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Transcript of Facilitating Learning Online - Festival of Learning

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CC BY 4.0 International

Beth Cougler Blom @BethCouglerBlomLeonne Beebe leonne.beebe@ufv.caSylvia Riessner @northerntweeterSylvia Currie @currie

Festival of Learning June, 2016

Todays SessionNetworking (your BIG question)Evolution and flow of FLOExplore questions and strategies

[break 10:30 10:45]

Activity designsSharing our prototypesLooking back - looking forward

Impromptu NetworkingWho are you?What do you do at work?What is your BIG question about engaging learners online?

Write on index card

Liberating Structures image by Tracy Kelly

CC-BY Barbara Dieu https://flic.kr/p/byEHxP

Threads of Change

BCcampus Program Development Fund

RRU develops ISWO

BCcampus adopts ISWO OER First offering Oct 2013

Name change to FLO feedback > revise > feedback > revise

2016 Design Sprint! Major overhaul!

feedback > revise > feedback > revise


FLO Visual Schedule by Sylvia Riessner

Roles in FLO


Shoe CC-BY-SA Wiennat Mongkulmann https://flic.kr/p/4ori11

Tools for walking CC-BY-SA Chistopher Bachner https://flic.kr/p/aXSwU2

Diagram CC_BY-SA-NC http://digitween13-2.flatclassroomproject.wikispaces.net/Individual+Awareness+A

Building Community


Bucket Images: Sylvia RiessnerEmbrace Diversity Image http://ecgerdes.wmwikis.net/Working+with+Diverse+Students

Responsive Facilitation

Brava! Thanks for being the first to dive in Thats an interesting idea. I wonder

What might be another example?



Wikipedia collaboration by Giulia Forsythe https://flic.kr/p/dsjUcW

Self Assessment

FeedbackFacilitation Team Feedback (forum or feedback tool)FLIF (Feel, Like, Improve, Feedback)

________really helped/supported my learning.My learning might have been better if _______.I like, I wish, what if?What did the facilitators do that you really liked? What did the facilitators do that were really challenging for you? What other kinds of strategies could the facilitators have tried?3 things the team did that helped guide you through the activity2 suggestions about what the team might have done differently1 thing that the team did that you might borrow to use in your own facilitation practice

Workload Management

Changing Priorities ahead: Peter Reed CC-BY https://flic.kr/p/debvm

Looking Back - Looking Forward


How do we support

Image https://flic.kr/p/rEwbwL www.gotcredit.com

Theme 1: Building Online Community How to help learners experience belonging to the course community

How to help learners function in the online learning community


Theme 2: Diversity

How to help learners to learn in a variety of formats

How to help learners demonstrate their learning in a variety of forms/formats


Theme 3: Responsive Facilitation

How to help learners deal with concerns within the course format

How to help facilitators deal with concerns within the course format


Theme 4: Collaboration

How to help learners work together and benefit from team/group work


Theme 5: Looking BackLooking Forward

How to help learners develop reflective skills


Stream 1: Self-Assessment

How to help learners develop metacognitive reflective and self-assessment skills


Exploring Questions + StrategiesAlign your BIG question to the FLO themes

Discuss your big questions in your theme groups in terms of challenges / strategies

Keep in mind that you will have an opportunity to develop a short online learning activity after the break

Activity DesignReview elements of FLOtemplateKIS but consider .

Image credit: Microsoft clip art

Companion Workshop - Facilitating Learning: Design Focus

Focus module: Synchronous

Focus module: Assessment

Focus module: ???

See you in FLO?proflearn.bccampus.ca


Thanks for participating!Hope to see you online!TTOut of confusion comes clarityWe are all facilitators!