Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:

Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:
Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:
Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:
Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:
download Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:

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Transcript of Fall 2016 Newsletter - Webs Fall 2016 Newsletter The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.:

  • Precious Mountains When I see a mountain, I think of His great

    strength. I also call to mind all the things He makes. He is our great creator and shows us pictures

    and plans, What lesson could there be here, than His great

    lesson for man.

    There are the hills and valleys and all the plants

    and trees, But nothing pictures His great power any better

    than these.

    Just staring at their beauty, with their peaks so

    high and strong, We soon begin to realize that He was thinking of

    a song. A song that soon all men will sing ...as they re-

    member Christ our King, Yes, He who suffered more for all and bore our

    sins, these words do bring. Written by Rosemary Wojcik

    The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People - Psalm 72:3

    Fall 2016 Newsletter

    The BSRC 1801 NE 201st Ave. Fairview OR 97024 Tel.: 503.661.7045 Fax: 503.491.1556 TheBSRC@gmail.com Internet web site www.thebsrc.org


    Precious Mountains



    Activities, Blessings,

    and Spiritual Opportunities


    New Residents - Jim and Stephanie Tower

    New Residents - Bill and Ellie Rozmus


    In Memory of our Loved Ones


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  • Activities, Blessings, and Spiritual Opportunities

    Fall Outing In September, 26 brethren took a train ride through the Columbia River Gorge. They enjoyed fellowship, boxed lunches, and scenic wonders of God’s handiwork.

    Abundant Fall Harvest In the residents’ garden, the last of the zucchini, apples, and persimmons were harvested. Adding to the abundance of food used by the cooks was a generous donation of apple sauce from the Andersons of southern Oregon. Sisters Study Due to a suggestion in a recent residents survey, a sisters Bible study began at the end of the summer. They are meeting every Friday for 90 minutes, currently studying the book of Luke. Farewell Pot Luck Friends gathered to say goodbye to Zbignew and Renata Grudzien before they moved to Poland in October. Alaskan Wildlife First-Person Report Kim Hack (daughter of Bruine and Robyn Hack) treated the residents to a special audio visual presentation on Alaska from her time there work- ing on Federal grant surveys. First Annual Soup To Share On October 15, 28 brethren enjoyed eight choic- es of wonderful home-made soups followed by pie and cake. It was a perfect warm up on a cool fall day.

    Fitness Together A breathing and fitness class occurs twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings. Food Service A full lunch is served five days a week in the main house dining room. It caters to special diets and has gluten-free options. There is blessed fellowship and take out is available. Visiting Speakers The Board of Directors hosted a Fellowship Gathering on Saturday, November 12. About 50 brethren attended, including many from the Portland and Seattle areas. Robert Long from Roseville, CA, spoke on the subject of "Our Pa- rental Obligations.” This was followed by a lunch of soup and sandwiches, and a season of fellow- ship. Bill Facker from the local PABS ecclesia led a testimony meeting featuring many heartfelt expressions of praise and devotion to the Lord. Kome Ajise from Sacramento, CA, followed with a discourse on Psalm 100 and the theme of thanksgiving.

    Our New Residents Jim and Stephanie Tower moved to the BSRC in June, after they sold their home and Jim retired. They both grew up in the Portland area. They started dating in high school and married soon after graduation. They have two sons and three grandchildren. Stephanie was raised in a Bible Student home with consecrated parents. She made a full con- secration in 1981 and was immersed in 1982. She and her parents were members of the

    Directors 2016-2017 Rachel Griehs 763 East Parker Street Langhorne PA 19047 Tel. 267.456.8889 rgriehs@comcast.net

    Sandra Koterba 142 Camp Road Gloversville NY 12078 Tel. 518.613.4326 sandykoterba@gmail.com

    Timothy Krupa P.O. Box 1337 Cannon Beach OR 97110 Tel. 503.436.2296 drtkrupa@gmail.com Michael Lucas 46 So Triangle Road Hillsborough NJ 08844 Tel. 908.874.7969 docwidget@gmail.com Nannette Nekora 1425 Lachman Lane Pacific Palisades CA 90272 Tel. 310.454.5248 NPNekora@aol.com Doug Rawson 7161 Josslyn Drive San Jose CA 95120 Tel. 408.997.6736 rawsondr@yahoo.com Timothy Thomassen 402 Bryn Mawr SE Albuquerque NM 87107 Tel. 505.268.8170 tmt402@msn.com Tamara Wesol 351 Willow Rd NW Los Ranchos NM 87107 Tel. 505.344.4784 ttwesol@comcast.net

