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How we pursue holistic family discipleship

Transcript of Family Discipleship @ Westwood

  • Westwoods Mission Statement

    At Westwood, we desire to produce Disciples of Christ who are (1) Grounded in Christ, (2) Growing together in the Word, and (3) Going for Gods Glory. This mission is the same for all age groups and especially for families as a whole! This brochure will allow you to see just how we intend to partner with families in pursuing this vision together. In this brochure you will find information on the following how Westwood seeks to partner with parents in discipleship, Childrens Sunday School Curriculum & our Milestones Plan for spiritual development.

  • Partnering With Families

    In partnering with families in the pursuit of our vision, we ask parents to commit to do 3 key things

    1 Have intentional Faith Talks with your children each week. These talks center upon the daily devotions that correspond to our childrens Sunday School Curriculum. These devotions are found in the book, Long Story Short, that we ask all parents to purchase and use with their children each week.

    2 Seek to capture God Moments with your children when you can. God moments are opportunities to speak the Word of God or the Gospel into everyday moments in the life of your child, your family or the world around you.

    3 Participate in the Milestones Program for discipleship. You will find out more about this strategy in the following pages of this brochure.

    *Each Fall Westwood will offer a Parent Summit for all parents. This summit will include some plenary sessions offering general training for parents on relevant topics. Breakout sessions will be available, offering specific training for parents in the appropriate milestone for their child(ren).

  • Childrens Sunday School Curriculum

    From the curriculums website (

    Because children need help understanding that the Bible is one story with Jesus as the hero, the Gospel Story Curriculum: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament focuses on Christ as it teaches preschool through sixth-grade children 78 key stories from Genesis to Malachi that highlight Gods plan of redemption. This unique year and a half long curriculum grows with children by exploring the same Bible stories at three different learning levels, presenting the material in a fresh way each time to help children grow in their understanding of the Bible.

    Quote from Pastor & Author Joshua Harris:

    Memorizing Scripture is one of the best ways to pass on the gospel to children; but you need a plan! This program, based on the ESV Bible (NIV also available), allows churches and families to work together to make sure children know key Bible passages.

    For over five years Marty Machowskis resources have been a mainstay in our childrens ministry, which serves approximately 600 kids per week. We have seen great spiritual fruit from its use in a wide variety of age groups (preschool to fifth grade) and class sizes (10 kids to 200). We love how every product points children back to the most important message of the Bible Gods plan of salvation through the atoning life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Pastor & Author Joshua Harris

  • A Curriculum that Connects Church & Home

    These 10-minute devotions are designed to allow us to partner with parents to reinforce what is taught each week in Sunday School. You wont find a more important focus for your family devotional than a daily highlighting of the gospel of grace. Why? Simply put, the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes (Romans 1:16). Clever stories and good moral lessons may entertain and help our children, but the gospel will transform our children. The gospel is deep enough to keep you learning and growing all your life, yet simple enough to transform the heart of your first grader who has just begun to read. Long Story Short (OT) and Old Story New help busy parents pass on the gospel of grace to their children in just ten minutes a day. Each week in the devotionals corresponds with the Sunday lesson from the Gospel Story Sunday School Curriculum. (From the curriculum website)

    From Dr. Al Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, Louisville, KY:

    Long Story Short is simply an outstanding book, and Christian families need it right now. I have never seen a devotional book that is so well suited to family devotions and to children, even as it faithful in relating biblical truth. This book will help any Christian parent lead family devotions that will be memorable, faithful, and practical for Christian living. Ill admit this too, parents will find that they love the stories, illustrations, and learning suggestions along with their children. Marty Machowski has written a wonderful book.

    Southern Theological Semenary President, Dr. Al Mohler

  • The Milestones strategy offers goals and areas of concentration for children as they grow and

    learn. Each milestone seeks to introduce and teach elements of practical and spiritual principles that are relevant to that specific stage of life. Milestones allow Westwood to come along side parents in reinforcing these ideas and thus strengthening the effects of learning and growth for all of our students. Each Milestone contains a set of core competencies that will be the focus of teaching during that time frame. Families will walk through the first 6 milestones together, which culminates in the students High School Graduation. Milestone 7, then, is called Life in Christ, which begins at graduation and includes all adults as they continue to pursue discipleship as a lifestyle. Therefore, the Milestones strategy is a holistic way of doing discipleship!

  • Brief Description of Milestones

    *When child is determined ready by

    parents and pastors.

    First Steps Target Age: Pre-birth 2 yrs old

    Milestone: Family Dedication Parent Seminar: Parent as Primary Faith Influencer

    Gospel Foundations Target Age: 4 yrs. 3rd Grade

    Milestone: *Baptism & Spiritual Birthday Party Parent Seminar: How to lead Your Child to Christ

    Purity for Life Target Age: 6th 8th Grade

    Milestone: Ring Ceremony & Purity for Life Sunday Parent Seminar: Purity for Life: Parents Edition

    Rite of Passage Target Age: 9th 10th Grade

    Milestone: Family Rite of Passage Ceremony Parent Seminar: Preparing my Child for Adulthood

    High School Graduation Target Age: 11th 12th Grade

    Milestone: Senior Summit & Parents Written Blessing Parent Seminar: Preparing Students to Leave Home

    Preparing for Adolescence Target Age: 4th 5th Grade

    Milestone: 4th/5th Grade Retreat & Family Road Trip Parent Seminar: A Parents Guide to Adolescence

  • Family Small Groups at Westwood

    970 Leasburg Road Roxboro, NC 27573

    Office Phone: 336.599.1982 Email:

    For More Information, visit Westwood online at

    Core Competencies for Milestones

    Milestone 2: Jesus, Faith/Belief, Personal Sin, Repentance, Salvation, Baptism

    Milestone 3: Identity, Spiritual Growth, Spiritual Disciplines

    Milestone 4: Biblical Purity/Holiness, Healthy Relationships, Identity in Christ, Biblical teaching on Sex

    Milestone 5: Roles of Men & Women, Spiritual Gifts & Service, Doctrine & Theology

    Milestone 6: Basic Apologetics, Dating/Marriage, Gods Plan for Me, Being a Person of Influence, Practical Life Skills

    Our Life Groups are family focused, and meet on different nights throughout the week at various Westwood members homes. For more information on this ministry, fill out a Life Groups Info card in the back of a pew, or contact Jason Engle.