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  • 1. Smart metering & grids: Enels experienceand achievements Dominique Fache, Chairman of Board, Enel OGK-5 November 15, 2012
  • 2. Enel: an International energy operator Italian Core. European Base. Global StrategyPresence in: Installed capacity:40 countries 97, 988 MWConnection Points: Annual output:61 mln 291.2 TWhListed on: Energy distributed:Milano SE (1,5 mln 434.1 TWhShareholders)EBITDA: UP-Stream Gas:17.7 bln 984 MMboe* Reserves year-end 2011 680 MMboe* Resources Employees: 75,010 (< 50% in Italy) < 500 MW < 1.000 MW < 2.000 MW < 10.000 MW > 10.000 MW Representative offices, financial holdings, NG Prospective NG Reserves operative branches, commercial Resources *MMboe: Million Barrels of Oil Equivalent companies 1st utility in Italy, one of the largest in Europe by installed capacity. Present throughout the entire electricity and natural gas value chain 2
  • 3. Uso: pubblico Enel Networks positioning Areas of presence in Distribution Businesses as of 2011 year-end 1,81 mln km lines 434.1 TWh Energy Distributed 61 mln connection points COLUMBIA Second operator in distribution (24%)PERU 2,4mln conn. points ROMANIA Second operator in distribution (23%) Second operator in distribution 1,1 mln conn. points (30%) BRAZIL 2,6 mln conn. 5,6 mln conn. points pointsCHILE First operator in distribution (32%) SPAIN 1,6 mln conn. points ARGENTINA First operator in distribution (35%) ITALY Second operator in 13 mln conn. points First operator in distribution (16%) distribution (85%) 2,3 mln conn. points 31,6 mln active conn. points A global energy player with a leading position in strategic markets 3
  • 4. Uso: pubblico Enel Network Management and Innovation Enels experience as DSO world reference Remote control in: Satellite mapping of network 100% HV/MV substations assets (2.100) Database of network events 32 M meters (Italy) 0,2 M meters (The Netherlands) Pilot Test (Russia) 0.8 M meters (Spain) Pilot Test 13 M meters (Hong Kong) (Spain) Pilot Test Pilot Test 0.25 M meters (Romania) (Brasil) (Malta) 12
  • 13. Other Italian DSOs System Users from 2006Telegestore: Promotion & Sales in Italy Utility Customers AEM Milano 950,000 AEM Torino 580,250 Trentino Servizi 575,000 ASM Brescia 294,250 Hera Modena 250,000 AGSM Verona 173,177 Acegas Trieste 140,510 Enia Parma 124,830 Deval 120,000 AIM Vicenza 75,020 AEM Cremona 47,015 Others 218,053 Over 32,000,000 (ENEL) TOTAL 3,548,105 + 3,500,000 (Others) = Standard de facto in Italy
  • 14. Smart Grids in the WorldWorlwide initiatives for Smart Grids deployment Main Initiatives: ISGAN, launched by Major Economies Forum to keep high level government attention for technologies capable of cost effectively reducing GHGases. Italy co-leads with South Korea and the USA. GRIDWISE Alliance international forum aiming for a sustainable energy future through Smart Grids EDSO for Smart Grids international non-profit association of DSOs committed to the development of Smart Grids in Europe Green-eMotion international consortium of DSOs and research center developing an analytical method to evaluate the impact of a large scale introduction of EV and PHEV on the grid Address large-scale Integrated Project co-founded by the European Commission aiming at enabling the Active Demand in the Grids http://www.thefuturewillfollow.com/en/ 14
  • 15. Enel Smart Grids VisionBuilding a smart Energy future Multi-directional flows Storage and management Plug & Play technologies End-user real time information and participationElectric Vehicle charge system Central and distributed Intelligence Peaks shaving Smart equipment and power electronics LED Public Lighting Central and distributed resources integration Interact intelligently with all connected parties in order to efficient