    Resident Director Chris Grigalunus Tel. 503.667.2797 gbear1874@comcast.net

    Resident Advisors Shirley Bicke’l Evans Tel. 503.489.5900 shirley@bickelstudio.com Dan Wojcik Tel. 503.459.2724 danwojcikdcw@gmail.com

    Page 2 Fall 2016 Newsletter

    River view from the train

    Kome Ajise and Robert Long

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    BSRC 2016-2017

    Members: 232 Residents: 33

    Non-residents: 199

    Units available: 1

    Directors Timothy Thomassen, Chairman Sandra Koterba, Secretary Doug Rawson, Treasurer Rachel Griehs Michael Lucas Timothy Krupa Nannette Nekora Tamara Wesol Chris Grigalunus [Resident Dir.] Board Committees

    Admissions Nannette Nekora

    Communications Tamara Wesol

    Finance and Audit Rachel Griehs Management Timothy Thomassen Nannette Nekora Doug Rawson Chris Grigalunus

    Personnel Timothy Thomassen Nannette Nekora Doug Rawson

    Marketing Timothy Kriupa

    Membership Nannette Nekora

    Planning & Construction Timothy Krupa Michael Lucas

    Policies & Procedures Rachel Griehs Social Services Chris Grigalunus Resident Advisors

    Shirley Bicke’l Evans Dan Wojcik Center Management Team

    Operations Manager Resident Director Resident Advisors

    Tigard Area Bible Students for many years, and then Portland Area Bible Students. Jim spent 50 years in the automobile business including 41 years with Mercedes Benz and 6 years with Jaguar. He also traveled to Europe over a dozen times and around the United States for work related training seminars, auto auctions, and sports car races. His hobbies included boat- ing and sailing. Jim enjoys visiting with the brethren at the BSRC and helping with the "to-do" list around the center. Stephanie also enjoys the ease of attend- ing Thursday night meetings on-site, and seeing brethren on a daily basis. They are thankful for the Lord's providences in bringing them to this lovely place.

    Our newest part-time residents are Bill and Ellie Rozmus from British Columbia, Canada. Bill was born and raised in the Winnipeg, Mani- toba area. He was the first of four children. His parents were Catholic, but when he was a baby, his parents, Walter and Agnes Rozmus, came in contact with the truth and shortly after consecrat- ed. Several different times Bill worked at the Dawn, often as the cook and as a handyman. While at the Dawn the first time, Bill made a con- secration and was immersed at the next General Convention. Ellie was born in New York, but moved to Los Angeles when she was five years old. When she was about 11 years old she started attending the Los Angeles class with her mother, Dorothy Beard. Ellie consecrated in 1963. Soon after that,

    she moved to Chicago and attended the class there. In 1965 she went colporteuring with sever- al other sisters. Their last stop was in New Jer- sey where for many years she attended the New

    Brunswick class. After many years in the Winnipeg, Manitoba ecclesia, Bill and Ellie moved to White Rock, B.C. last year and now attend the Vancouver

    class. Bill and Ellie’s love for the BSRC began in 2003 when they attended a Portland convention. At that time, a temporary handy man and a part time secretary was needed and they were asked to fill these positions. They stayed for approxi- mately five months. After that they visited the Center many times since Ellie’s sister, Arleen Battaglia, lives in the Portland area. They look forward to their time at the BSRC and they hope

    to be of service to the brethren.

    In Memory of Our Loved Ones Paul Mali finished his earthly course on Septem- ber 28th unanticipated, though at 90 years old. Paul lived the last year of his life at the BSRC. He was involved in the early years of planning for the BSRC and was on the Board of Directors for many years, so it was a blessing for him to receive the benefits of living here. The residents were also blessed getting to know him on a daily basis and sharing in his joys of finding hidden truths through his research of God's Word and thoughts on how we might become more spiritual. While living at the Center, Paul was very active and partook in all the opportunities for

    fellowship and studies that the BSRC provides.

    Bill and Ellie Rozmus

    Stephanie and Jim Tower

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    mountains were

    brought forth, or ever

    thou hadst formed

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