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MM PHOTO & DESIGN | Magen Zawko

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    Familyp o r t r a i t s

  • Hello!

    Im Magen Zawko, a Kentucky based photographer whos

    passionate about capturing genuine joy, laughter, and love. My favorite

    way to photograph all of your precious memories is with natural

    light. Im all about everyone having a relaxed, fun, and creative experience - all you have to

    remember is to just be yourself!

    Thank you for checking out my photography, and I hope that Ill

    receive the pleasure of meeting you!

  • Once youve contacted me and weve booked your session, along with a back-up date (in case of bad weather), well start planning the location, time and what you envision for your photos. I prefer to photograph during specific time periods of the day so that your photos are gorgeously illuminated. This time period includes the first two hours of daylight and last two hours of daylight. Ill keep an eye out for you in case there is a change in weather, at least a day

    before your session. I need at least a three-day advance notice for a reschedule. When your photo session date arrives, be prepared to have loads of laughs,

    a good time, and relax! Cant wait!


    You will not get anything less than perfection. She truly has an eye for photography and is

    so talented. Loved our family pictures! - Veronica Mercke

  • Magen was definitely the right choice for our familys photos. She made us feel comfortable in

    front of the camera and was so accommodating to our schedule. Magen truly gave us what we asked for, and our photos were ready in just a few days!

    -Christin Hope Roberson

  • Matching sounds like a good idea, but generally--its a bad one. No need to have everyone match! A family is

    made up of unique individuals and that should be expressed in a photo that will last for years to come.

    Try to compliment each others style!

    Mixing everyones clothing with simple patterns and colors work best. Layer your clothing (unless it is

    sweltering outdoors) and wear a statement piece to jazz up your style and add focus to a photo. Avoid big logos

    on clothing but dont be afraid of patterns. Just make sure your patterns dont clash with someone elses.

    Long sleeves pull the photos focal point to your face and wearing colors that match your eyes will look best with your complexion. Remember, light colors make things look larger, dark colors minimize and horizontal stripes widen your body. Wear something flattering and daring!



    Location is everything. Choose a background for your

    session that reflects your family and the place they love, a place that will evoke emotion, and an

    area that is familiar.

    For previous families Ive photographed, that special

    place was a family farm thats been in the family for over a

    century, for another it was their childhood home. Your photo

    shoot location could be a park nearby your home, a creek or

    lake you visit for recreation--even your homes

    very own front steps.

    Wherever this location may be, make sure it has appeal. Take into consideration the colors

    that will be in the background that will compliment your

    clothing choices. Also, its a good thing to clue me in as to where the sun rises and sets

    at your location so that youll have the best lighting!


    Family heirlooms as props A family quilt or blanket

    A wooden chair or stool if youre a group of more than 3 Toys or sweets for children in between taking photos

    Big smiles and lots of laughter--were going to have a great time!

  • A family portrait session lasts for about an hour to two hours, and youll receive over 50 re-touched high-resolution images

    that are yours to print, share, etc. You will receive these photos through a password secure album on my website that

    will remain available for 14 days for download. You will also receive a photo release form to print through e-mail.

    Please do not hesitate to email any questions you may have.

    * Travel fees are applied to any event more than 60 miles from London, KY at a rate of .48 per mile.

    What to expect after your session

    Within 2-3 days following your session, Ill post a few sneak peak photos on my Facebook Page, with your consent.

    Within 5-7 days of your session date I will notify you that the editing process is complete and you will receive an album

    password to view and download your photos.

    Dont forget to leave a review on my Facebook Page and like MM Photo & Design, this allows me the

    opportunity to continue doing what I love most!



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