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Theta Nu AXID Chapter newsletter

Transcript of Fall 2011 Newsletter

  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    $13,000 raised for Autism Speaks to date

    27 visits by sisters to the autism classroom at Elon


    9 fraternities participated in our annual volleyball


    #2 chapter for $ raised for Autism Speaks

    among all AXID chapters nationally

    #1 highest overall GPA

    for the 2010-11 academic year

    160 sisters and alumnae

    joined together for homecoming weekend

    Fall by the Numbers

    Theta Nu Chapter

    The sisters of Theta Nu chapter of Alpha Xi Delta have had an amaXIng fall semester!

    Weve raised record amounts of funds for our philanthropy, Autism Speaks, through events such as Walk Now for Autism Speaks and Xiti Dinner. Weve bonded as a sisterhood, and had fabulous homecoming and parents weekends.

    Please take a moment to read through the highlights of our accomplishments and updates this semester!

    We hope youll be as proud as we are of all weve accomplished!

  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    October 8, 2011

    On Saturday, October 8th the sisters of AXID were up bright and early at 7AM to board SGA-sponsored buses en route to Charlotte, North Carolina for the annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we arrived sporting our new sisterhood shirts excited to support our philanthropy, Autism Speaks.

    As soon as we arrived, we instantly knew the early morning and two hour ride would be worth it. We walked alongside people and families affected by autism, other AXID chapters and supportive community members!

    Altogether, the lovely ladies of AXIDs Theta Nu chapter raised over $11,000 for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks at the Concord Motor Speedway that will help generate vital funds for autism research & raising awareness for autism issues. We were so happy to have the opportunity to see how our hard work impacts those with autism & their families!

    AXID sisters always get excited for our annual volleyball tournament with the fraternities called Bump It Thump It. Four sisters coach each fraternity team. Nine teams competed this year and Sigma Phi Epsilon took the title against a heated championship game versus Kappa Sigma. The fun afternoon consisted of music, food and fun while raising $1,100 for Autism Speaks.

    Bump It Thump It

  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    Hometown: Alexandria, VA

    Major: Environmental Studies

    Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha

    Favorite foods: Chinese food and Taco Bell

    Fun facts: He is gifted piano


    Dream career: Starting his own alternative energy


    Favorite attribute about AXiD?

    Everybody is unique and brings a lot of diversity to Alpha Xi Delta. Each woman has her

    own personality, is truly accepting of all of her sisters.

    Quote to live by: "Working

    hard or hardly working"

    Our Sweetheart

    Will Misko

    Elons Family Weekend was a great success this year. We started the weekend off right with families gathering together for a cocktail party Friday night after our annual Xi Boutique trunk show. Everyone brought their families to Harden Clubhouse to meet our sisters and get to know each others families while enjoying appetizers and desserts. Saturday mornings tailgate was moved into the AXID house due to rain, but families enjoyed seeing the house, catering by Chik-fil-A and cornhole on the porch. Luckily, the sun came out for the game just in time for families to watch the Elon Phoenix beat the Citadel in overtime with a score of 18-15.

    The last event of the weekend was Mothers initiation, which allowed us to induct our un-affiliated mothers and grandmothers into our sisterhood. They enjoyed the ceremony while joining their daughters in our sisterhood and afterward some even stopped by All That Jas, the Greek store, to get their first letter shirts.

    Thanks to Tricia Williams, the alumna relations chair, for pulling together a spectacular weekend!

  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    Xiti Dinner - Semi-annual fundraiser

    and campus favorite

    -Sisters baked over 50 pans of ziti & served Olive

    Garden Breadsticks to hungry Elon students &

    community members

    -Over 300 happy stomachs filled

    -Raised over $1600 for Autism Speaks!!

