    protects web content including attached documents. Internal Server External Server

    Information Server

    Web Server

    Printer File Server



    FSF(File-server DRM)FSD(Server DRM)FSP(Print DRM)

    For more information, visit www.fasoo.com or email us at inquiry@fasoo.com

    Fasoo Enterprise DRM

    and more organizations worldwide.