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Từ điển FA

Transcript of FAdic 用語辞典

  • FA

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    FA 2000


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    ABS ABS resin ABS Nha ABS

    AFM Atomic force microscope Knh hin vi lc nguyn t

    X X-ray X X-quang

    Arc welding Hn h quang

    Ground Ni t

    Zinc die-cast Km c

    Free space Khong trng

    Access authority Quyn truy cp

    Acrylic Acrylic

    Aspect ratio T l co

    Clearance h

    Value Gi tr /

    Adapter Adapter/B tng thch

    Contact Tip xc

    Rolling Cn

    Indentation Kha rng ca

    Compress Nn

    Compression molding Khun nn

    Compression ratio T l nn /

    Pressure welding / Hn p lc

    Upload Ti ln ( ) ( )

    LIFO (last in, first out) method LIFO( ) Phng php LIFO (nhp sau xut trc)

    Post-processing Hu x l

    Address a ch

    Thickness dy

    Pressure port Cng p sut

    Holing Khoan l

    Analog Tng t

    Analog signal Tn hiu tng t ( )

    Annealing ( ) Nung

    Oil groove Rnh du

    Oil lubrication Bi trn bng du

    Oil quenching Ti trong du

    Alarm output Cng sut bo ng

    Rough cutting Ct gt th

    Rough finishing Hon thin phn th

    Argon gas Kh Argon

    Aluminum Nhm

    Guide hole L y

    Encryption M ha

    Safety standards Tiu chun an ton

    Safety measures Bin php an ton


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Safety valve Van an ton

    Safety rail ng ray an ton

    Stabilized power source Ngun in n nh

    Stability n nh

    Amplifier B khuch i

    Ampere Ampe

    Ion balance Cn bng ion

    Mold Khun

    Design Thit k

    Error output Li u ra

    Error value elimination Loi b gi tr li

    Phase Pha

    Board width rng ca bng

    Positioning nh v

    Positioning pin Pin nh v

    Position detection D v tr

    Position adjustment iu chnh v tr

    List Danh sch

    Match Ph hp

    Movement direction Hng dch chuyn

    Travel dch chuyn

    Preventing incorrect products from entering product lines Ngn chn cc sn phm khc i vo dy chuyn sn xut

    Image sensor B cm bin hnh nh

    Image survey Kho st hnh nh

    Image file Tp tin nh

    Color temperature Nhit mu

    Color differentiation Phn bit mu

    Applied voltage in p ng dng

    Printing In n

    Marking nh du

    Installation procedure Qu trnh ci t

    Interface Giao din

    Interlaced scanning Qut xen k

    Index Ch s ( )

    In-line ( ) Ni tuyn

    Whisker Si n tinh th

    Wafer Lt mng

    Weld line Dng hn

    Inspection of in-coming materials Kim tra nhp hng

    Contracting K hp ng

    Thin profile Bin dng mng

    Eddy current Dng in xoy


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Punching S khoan l /

    Details/Breakdown Chi tit/hng hc

    Overwrite Ghi

    Operation Vn hnh

    Motion control iu khin chuyn ng

    Motion direction Hng chuyn ng

    Air purge connection port Cng kt ni lc kh

    Air filter B lc kh

    Permanent strain Sc cng vnh cu

    Video signal Tn hiu video /

    Aging Lo ha/ng mu

    LCD monitor Mn hnh LCD

    Liquid Cht lng

    Ecology Sinh thi hc

    Edge Bin

    Edge detection D bin

    Energy Nng lng

    Emulator Cng c m phng

    Error Li

    Area Din tch

    Remote control system H thng iu khin t xa

    Remote operation Hot ng t xa

    Polyvinyl chloride Nha tng hp PVC

    Arc Cung trn

    Encoder B m ha

    Calculation Tnh ton

    Engineering ceramics Gm k thut

    Centrifugal separator My tch ly tm

    Ductility Tnh mm

    Cylindrical Hnh tr

    End cap Nt u mt

    End mill Dao phay tr ng

    Embossing Chm ni

    Emboss cutting Ct chm ni

    Embossment pattern Mu chm ni

    Emergency measures Bin php khn cp

    Hysteresis Tnh tr

    Modulus of transverse elasticity M-un n hi ngang

    Transverse section Mt ct ngang

    Responsiveness Tnh p ng

    High response speed Tc phn ng cao

    Stress ng sut


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Stress relaxation Gim ng sut

