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Jonathan Lee is the director of access control & security systems at Montclair State University. He has been delivering facilities and utility technology solutions for over 20 years. Jonathan gave a workshop presentation at the 2014 BDPA Technology Conference on the topic, 'Facilities Technology - Powering the Future'. As Facilities Technology has grown in concept and practice, traditional organizational models and methods have been reworked, in order to best position companies to compete for the future. The demand for energy, bandwidth and utility services continues to drive facilities and utilities operators to work smarter and more efficiently. Facilities Technology will require an increasingly intelligent workforce in order to meet these demands, and to achieve a more sustainable future.

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  • 1. Facilities Technology: Powering the Sustainable Future Jonathan F. Lee Director of Access Control and Systems Montclair State University Jonathan.Lee@montclair.edu http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanflee http://www.bdpa.org/member/jonathanflee

2. What is Facilities Technology? What Are Its Driving Forces? How Do I Get Involved? Overview 3. FACILITIES TECHNOLOGY Intelligent Facilities A Logical Order Facilities Comes First Cant Change the Order Understand the Role Poor Planning Setbacks 4. What is Facilities Technology? Systems BAS/EMS (HVAC, SCADA, Energy Management, Utility Billing & Metering) Engineering (GIS, CAFM, Space Planning) Technology (CMMS, Business, Other) Knowledge Processes 5. FacTEC is Applied Technology Enables Facilities users to: Work Smarter Intelligent Buildings Increase Focus on Service Delivery FACILITIES TECHNOLOGY Improvements Communications 6. Finding a FacTEC Model Public vs. Private Identify Areas of Concern Fit Model to Environment Manage Expectations 7. FacTEC at Montclair State FMIS division was introduced in 2005 Multi-disciplinary group Current Model is more distributed Facilities MIS Facilities Service Desk (FSD) Security Utility & Energy Management Facilities Technology 8. Security Security Lockshop Access & Monitoring Systems Magnetic Stripe (Kaba Ilco) Audit Services Proximity Systems (GE Infographics) Morse Key Watcher Key Creation & Management Inventory Control Security Alarms Call Boxes 9. Utilities & Energy Management Utilities & Energy Management Energy Management Utilities Billing Analysis BAS SCADA Alerton BAS (IBEX) High Voltage Monitoring (QEI) Nform (Liebert) Andover - SRC Honeywell - PZ 10. Facilities Technology Facilities Technology Business Support Transportation Parking Services Facilities Inventory Control Systems Deferred Maintenance (Entech) Roof Management Systems Fleet Management (TMA) Shuttle Tracking (GPS) Permit Sales Systems (T2) Parking Transaction & Maintenance (Amano/Best) Hardware & Software Systems Portfolio Management Timekeeping Systems Construction & Project Management Systems 11. Access Control Physical Key Systems Access Control Systems Security Systems / Alarms 12. Building Automation Systems HVAC SCADA Advanced Metering & Treatment 13. Energy Management Analytics Utility Billing Baseline & Benchmarking 14. Customer Service Systems Work Order/Request Systems (CMMS) Mail Systems Web Presence / Content Management 15. Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Systems IAQ & Monitoring Systems Fire Safety & Alarms 16. Planning & Engineering Construction, BIM, Project Mgmt. Systems CAD / CAFM / GIS Logistics Sustainable Solutions 17. Sustainable Solutions Green Technologies Best Practices LEED 18. More than 2.8 billion square feet of building space are LEED-certified (as of 1/1/14) Equals 48,611 football fields Source: Green Building Facts | U.S. Green Building Council http://www.usgbc.org/articles/green-building-facts 2/8 Market Impact 19. Critical Facilities Utilities (Power, Water, Gas, Telco/Cable) Transportation Data Centers (Google Farms, Colocation, DR) EMS, Hospitals Police, Fire Military, Defense 20. Driving Forces 21. Who is Using FacTEC? EVERYONE Corporations Government Education Public, Private Facilities Technology doesnt sleep 22. Some Major Players BAS/Automation Controls Honeywell, Siemens, Johnson Controls (JCI) Access Control HID, JCI, Software House, Lenel Your Own Company Marriott, Pepsico, Google, Fortune 1000 23. What is Driving FacTEC? Efficiency & Progress Faster, better, cheaper Energy $ Mobility all virtual solutions are supported by actual facilities Responsibility Green solutions are now (more) affordable; benefits to the planet are real; brand visibility is prime Business Strategy 24. Finance is the Language of Every Organization Positive building performance outcomes align with Sustainability, and are closely correlated (78%) with brand strength, a leading indicator of financial performance. 25. Energy Reduction World energy intensity is trending downward Reducing carbon intensity Using energy more efficiently Real facilities, measured results 26. Improving Environment N02 trending downward Vehicles & Coal plants Ozone reduction, better breathing Real facilities, measured results 27. In 30 Years, End-user Energy Demand Doubles to 600 Quadrillion BTUs. 28. VALUE PROPOSITION COST STRUCTURE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS CUSTOMER SEGMENTS ACTIVITY CONFIGURATION CORE CAPABILITIES PARTNER NETWORK REVENUE STREAMS INFRASTRUCTURE CUSTOMEROFFER FINANCE DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS Facilities Strategy Business Strategy Businesses face complex obstacles that require innovative and practical solutions. Managing a growing business, the cost structure, outsourcing, and performance analysis requires applying experience and efforts across the entire business model. Each business segment is supported by various types of Facilities. 29. The Trend is Global Continued Market Growth in all sectors of Facilities Technology 30. Getting Involved 31. Facilities Technology Needs Hardware & Software Communications Infrastructure Systems Integration (ERP) Business Support Project Management 32. Project Management Multi-discipline Projects Large project teams Understand the Scope 33. Supplementary Skills Certification or degree based May be Industry or Company specific Build perspective 34. Thought Leaders & Credentialing Major Providers (Honeywell, JCI, Siemens, IBM, etc.) International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) Most widely recognized (FMP, CFM) BOMI Facilities/Property Mgmt. (FMC, SMC, others) Continental Automated Building Association (CABA) 35. Be Observant Look around you Understand what Facility Technology is, and how it contributes to how we live and work. 36. Be Progressive Think Green Get involved with projects that will allow you to leverage technology with other concerns, thereby promoting your success in multiple areas.thats efficiency. 37. Make A Difference Be a Bridge Builder Facilities knowledge teamed with technology skillsets add value and agility to your career, while supporting the Company bottom line. 38. Any Questions? 39. Facilities Technology: Powering the Sustainable Future Jonathan F. Lee Director of Access Control and Systems Montclair State University Jonathan.Lee@montclair.edu http://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathanflee http://www.bdpa.org/member/jonathanflee