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  • 1. The Bear and the Cookies Written by Kim Nielson

2. Scott and Stacey love to eat cookies.Their mother made fresh, warm cookies.Uh oh!Look who smelled the cookies! 3. Look out the window!The bear wants to eat our cookies, shouted Stacey and Scott. 4. The bear came in the window and wanted to eat the yummy cookies.Scott and Stacey ran around and around. 5. The bear wants our cookies! yelled the children. 6. Oh no!The bear has all the cookies! 7. The bear ate all the cookies.He was full of yummy cookies, so he went home. 8. The next day the bear smelled yummy cookies again.He remembered the cookies he had already eaten. 9. The children were downstairs. The bear smelled the cookies outside of the window. 10. The bear wanted the same amount of cookies he ate yesterday.He climbed in the window and.. 11. Scott ran out the door! Stacey could not get out. So the bear had to eat only the cookies left on Staceys plate. 12. The bear was sad he did not eat Scotts cookies, but, he went home. 13. Scott ate all of his cookies before he went home.Scott and Stacey told their mom, No more cookies,from now on we want honey.