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Sylvia Riessner @northerntweeterSylvia Currie @currie

ABEABC Conference Harrison Hot Springs, BC

April, 2016

Todays SessionWhy FLOThe FLOW of FLOYOU and FLO

Impromptu Networking

1 2 4 - all

What, So What, Now What

SR and I have been working together for the past 2 yrs on this FLO project5 week online workshop for faculty to build knowledge and skills in facilitating onlineDetermined to make it the best online workshop ever, well on our waySame time we keep learning and improving, and this brings us to why youre here.

Impromptu NetworkingWho are you?What do you do at work?What do you hope to gain from todays session?

Write on index card

Why FLO? ExperimentExperienceConnectPracticeDevelopObserveDeepenReflectSynthesizeApplyPlan

Be in the students shoes

Shoe CC-BY-SA Wiennat Mongkulmann https://flic.kr/p/4ori11

Small class sizes Get acquainted with faculty from other departments and institutionsExperiment with a variety of learning-facilitation techniques and strategiesGive and receive constructive feedback (peer and one-on-one)Work in online teamsBe in the students' shoes (IMPORTANT!)Practice and develop your online facilitation skills with other new and experienced online facilitatorsDeepen your learning as you synthesize your observations, reading and online activitiesReflect on, and plan how to apply, what you have learned to other courses and contexts.

What do people say?It was the most helpful course I have had so far on facilitating online learning. It was the first time in my experiences, when the instructors modeled the facilitation techniques they were teaching! Thanks for that!

I learned a great deal in 5 weeks. Sometimes you take interesting courses, but never actually use much of it afterwards. I will definitely be using what I learned in FLO. Thanks for this opportunity.

Since 2013 FLO has been offered 11 times, resulting in 80+ graduates, and representing 18 institutions throughout British Columbia. Of these FLO grads, 25 have gone on to complete the FDO workshop in preparation to facilitate FLO.

Companion Workshop - Facilitating Learning: Design Focus

Focus module: Synchronous

Focus module: Assessment

Focus module: ???

Foundational workshopsDesign workshop in the development stage

1 2 4+ - all1. So What? Why is this topic important to me? What do I want/need to know about it?What is one BIG challenge?

What, So What, Now What?


In FLO we experience many types of assessment - self, peer, instructor, public, private, formativeA rubric outlines participation expectations and guides self assessment of participationAll participants are responsible for giving feedback to their peers on their facilitationEach participant keeps a private journal (or public if they choose), and shares a nugget from their journal each weekThe FLO facilitators give private feedback to individuals after their facilitation experienceBadges are awarded throughout the workshop as selected activities are completed

What is the SO WHAT for you?

Workload Management

I will ______ by _____ .

Changing Priorities ahead: Peter Reed CC-BY https://flic.kr/p/debvm

A running theme in FLO is workload management both for the facilitator and for the student, and as a way to model good practices for students.This means being intentional about:what you are able to do, and how to create a good balancehow to manage your timeInventory commitmentsIdentify prioritiesEvaluate the effectiveness of a work management plan

What is the SO WHAT for you?

Responsive Facilitation

Brava! Thanks for being the first to dive in Thats an interesting idea. I wonder

What might be another example?

In FLO a week is dedicated to the topic of responsive facilitationWe explore ideas around teaching presence what is appropriate and realisticAlso facilitation responses to support students and to encourage better learningHow do you ask good questions?Examine the role of the facilitator in the learning community, and what is an optimal level of engagementWhat do you do if students arent actively participating?When do you step in to advance or redirect dialogue?What is the best way to give feedback, or help students to synthesize and summarize what they learned?

What is the SO WHAT for you?

1 2 4+ - all2. Now what? What do I ? Why do I?How do I?

What, So What, Now What?

1 2 4+ all4+Now what? What do we recommend?Must Dos?Must Not Dos?

What, So What, Now What?

1 2 4 allALL. Now what? What is missing from the list?Which ideas will you develop further?What instructor actions are required for success? What supports might be needed?

What, So What, Now What?

Impromptu Networking part 2What do you hope to did you gain from todays session?

Check in with your partner!

Any surprises?Disappointments?Next steps to share?

See you in FLO?proflearn.bccampus.ca


Thanks for participating!Hope to see you online!