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A presentation about family members with pictures

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  • Daughter ParentsSon GrandparentsNephew Godfather Niece Godmother Son in law Godson/daughterDaughter in lawGrandchild



  • POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVESWe use possessive adjectives before the noun to show possession I my it its You your we ourHe his you yourShe her they their


  • HAVE YOU GOT A WIFE? Yes, I have/ No, I havent Yes, I have got a wife/No, I havent got a wife

    HAVE YOU GOT ANY UNCLES? Yes, I have/ No, I havent Yes, I have got four uncles/No, I havent got any uncles

  • HAS HE GOT A WIFE? Yes, he has/ No, I hasnt Yes, he has got a wife/No, I hasnt got a wife

    HAS HE GOT ANY UNCLES? Yes, he has/ No, I hasnt Yes, he has got seven uncles / No, he hasnt got any uncles

  • CONTRACTIONS I have got Ex: I have got a sister Ive got.. Ex: Ive got a sister

    She has got Ex: She has got a sister Shes got Ex: Shes got a sister

  • Exercises Do you like ________ job?I know Mr. John but I dont know _________ wife. We invites all _____ friends to the party. Tom is going out with ______ friends this evening.

  • Family Members - My mother's daughter's husband is my _____________- My children's mother is my_____________- My parents' daughter is my_____________- My father's brother is my_____________- My cousins' parents are my uncles and my_____________- My sister's son is my_____________- My son's daughter is my_____________- My mother's son is my_____________

  • - My grandparents' son, except my father, are my_____________- My sister's mother is my__________________- My grandfather's wife is my_____________- My uncles daughter is my_____________- My brothers daughter is my_____________

  • Who is your father's son?Who is your grandfather's daughter?Who is your aunt's husband?Who is your wife's brother?Who is your sister's son?Who is your children's father?Who is your nephew's sister?

  • Who is your grandson's mother?Who is your husband's mother?Who is your grandmother's father?Who is your father's mother?The brother of your mother or father or the husband of your aunt is your the son of your husband's or wife's brother is your

  • We use THIS in singular nouns and THESE with plural nouns


    SINGULAR PLURAL THIS is my sister THESE are my sisters

  • This is a photo of Anna, her husband and her children. Her husband's name is Frank. He's an engineer. Her daughter's name is Sarah. She's 19 and she's a student. Sarah's boyfriend is an accountant. His name is Jeremy. So, why is the s sometimes yellow and sometimes red?