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Presentation on Fairview Bridge refurbishment to Area Committee - 26/03/12

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  • 1. Fairview Footbridge Presented by Gordon Rowland, Road Design Division,Roads & Traffic Department,Dublin City Council.

2. Fairview Footbridge Refurbishment Replace section of bridge across carriageway Raise north end of bridge slightly to increase clearance Shot blast, repair and paint existing ramps and stairways Provide new surfacing to ramps Provide vehicle crash protection to bridge 3. PLAN OF EXISTING FOOTBRIDGE 4. Refurbishment SequenceFabricate new section of bridge acrosscarriagewayErect temporary stairways to each end of bridgeReplace section of bridge across carriagewayduring night road closureRemove (during closure) one section of ramp onnorth side to adjust heightOpen bridge to pedestrians the next morningRefurbish existing ramps and stairwaysReinstall section of ramp on north side duringnight road closureInstall crash protection to bridgeOpen ramps and stairways to pedestriansRemove temporary stairways