Family conflicts

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  • 1. Conflictsinourlives

2. What is conflict? Conflict - a clash, a contradictionthat gives riseto hostility, fearandhatred amongpeople. 3. TYPES OF CONFLICTjuridicalpolitical married military 4. Whats the harm ofconflict? Conflict-affected human dignity At every moment of the conflict have 20minutes later experiences, and when work is notgoing right, everything goes wrong. Suffers physical health - affects the nerves, heartand blood vessels. Therefore, wemustnecessarily learn how to preventsuch conflicts. 5. For CONFLICT ENOUGH: Two people Two points of view Subject of dispute 6. some tips FIRST TIP. Treat other people the way you wouldlike, that they would treat you. SECOND TIP. Remember the lawof "mirroring": people like you - and they are to you. THIRD TIP. Assume only the good inpeople. All people without exception. TIP FOUR. Do not be offended. TIP FIVE. "And going to bed, ask yourself whoand what you are pleased with the day?" 7. The rules allowing people to sway your point of view: 1. The only way to prevail in the dispute - is to avoid it.2. Show respect for the opinion of the interlocutor.3. Never tell the other party, that he was wrong, but if youre wrong,admit it.4. From the beginning, stick with a friendly tone.Five. Let most of the time your partner says.6. Let the other person thinks that this idea belongs to him.7. Try to see things from the perspective of your interlocutor. 8. WISHES: 1. To control the situation, we must remain calm. 2. In a dispute learn to listen to the end of the interlocutor. 3. Respect the feelings of others. 4. Any problem can be solved. 5. Be attentive to the people with whom you communicate. 6. Do not be angry, smile. 7. Start your day with a smile. 8. Be confident in yourself. 9. Cutting my heart, and the world will open its arms. 10. Be charming and kind. 11.Izvinis, if youre wrong. 12. Take a look at the offender - maybe he just needs your help. 13. Do not forget to express my gratitude. 14. Keep our promises.15. Do not ever criticize others.