    Theta Nu is looking forward to Recruitment 2012! For the past several months, we have been emphasizing the Xi around campus as

    a distinguishing figure of AXiD and we are excited to

    continue it into recruitment. Day one, Informational Round, will include black t-shirts with a in the upper left-hand corner. Were revamping Preference Round with additional testimonials, called Sister-to-Sister Speeches, where one sister will tell an impactful story of how another sister has inspired them during their time in AXID. Christie Quinn, Vice President of Membership, has been working hard for the past year with her recruitment committee to plan an outstanding recruitment week and we look forward to showing off our clapping and stomping to potential new members in January!

    Recruitment Update

    Xi Candyland -New event during midterms that hit

    students, staff and facultys sweet tooth in


    -A plethora of all types of sugar and chocolate was

    available from $2-5

    -The fundraiser was a success as it raised nearly $300 and will be expanded

    further next year

    Our superstar chapter advisor, Erica Preusse, was deservingly recognized as Advisor of Excellence during the national AXID convention for her hands-on work and continued dedication to the Theta Nu chapter. Congrats Erica!!

  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    The sisters of Alpha Xi Delta celebrated another successful Homecoming this year! Alumna Relations

    Chair, Tricia Williams organized several fabulous events for alumnae and current sisters to reunite and reminisce. Most alumnae arrived on Friday in time for a dessert reception held in Moseley. The room was decorated with the traditional big-little family trees,

    beautiful displays of each familys lineage.

    Saturday was a perfect day for a tailgate and a great game of football. The tailgate is a great time to

    socialize with sisters, as well as friends and alumnae from other organizations. At halftime, this years

    sweetheart, Will Misko, a Lambda Chi Alpha, and our own Jess Phelan represented us in the Homecoming


    Among the many activities for alumnae throughout the weekend, it is also a great time to share memories,

    reconnect, and (maybe) sneak some advice about the real world! Homecoming reminds us that we always have a home to come back to, even after our four

    years at Elon. We miss our graduates every day, and all can agree the weekend ended too quickly. But we

    cant wait to see everyone again at next years Homecoming!

    We extend the opportunity to female relatives of AXID members to join our sisterhood in this annual ceremony offered Parents Weekend. Were proud to have welcomed 8 wonderful mothers and grandmothers to the sisterhood we treasure so much! Mothers Initiation is a wonderful way to connect our family at school to our family from home. Caitlin Sherrs mother was among the alumnae initiates; Im so excited to have the ability to share the bonds of sisterhood with my mom because now shes able to learn more about this part of my life and understand how important AXID is to me!

    Mothers Initiation


  • AXID: Theta Nu

    Fall 2011

    Another member of PC 10 has been spending her semester in Dublin, Ireland. Haley Johnson originally found the city of Dublin to be charming in its own right, but slightly dilapidated and outdated. Since that first day, her views have radically changed and now she feels like there is something magical about Dublin, something that she will never quite be able to put her finger on, that makes her feel alive, calm, and incredibly happy to just be living there. One of the highlights of Haleys semester has been the Irish people she has encounteredespecially their sense of humor. She describes the Dubliners she has come across as enjoying nothing more than having the craic (their word for fun/good times) with their friends, families and loved ones. She is also thankful for the opportunity to travel around Europe seeing other Xis, who were always willing to be more than welcoming and hospitable. But hey, thats the Alpha Xi way. Cheers!

    Many of the sisters in Alpha Xis PC 10 have been globetrotting this semester. From Spain to Switzerland to Ireland and back, theres been no shortage of sisters visiting every corner of the EU and beyond it. Keagan Gros has been spending her semester in Barcelona, Spain, and has found dance and music to be some of the most influential experiences during her time there. Keagan has been a dancer all her life, learning traditional styles of dance like ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Her seora, Rocio Osuna, introduced her to a new style of dance typical to Spain called Sevillanas. Sevillanas is danced to traditional flamenco style music and done in pairs. In her first month in Barcelona, her seora took her to a fiesta where she got to experience the true art and fun of Sevillanas not only through watching others but also by getting up and dancing herself. Besides learning to dance like a native, Keagan began to feel at home in Barcelona, becoming more fluent in conversational Spanish, learning to navigate city streets like a pro, and essentially feeling more like a member of the community and not just a tourist passing through.

  • AXID: Theta Nu