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Transcript of FACT SHEET

  • Department of Preventive and Community Dentistry


    Educational mission The preparation of oral health practitioners who recognize and understand: the

    psychosocial characteristics of dental patients; the conditions that cognitively and psychologically, medically or physically compromise dental patients; the societal, ethical and cultural values, community influences, and political systems and trends that affect dental behavior and dental practice; the effects of these various factors on the oral health of the public and the practice of dentistry; and the principles of preventive dentistry as applied to individual patients, popula-tions groups, and entire communities.

    Responsible for 17 predoctoral courses including: o o Cariology; prevention; communication; experiential learning; nutrition; eth-

    ics; community dentistry; and administration of extramural experiences Courses in each year of predoctoral curriculum Clinical courses include: o Preventive clinic (D1-2) o Required extramural programs (D4), including Special Care Clinic/Geriatric Mobile Unit Using portable dental equipment, provide comprehensive dental care for residents of 10 nursing homes in a four-county area ADA Geriatric Oral Health Care Award (1998) Two sites per student, each 5 weeks in length Includes Iowa community health centers, VA medical center, childrens dental services at area hospital, private preceptorships, and a few out-of- state locations (e.g., Indian Health Service, Colorado Migrant Program) At least 15 percent of time spent performing non-treatment community service

    Predoctoral Education

    Responsible for 16 graduate courses 2-year Dental Public Health graduate program o Commission on Dental Accreditation accredited since 1975 o Offers Master of Science degree o Thesis required Initiated Geriatric Dentistry Fellowship

    Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

    Current Students 300 predoctoral (College of Dentistry) 8 M.S. (Dental Public Health) 1 Ph.D. candidate 1 Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Department Faculty 5 Professors 4 Associate Professors 1 Clinical Associate Professor 2 Assistant Professors 1 Clinical Assistant Professor 1 Part-time faculty 64 Adjunct faculty, primarily extramural clinical sites

    ADEA/GlaxoSmithKline Excellence in Teaching Award (2003) One endowed professorship

    4 Diplomates, American Board of Dental Public Health 2 Diplomates, American Board of Special Care Dentistry

    Staff 1.5 Secretarial 1 Dental Hygienist (Geriatrics and Special Needs) 3 Dental Assistants (Geriatrics and Special Needs) 6 Research

    Main Areas of Research Fluoride ingestion/exposures and dental caries/dental fluorosis Fluoride ingestion and childhood bone development Diet and oral health Genetics and dental caries/dental fluorosis Early childhood caries epidemiology and prevention Oral health services research, focusing on cost, access, quality of care, and out-

    comes Epidemiologic study of oral problems in the elderly

    Websites http://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/public/clinics/preventive/prevent.html http://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/public/clinics/preventive/prevgp.html