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  • 1. 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 1

2. By ANCY KURIANI MSc.(N)3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 2 3. Overview Need of family focus.Family, Health, Family Health Care NursingNature of interventionsSettingsHistoryObjectives & General PrinciplesApproaches & Family Nursing RolesObstacles to Family Health NursingErrors In Family NursingFamily Health Nursing Process3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 3 4. Need of Family Focus Health and illness behaviors are learned withinthe context of family. Family units are affected when one or morehealthy members experience health problems.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 4 5. Need of Family Focus (contd) Families affect the health of individualmembers and viceversa . Health care effectiveness is improved whenemphasis is placed on the family. Promotion , maintenance and restoration of thehealth of families is important to the survivalof society.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 5 6. Meaning The family is a group of persons united by ties of marriage ,blood or adoption , constituting a singlehousehold ,interactingand communicating with each other in their respective social roles3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 6 7. Meaning Family health is a dynamic, changing, relative state of well-being which includes the biological,psychological,spiritual , sociological, and culture factors of the family system.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)7 8. Family Health Care Nursing is defined as theprocess of providing for health care needs offamilies that are within the scope of nursingpractice .3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 8 9. Conceptual FrameworkFAMILY Concepts ofNURSINGindividual ,INDIVIDUAL family nursing & society intersect with oneFAMILY another.SOCIETY3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)9 10. Family care is concerned with experience of thefamily over time. Family nursing is considerate of the community andcultural context of the group. Family nursing is directed at familieswhose members are both healthy and ill.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)10 11. NATURE OF INTERVENTIONS (contd..) Offered in settings in which individualspresent with physiologic or psychologicalproblems. Considerate of the relationships between andamong family members. Influenced by any change in its members.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)11 12. NATURE OF INTERVENTIONS (contd..) Nurse manipulate the environment to increase thelikelihood of family interaction. Recognizes that which person in a family is the mostsymptomatic may change over time. Focuses on strengths of individual family members Define with the family which persons constitute thefamily and where they will place their therapeuticenergies.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 12 13. Settings Home, clinic, school and workplace Each setting serves its own purpose andhas its advantages, disadvantages and limitations3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)13 14. Family Nursing Nightingale EraFlorence nightingale - Establishment of districtnursing of the sick & poor and the work ofhealth missionaries through health-at-hometeaching.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)14 15. Family Nursing (contd) In Early 1900s and 1960s women continued the centuries old traditions 1930 Nurses are assigned to families. Psychiatry and mental health disciplines -familytherapy focus. occurs 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)15 16. Family Nursing(contd) 1960 - Concepts of maternal,child and familycare - incorporated into basic curriculums ofnursing schools.- Family studies & research producefamily theories. - Shift from public health to communityhealth nursing occurs. 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 16 17. Family Nursing (contd) 1970 Development of nursing models that considerfamily as a unit of analysis. Many specialities focus on the family Masters and doctoral programs focus onfamily. 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 17 18. Family Nursing (contd) 1980White House Conference on families. - Greater emphasis is put on health from very young to very old.- Family science develops as a discipline.- Family nursing research increases..3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)18 19. Family Nursing (contd) 1991Family leave legislation is passed. 1995 Journal of Family Nursing Research is born 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)19 20. OBJECTIVES To identify health and nursing needs andproblems of each family. To ensure familys understanding and acceptanceof those needs and problems. To plan and provide health and nursing serviceswith active participation of family members.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 20 21. OBJECTIVES (contd..) To help families develop abilities to deal with theirhealth needs and health problems independently. To contribute to familys performance ofdevelopmental functions and tasks.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 21 22. OBJECTIVES (contd..) To help family make intelligent use of facilitiesand services in the community. To educate ,counsel and guide family members.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 22 23. Principles1. Family health nursing is family focused.2. Must establish good working relationshipwith the family.3. Family health nursing is part of family healthcare services3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)23 24. Principles ( contd)4. Family health nursing services should berealistic in terms of resources available.5. Family as a unit is responsible for their members health .6. Family relates to community where it lives and depends on community in various way.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 24 25. Principles ( contd)7. Health education ,guidance and supervision are integral part of family health nursing.8. Continuous services are effective services.9. Effective system of record and report of family health nursing service is essential .3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 25 26. Principles ( contd)10. Periodic and continuous appraisal andevaluation of family health situationand health services are basic to familyhealth situation3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 26 27. Principles ( contd)11. Family health nursing services should be rendered to all families without any discrimination.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 27 28. APPROACHES TO FAMILY NURSING Family as the contextIndividual as foregroundFamily as background3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 28 29. APPROACHES TO FAMILY NURSING ( contd) Family as the clientFamily as foregroundIndividual as background3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 29 30. APPROACHES TO FAMILY NURSING ( contd) Family as System Interactional Family3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 30 31. APPROACHES TO FAMILYNURSING ( contd)Family as Component Of Society Bank Church Hospital Family /Home Schools 3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)31 32. Family Nursing Roles3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 32 33. Obstacles to Family Nursing Practice The majority of practicing nurses have not hadexposure to family concepts Lack of good comphrensive family assessmentmodels ,instruments and strategies. Students believe that study of family andfamily nursing does not belong to curricula.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)33 34. Obstacles to Family Nursing Practice (contd) Medical model has traditionally focused on the individual as client , not the family. Nursing diagnostic systems used in health care are disease-centered /focused on individuals. Traditional charting system in health care has been oriented to individual3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)34 35. Obstacles to Family Nursing Practice (contd) Insurance carriers - One identified patientwith diagnostic code drawn from an individualdisease perspective Increased family care has been theestablished hours.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)35 36. Errors In Family NursingFailure to create a contest for change Show interest ,concern and respect for each familymember. Obtain a clear understanding of the most pressingconcern or greatest suffering. Validate each members experience. Acknowledge suffering and sufferer. Health providers acknowledgement of clientssuffering.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)36 37. Errors In Family Nursing Taking Sides Maintain curiosity. Remember that the glass can be half full and halfempty simultaneously. Ask questions that invite an exploration of both sidesof a circular interactional pattern. Remember that all family members experience somesuffering when there is a family problem or illness.3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 37 38. Errors In Family Nursing Advicing prematurely Offer advice without believing that the suggestionsare the best or better ideas or opinions. Offer advice, opinions or recommendations only aftera thorough assessment. Ask more questions than offering advice during initialconversations with families. Obtain the familys response and reaction to theadvice.3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 38 39. Family Health Nursing Process ASSESSMENT FAMILY IDENTIFICATION - 1stlevel Assessment - Planning of Data Collection - Data Collection Methods and Techniques - Analysis of Data - Family Profile and Diagnosis3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)39 40. Family Health Nursing Process (contd) PLANNING Family Health Nursing Care Plan Formulation Analysis of diagnosed healthproblems and assessment offamilys abilities- 2nd levelassessment Establishing priorities Setting goals and Objectives 3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 40 41. Family Health Nursing Process (contd)ACTION PHASE Plan Implementation Review and Revise Mobilisation of resourcesfacilitating work environment Implementing Documentation 3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)41 42. Family Health Nursing Process (contd) EVALUATION Concurrent (Quantitaive) Terminal (Qualitative) 3/4/2013ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N)42 43. Data Review & UpdateASSESSMENT PHASE Review/ Revise goals and objectives and actions PLANNINGPHASEACTION PHASE EVALUATION PHASE3/4/2013 ANCY KURIAN , I MSc.(N) 43 44. In this Canadian study - A participatory action research approach - To examine the relationships between families ofresidents of traditional continuing care facilities andthe health care team. - Results in