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  • 1. Unit 57: Photography andPhotographic PracticeResearch of other photographerswork (P1, M1, D1)Photographer:1. Dolce and Gabana

2. 2. Emma Watson- Vogue3. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. 6. 6. Theme or focus of imagesFashion photography is used for a variety of purposes, whether it is to advertiseclothing and jewellery, for the front cover of a magazine or to promote a company.Mario Testino is a well-established photographer within this industry and whilst no twopieces of his work are the same, they all have that element of sexiness. The abovephotos are all from a variety of magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair.One thing I noticed straight away in all of Mario Testinos photos is his use of artificiallighting. It hides away their natural features; however it does play up their beauty,giving them an airbrushed, doll like look.In each of the images its clear to us that the eyes are a key focal point; with the helpof makeup artists Mario Testino has accentuated them. Theyre eyes are made toseem very alluring giving that element of seductiveness which in image 3, 5 and 6amplifies the edginess of the models. In all of the images- excluding number 4- theirmode of address appears to be us, theyre drawing us right in and establishing aconnection. The rule of third has been applied in all the images, since there eyes arethe main key focal points, theyve been placed in a primary point of interest.Image 1 and 4 have both been shot in black and white and are very simplistic in theway they look- in a certain sense the images are very fresh looking, the modelsappear to be seemingly glowing and very natural looking. Theres a morning aftertype quality to them. The model in photo 1 has been posed in such a way that sheappears to be tempting you in. I believe the image to be in black and white so thatall our attention goes directly to her; the lighting used gives her face certainwarmthness in comparison to the rest of her body meaning Mario Testino wants herface along with her eyes to be the focus of the image.Its apparent to us straight away in image 2 that Emma Watson is the sole focus of thephotograph since its a close up of her face. The fact that such dark make-up hasbeen used on such a pale complexion shows us that Mario Testino is amplifying herfeatures- her beauty is his focus. Personally I believe there to be elements of a fairytale in the image, her face is more dream-like rather that seductive compared to the 7. other images. Its as if Mario Testino is playing homage to snow white.Image 3 follows the same theme as the other photos- hes making the models facethe focus. Overall the image is very edgy, bright lighting has been used on themodels face in a dark room. Whilst we cant see her full body, her pose screamsconfidence giving that illusion of an empowered woman.Images 5 and 6 have both been taken from the same shoot. When I look at thepicture my eyes are drawn directly to the model since her complexion is so pale incontrast to the rest of the image. Bright, bold, eye catching colour have been usedboth on the set and in the models clothing allowing her to stand out and making herthe pinnacle of the photo. Personally I think the model seems to be dressed as astereotypical sexy mechanic in mage 6- similar to something youd see in a moviewhen you have the females starting a car race.Its clear to us that all six of the images were taken in a studio from the artificial settingand lighting.CompositionFrom the above images its obvious to us that Mario Testinos focus is the models-images1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all close ups of their accentuated faces. The rule of thirdhas been applied in all his photos- we can see this from the way the photos havebeen aligned. If he had zoomed further out of the image our attention may not havegone directly to the model. Any eye catching scenery that may take our attentionaway from them has been excluded. Marios Testino has composited the images sothat theyre bold and distinctive- he wants the models to stand out, draw us in andallure us.Techniques usedThe rule of third has been applied to Mario Testino's photos- the models eyes are within thefocal points meaning that's where our attention is drawn too. It's clear to us that bright artificialstudio lighting has been used; therefore a fast shutter speed of around 1/1000 would havebeen used. An aperture of around f14 allows the Images not to be over exposed whilst theuse of a low ISO allows the pictures to be pin sharp. A large depth of field has been used.Strengths & WeaknessesA key strength in Mari0 Testinos work is his ability to make the eyes such a powerfulfocal point in his photographs- this is something that I hope Im able to in my ownwork. However I dont like the use of such bright lighting on his subjects, taking awayfrom their natural features.