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Fashion Photoshoot Brighton on the beach Magazine

Statement of IntentI want to shoot fashion photography for this shoot, as it will benefit and add to my double page spread, and help to get my message across to my viewers. I want to add a visual element of the vintage outfits so that people will be able to see exactly what I am talking about easily. I will shoot these images in the studio, as this will give a professional feel to my imagery, also it would give a simple plain background which wouldn't draw your attention away from the outfit.I want to get several different outcomes from my imagery because this will add more interest to my magazine pages and give me more photographs to play around with. I will use the imagery for my website too, which will be great to advertise the vintage boutiques that I bought some of the items from.

Planning for the photoshoot:

I will ask people from my Media class to see if they will model the clothes for me, as we will shoot in our lesson time to ensure that I will be able to get the photos all at once.I will make sure to book out the studio in order to plan the photoshoot, and give my models some warning in advance to prepare. I will be using my own camera to take the images so I will not need to book out any equipment.Model List:-Piers Thorley-Kealy Robinson-Sami Payling-Joe Kershaw-Cameron McCall

Equipment List:

-Camera and strap-Memory card-Tripod-Professional lighting, lamps/bulbs in the studio-Vintage clothing and accessories-Props

I will come prepared to the lesson, I will have the studio booked so that I have it all to myself in order to produce my photographs. I will bring my camera and the other things on my list that will help me with the shoot. I will set up the studio and equipment just before the lesson starts so that I will have enough time in order to start making my contact sheet and analysis straight after the shoot.

What health and safety issues could crop up during the shoot?-Fire alarm going off - make sure to keep the doorway clear, pay attention to what is going on outside the studio-Fire hazard due to the lighting equipment - keep lights uncovered so they dont catch fire, report faulty equipment to staff or teacher-Tripping over equipment and bags on the floor - make sure everything is to the side and not blocking the way-Breaking equipment - be very careful when handling cameras, tripod and lighting equipment and report any issues


-Franklin College, Chelmsford Avenue, Grimsby, South Humberside DN34 5BY-Media department, in the Studio

What did I want to achieve?I did a photoshoot in the media studio with several different looking models with totally different outfits on. I have chose 5 individual vintage styles of clothing which I will be basing my double page article about. I am going to use the photographs and present them on the page in a creative way, catching the eye of the reader and wanting them to be interested enough to carry on reading.I will use these images in my double page spread, where I will be writing an article about Vintage fashion and clothing. I will select the best photographs and then write about the outfit present, giving the details of where the outfit was bought, how much it was, etc. I think this would give my article a strong sense of direction as I have something solid to write about, and give evidence of shopping in Brightons best vintage boutiques.