Family Law Romford: Post Christmas Divorce

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Post Christmas Divorce Cases By McCorry Connolly Solicitors Family solicitors in Romford

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There is no doubt about it that the holidays, especially Christmas, tend to wreck havoc in family life. Usually, money, or the lack of it, is a major cause. Many people aren’t used to being around each other quite as much and so they begin to find fault with each other. It is also a time of the year when many affairs come to the attention of the other partner, something which causes even more break-ups.

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  • Post Christmas Divorce Cases By McCorry Connolly Solicitors Family solicitors in Romford
  • After Christmas is a bleak time for many individuals and families as the fall-out from the festive period results in break-ups. These break-ups are fuelled by; a fling at the office party financial worries lack of sex abuse disappointing presents
  • All of those reasons come to a head at Christmas because it is the one time of year when families spend an extended period of time together. Tensions that have been bubbling under the surface come to the fore. The easy availability of alcohol and high expectations of the holidays fuels the negative feelings.
  • Nearly one in two marriages end in divorce these days and by the time most people get to the stage of seeing a solicitor they have largely already decided that their relationship is at an end and are looking for solutions to the many issues arising from that.
  • If someone is considering filing for divorce, or has a partner who wants to split up it is vital that they seek professional legal advice. Without the proper advice individuals could sign away their rights and end up much worse off than they should.
  • If you are going through a break-up or need some advice on your options please give us a call on; 01708 727 269 and we will provide a complimentary 40-minute consultation.
  • How to keep solicitor costs down in a break-up Couples actually need to be counselled on how to split up. Although there is bound to be a degree of acrimony and bitterness in these break-ups it pays for the litigants to accept that the only winners in bitter divorce and custody cases are the lawyers themselves.
  • One of the most significant impacts of divorce proceedings is that of finances. Ironically, but logically, it costs more to fund two separate households than a single household. So, it is often the case that couples that split up as a result of financial issues will actually be making their financial situation worse!
  • Relate can help with this counseling showing former couples how to split up and how to deal with children in these break-ups. The bottom-line is that if both parties focus on the best interests of any children involved (rather than their own) then that is in everyone's interest as it will save time, money and heart-ache.