Faces oF - Coroflot 2011. 1. 29.¢  Joyce Meyer Ministries to go where the needs are. our...

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Transcript of Faces oF - Coroflot 2011. 1. 29.¢  Joyce Meyer Ministries to go where the needs are. our...

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    Faces oF

    Hope A YeAr In Photos from Joyce Meyer Ministries

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    This past year was incredibly hopeful. What made it so special was seeing how seeds that were planted in 2009 blossomed in 2010, and how God continued to enable Joyce Meyer Ministries to go where the needs are. our missions arm— Hand of Hope—went to several different places that many would call “hopeless.” But each and every time, no matter where God took us, we saw hope. We saw it in the eyes of the Haitians, despite the earth- quake. We saw it in the smiles of those living in poverty throughout India, Papua New Guinea, and Zimbabwe. and we even saw hope in the faces of men and women living in prisons around the world.

    along the way, our photographers captured these moments that could not have happened without the support of friends and partners like you. We hope this book will give you at least a portion of the same feeling of inspiration and hope that our ministry was privileged to experience this past year.

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    aFrIca asIa INdIa NortH amerIca PaPua NeW GuINea HaItI

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    Many countries in Africa—like Zimbabwe, Uganda and Malawi—desperately need our help. These are nations with economies in shambles, leaving a large portion of the popu- lation without jobs, food and medical care. But thanks to those who partner with us, God enabled Hand of Hope to bring nutritious meals and medical services to these wonderful people, as well as help provide care for orphans and introduce many to Christ. Here is just a glimpse of what God is doing there.


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    david L. meyer, ceo of Hand of Hope, helps distribute food at one of the feeding centers in malawi.

    the malawi feeding centers provide many children with life- sustaining nutrition they might not get otherwise. the boys and girls we encounter are always polite and let us know how thankful they are for the meal—typically it’s the only meal they get each day. shelly meyer, International relations officer with Hand of Hope, gives a plate of food to a precious little girl.

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    Watoto Village is a wonderful ministry in Gulu, uganda, that provides homes to former child soldiers and orphans. Ivan lost his parents to disease and war. Here, he gets a hug from Ginger stache, chief media officer of Joyce meyer ministries.

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    Ivan sits with his brothers, sisters and cousins in front of their new home in Watoto Village. the incredible smiles of these children inspired us long after this trip was over. thank you, friends and partners, for your help in this worthy cause.

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    this baby boy is well fed and gets plenty of love and affection, thanks to the Baby Watoto Gulu Village. this wonderful place in uganda is where infants and toddlers who have been abandoned or orphaned can come and live. each child is assigned a caretaker who is called “mama.”

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    In June of 2010, Joyce meyer ministries held a Festival of Life conference in africa where more than 530,000 people attended the three-day festival. during the festival, over 140,800 people gave their lives to christ. We could not share the Gospel with so many people around the globe without your support.

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    sara, living at the Watoto Village, is a resilient little girl who has overcome rape at a young age. she now lives in peace and safety, and holds the teddy bear that is her constant companion. the Watoto Village provides sara with food, shelter, clothing and most importantly, love.

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    What were once clean, decent apartment buildings are now decrepit and dangerous dwellings for far too many families in Zim- babwe. Within the walls of these buildings, live two or three families per small apartment—but that’s not the worst of it. there are no locks on the doors and only one latrine per floor for dozens of families. as you might imagine, the sanita- tion problem is immense. the families crammed together in these high-density housing units, along with the many orphans who live and survive outside the buildings, make this portion of the inner city crowded and dangerous.

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    The poor are filled with hope, and injustice is silenced. —Job 5:16 ceV

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    This past year, God continued to do great things in southeast Asia through your giving, which helps us fight the same battles of poverty, mal- nutrition and inadequate medical care common in this region. God has graciously opened doors in Cambodia to reach the hungry through the mobile feeding centers and enabled people liv- ing in the city trash dumps to change their lives.


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    this little girl is named Gchi. Her parents sent her to the steung meanchey municipal dump in cambodia to live and work over six years ago. Now ten years old, she spends her days and nights looking for recyclable items to earn roughly fifty cents per day, just like hundreds of other cambodian children. Fortunately, we were able to offer these children a place to receive showers, food, clothes and a Bible-based education through our feeding centers.

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    We fully fund over 40 children’s homes throughout asia, where the children receive meals, housing, education, and most importantly, an upbringing based on godly principles. We help them know how important they are in God’s eyes.

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    a pharmacist in our Joyce meyer ministries health center distributes medicines to patients in cambodia. most, if not all, of those who are waiting in line for medication would not be able to get any medicine without this medical mission. thank you, friends and partners, for making this happen.

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    many people in thailand are hungry for hope. that’s why thousands turned out for our Festival of Life conference in January 2009. during this confer- ence, many people gave their lives to christ for the first time.

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    For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the expectation and hope of the meek and the poor shall not perish forever. —Psalm 9:18

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    India has seen some economic development over the past several years—but hundreds of millions of people there still live in poverty. That’s why Joyce Meyer Ministries continues to feel a passionate burden for this nation. With over one billion people (25 percent of which live below the poverty line), and the majority believing in multiple Hindu gods, we continued to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this beautiful country. We also provided free medical and dental care. Here are some of our best photos from India.


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    a woman walks down a street in the city of Jodhpur, India. Because many of the buildings are painted in shades of blue, Jodhpur is known as “the Blue city.”

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    on october 21-24, God opened the door for our ministry to hold a four- day Festival of Life conference in Kolkata, India. In many places throughout this city, you could see multiple copies of the conference advertisement strewn together along walls, buildings and billboards.

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    the marketplace is an important part of Indian society, where people not only buy food but also socialize.

    Hyderabad is a city with many markets where foods and flowers are sold. Yellow flowers are popular during the various festivals in India. People make flower wreaths and drape them over cars or motorbikes.

    and in the city of Jodhpur, Ginger visits with some women in a market.

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    this young girl, while taking part in the annual mud gathering from the Hooghly river, finds a coin. tradi- tionally, the mud is extracted from this river, shaped into a god and then sold at the marketplace. Because the Hindu religion considers Hooghly holy, most Hindus consider the mud from it sacred.

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    the practice of welcoming guests with leis of flowers is customary in India, and our team has been blessed by this on numerous occasions. a group of boys sang to welcome us when we arrived at the Joyce meyer ministries children’s home for HIV positive orphans.