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2. ROUND 1 3. 1.

  • Who is regarded as the father of plastic surgery having performed and explained the first nasal reconstruction in the history of medicine?


  • laid down the basic principles of plastic surgery and described various methods for different types of defects.
  • He also performed the first cataract surgery before 800B.C. using a curved needle and a warm butter soak.


  • After a study conducted it was found that this deficiency is found quite commonly among orthodox Muslim women . What deficiency is it?

2. 6.

  • VITAMIN Ddeficiencydue to their lack of exposure to sunlight owing to the burkha and of course restricted life style.


  • X is a movie starring father and son bachchans revolving around the life of a boysuffering from a particular syndromeYand the reunion of his mother and father .
  • Give me X & Y

3. 8. Progeria is a genetic disorder that accelerates the aging process and causes the death of the person at a young age. The average age of the person suffering from Progeria is 13 years and the death could be caused by age related diseases like heart attack and stroke. AMITABH as Auro 9.

  • EMERSON MOSER, Crayolas head crayon makeronly at the time of his retirement revealed that he was in fact ___, leaving the board dumbstruck.
  • What was the condition he had hidden all through his career?

4. 10. In his retirement and resignation letter Emerson Moser revealed to his board that he wasbluegreen colorblind 11. When I woke up on Sept. 28 1928 I certainly didnt expect to revolutionize all medicine by discovering the worlds first __ But I suppose thats exactly what I did. ID the person on the left. 12.

  • Worlds first antibiotic (penicillin)


  • This term arises from 2 names in Greek mythology the second part of the word from phobus, the Greek god of fear and the first part named after a girl who challenged goddess Athena to a weaving contest. The result of the contest enraged the goddess and she punished the girl by changing her into a ___ .

What is the term? 6. 14. ARACHNOPHOBIA

  • The fear of spiders:Arachno from Arachnethe name of the girl who challenged the goddess and was changed into a spider as punishment for her pride and the disrespect for the Gods she displayed in her work.


  • Tendocalcaneous is the thickest and strongest tendon in the body. It is about 15 centimeters (6 in) long -has no major arteries or veins running through it. What is it popularly and very commonly known as owing to its mention in Greek mythology?

7. 16.



  • It is based on the belief that if a substance taken in large doses will produce symptoms of a specific disease then in extremely small doses this substance will cure the same disease.
  • What is it ?


  • The law of similars formulated bySamuel Hahnemann, father of homeopathy


  • This condition is one of the most common causes of death in developing countries and also the second most common cause of infant death (the first being malnutrition). The name of the condition arises from a Greek word meaning flowing through..
  • What is the condition?

9. 20. Diarrhoea 21.

  • ROUND2

22. Bhuta vidya one of the 8 disciplines of Ayurveda treatment corresponds to which branch of modern medicine? 1. 23. Bhuta vidya translating to demonic possession is the same aspsychiatryin modern medicine, focusing on mental disturbances and illness. 24.

  • ___referred to a medical condition thought in ancient Greece to be particular to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus-- supposedly the movement of a woman's uterus to various locations within her body as it became light and dry due to a lack of bodily fluids.

2. 25. HYSTERIA 26. Connect 27.

  • GuyDe Maupassant ,
  • Winston Churchill,
  • Al Capone .
  • . All three were diagnosed with the STDsyphilis.


  • Who was the famous scientist who discovered spermatozoa using his own invention?

4. 29.

  • Anton Von Leeuwenhoek,
  • Father of microscopy.

30. The tubercle indicated on the ear Is evidence of avestigialfeature indicating common ancestry among primates (An atavistic feature). Name the tubercle. 31.

  • I ts description first published in the opening pages of the descent of man by Charles Darwin.


  • Commonly known as split personality- The term Arises from Greek : schizo meaning split and phrenium meaning diaphragm why split diaphragm when the condition has nothing to do with the diaphragm and is purely neurological?

33. 7. 34.

  • The authors of all the given novels Is/weredoctors .

35. This is..? 8. 36. The plague doctor .

  • --special medical physicians of the Middle Ages who saw those who had thebubonic plague . They were specifically hired by towns that had many plague victims in times of the plague epidemic.

37. 9. X was one of the most famous among the plague doctors. X was a French apothecary who was expelled from the university he attempted to learn medicine in.. Xvery famous for his prophecies (then and even now) is ? 38.



  • X was a severe epidemic 1557-58 that caused the death of Y allowing her younger half sister to ascend the throne. X was also known as the sweatingsickness
  • Give me X and Y .

10. 40.

  • X INFLUENZA also known as the sweating sickness.
  • Y MARY TUDOR better known as Bloody Mary whose younger half sister queen Elizabeth ascended the throne as she had no children of her own.


  • Ring around the roses,
  • Pocket full of posy,
  • Ashes to ashes,
  • We all fall down..
  • --the famous lines from the rhyme referring to the plague. Which artist used these lines in one of his hit songs and when asked said the song is about taking a walk.

11. 42.

  • -Grave digger


  • .. Xenografts .. Lord Ganesha with the xenograft of the head of an elephant and Pataudi with the cornea of a goat.


  • The external surface of ____ has many elevations and depressions/furrows and its print is unique to every individual as is the finger print.Thestudy of these prints is known as cheiloscopy.

13. 46. Cheiloscopy : the study of LIP PRINTS 47. 14 . HANSENS DISEASE

  • Is the eponym given to a well known disease the name of which in Greek means scale or peel, however the word came into English via Latin and old French.
  • The first attested English use is in theAncrene Wisse,a 13th-century manual for nuns


  • Hansens disease named after G.H.A.Hansen a Norwegian bacteriologist


  • 15 .Queen Cleopatra would use the juice from the plant Atropa belladona topically to appear more alluring to the men she wished to attract
  • What exactly is the effect of the juice?
  • it was also used widely by women in ancient Greece for the same purpose..

50. The juice (atropine)when applied to the eye caused mydriasis(pupil dilation) believed to give a woman a moreinviting, irresistible, alluringappearance 51. 16 . X = ?

  • X was regarded as vampirism as it seemed that if one member of the family died of it the other members slowly show a deterioration in health and eventually pass away in the same fashion-believed to happen because the first was draining the life out of them.
  • Also the infected just like vampires would be pale, lean, with a weak pulse & low body T and coughed blood.


  • 17 . The leather apron was one of the nick names given to the infamous unidentified person around the mid-19 thcentury (when there was a sudden influx of immigrants), suspected to be a doctor .
  • Also there is no wax figure of this person at Madam Tussauds Chamber of Horrors, in accordance with their policy of not modeling persons whose likeness is unknown.


  • 18. This disease was responsible for the death of over 60,000 U.S. troops in Africa and in the south pacific during the second world war. The name of the disease arises from 2 Latin words meaning bad and air as it was believed that the disease spread through contaminated air (a misnomer).
  • the disease?


  • Arising from malus- bad/improper and aria air.

57. CONNECT 58.

  • Schizophrenia

PABLO PICASSO, SYD BARRETTAND ABRAHAM LINCOLNALL 3 SUFFERED FROM: 59. 20. One of The mostwidely practiced ancient methods of suturing involvedthe use of what and how ...??? ( still followed in some parts of Africa ) 60. SOLDIER ANTS 1 2 3 61. 21 . ELEPHANTIASIS / FILARIASIS can be diagnosed in the laboratory by demonstration from a blood sample which is