    Stress concentration Tp trung ng sut

    - Stress-strain diagram Gin ng sut bin dng

    Auto-loader My ti t ng

    Overhaul i tu

    Range-over alarm Bo ng vt phm vi

    Open position V tr m

    Open collector Cc thu h

    Ohm Om

    Feed motion Chuyn ng chy dao

    Current value of feed Gi tr hin ti np liu

    Feed adjustment bolt Bulng iu chnh np liu

    Feed rate Tc y

    Time lag Tr thi gian

    Extrusion Phun tro

    Extrusion process Qu trnh phun

    Extrusion molding Khun phun

    Oscilloscope Dao ng k /

    Authorized/Authorization c y quyn/S y quyn

    Pollution nhim

    To offer cung cp

    Option Ty chn

    Offset Offset

    Off-delay time Thi gian ngt tr

    Offline Ngoi tuyn

    Operator iu hnh

    Weighted average Bnh qun gia quyn

    Orifice L

    Wholesale Bn s

    Sound coupler B ghp m thanh

    Voice confirmation Xc nhn m thanh

    On voltage C in p

    Online Trc tuyn

    Temperature Nhit

    Temperature gradient Gradient nhit

    Rate of temperature increase T l tng nhit

    Temperature distribution/Temperature profile S phn b nhit

    Carbon fiber Si carbon

    Visual inspection Kim tra bng mt

    Retro-reflective Phn quang

    Outer diameter ng knh ngoi

    Dimensions Kch thc bin ngoi


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Unpacking M gi /

    Contractual processing/Purchase processing Gia cng theo hp ng/Gia cng thu mua

    Estimate c tnh

    Insulator Cch in

    Custom character Ch nc ngoi

    Starting Khi ng

    Times S ln

    Regenerative brake Phanh ti sinh

    Improvement rate T l ci thin

    Resolution phn gii

    Evaluation criteria for sub-contractors Tiu chun nh gi nh thu ph

    Purchased components Linh kin thu mua

    Rotation Quay

    Number of rotations S vng quay ( )

    Rotary table ( ) Bn quay

    Replied delivery date Ngy giao p ng

    Guide line Hng dn

    Guide laser Laser c dn hng

    Development Pht trin

    External troubleshooting X l s c bn ngoi

    External trigger Kch hot bn ngoi

    External force Lc bn ngoi

    Electrical circuit Mch in

    Counter settings Ci t my m

    Count m

    Count number S m

    Flame hardening Ti bng la

    Price negotiation Thng lng gi c

    Diffuse-reflective Phn x khuch tn

    Enlarged view Xem phng to

    Enlarged display Hin th phng to

    Angle Gc

    Angle gauge Thc o gc

    Optical axis angle Gc quang trc

    Probability Xc sut / /

    Acceleration/Deceleration time / Thi gian tng tc/gim tc

    Machining time Thi gian gia cng

    Processing Ch bin

    Machining procedure Trnh t gia cng

    Machining accuracy chnh xc gia cng

    Machining cost Chi ph gia cng

    Compound Hp cht


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Fahrenheit temperature F

    Stroke end im cht di

    Caulking press p bt kn

    Caulking Bt kn

    Load Ti

    Load test Th nghim ti

    Excessive inventory Lng tn cn tha

    Seizure Kt my

    Customized product Sn phm ty chnh

    Pixels Pixel

    Image format nh dng hnh nh

    Acceleration Gia tc( ) /

    Die/Mold ( ) c/khun

    Hardness cng

    Model Model

    Anti-skid device Thit b chng trt

    Cutter My ct

    Coupling Khp ni

    Overcurrent protection Bo v dng qu mc

    Operation hours Thi gian hot ng

    Operation rate T l hot ng

    Metallic mold Khun kim loi

    Metallic mold pressing p khun kim loi

    Heating Tng nhit

    Anti-overheating device Thit b chng qu nhit

    Combustible gas Kh t

    Overload Qu ti

    Overplus and shortage Tha v thiu

    Sandpaper Giy nhm

    Cam Cam

    Camshaft Trc cam

    Cam control iu khin cam

    Camera Camera

    Screen Mn hnh

    Bottom view Hnh chiu t di ln

    Color processing X l mu

    Color shade-scale processing X l thang mu ti

    Glass-fiber reinforced resin Ht ct si thy tinh

    Tentative specifications Chi tit k thut tm thi

    Supercooling Siu lm mt

    Calendar process Lch trnh

    Ventilation Thng gi


  • English ( ) Ting Vit

    Environment Mi trng

    Environmental pollution nhim mi trng

    Environmental standard Tiu chun mi trng

    Quality of the environment in Japan Cht lng mi trng ti Nht Bn

    Environmental conservation Bo tn mi trng

    Monitor time Thi gian gim st

    Interference-prevention Chng nhiu

    Interference area Khu vc nhiu

    Impregnation Xm nhim

    Inertia Qun tnh

    Final product Thnh phm

    Moment of inertia M men q