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    FACT SHEET April 20, 2017


    On April 20, 2017, the Ontario government announced their new Fair Housing Plan. This new plan is made up of 16 measures that the government believes will make housing more affordable.

    These measures impact both private home ownership and rental housing. The government plans to introduce legislation to implement the rental housing changes. A summary of the measures impacting the rental housing sector are highlighted below.


    Removalof1991Exemption Rent control will be expanded to all private rental units in Ontario, including those built after 1991. Rent increases can only rise at the annual provincial rent increase guideline, capped at a maximum of 2.5%. Landlords can still apply vacancy decontrol and re-set rent to the market rate at unit turnover. Landlords can still seek above guideline increases (AGIs) where permitted under the current RTA rules. The rent control changes are effective as of April 20, 2017.

    StandardLeases The government plans to develop a standard lease that will include explanatory information provided in

    multiple languages.

    LandlordsOwnUseProvisions The rules related to landlords own use evictions will be tightened. Changes will also ensure that tenants are adequately compensated if they vacate under this rule.

    ElevatorMaintenance Above guideline increases (AGIs) will be prohibited where elevator work orders have not been completed. Timelines for elevator repair will be developed in consultation with the sector and the Technical Standards

    & Safety Authority (TSSA).

    LandlordandTenantBoard Technical changes at the LTB will be introduced to make processes fairer and easier for tenants and

    landlords. These changes may include a number of proposals contained in the governments Small Landlords Consultation paper.

    Taxes,Fees&Development Across the province, property tax for new multi-residential apartment buildings will have to be at a similar

    rate as other residential properties. Municipalities may impose a higher tax on vacant land that has been approved for new housing. A portion of development charges may be rebated on the construction of new rental apartment building

    under a new $125 million, five year, program targeting projects in communities most in need of new purpose built rental housing.

    Under the Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan, new provisions will include requiring municipalities consider the appropriate range of unit sizes in higher density residential buildings to accommodate a diverse range of household sizes and incomes.