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  1. 1. Childhood can be defined within certain parameters however within each society there is an expectation the way an infant or adolescent should appear; throughout the ages clothing has defined gender roles and the position of children within society. For example in the 18th and 19th Century childrens clothed lacked a distinction between masculine and feminine. Male and female children wore a form of dress referred to as a robe or tunic. Even young babies were all clad in white cotton long dresses until they were able to crawl, of which the length was shortened to calf length. In the late 1800s young boys begun to wear knee length pants and vests with collared shirts and young girls in remained in dresses or tunics. The colour-gender perception associated specifically with blue for boys and pink for girls was only introduced in the 1940s after World War II. Prior to this pink, being a closer shade to red and red resembling Mars, was associated with boys and blue, representing Venus was associated with girls. Over time this mandate has diluted and colour-gender association is less prevalent. Pinterest
  2. 2. The childrens clothing industry is growing in popularity as many celebrities lead the way stying their children in designer clothing and accessories. We now have specialist designer childrens stores along the lines of Seed, Country Road, Pumpkin Patch and many fashion icons also manufacturing childrens lines such as Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and more. It is now estimated to be a $110 billion a year industry as Australians spend up big to ensure their kids have it all. Instagram Pinterest
  3. 3. In comparison to the formal attire of the early 1800s todays childrens wear boats much more freedom offering vibrant colours, appealing styles and imaginative design. However effective marketing has also led many parents in to the trap of excessive consumerism to maintain a perceived status. The popular sandal brand Haviana now operates a $152million business with hundreds of childrens designs available. Another example would be Nikes latest colourful range of must have shoes proving popular amongst adults and children alike. Pinterist
  4. 4. The cost to a mother and father to raise two children is estimated to be $812,000 including education, medical, clothing, feeding, sheltering and extracurricular actives. It comes as a relief then that childrens active wear and every day clothing is much more accessible in todays society. There are ample varieties of specialist childrens stores, large department stores like Target and Big W offering quality low price items and an abundance of online sites. These factors have all contributed to the decrease in cost, and increased quality and availability. Instagram
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