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Make Money with Facebook

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  • 1. LindaCraft.com lc@lindacraft.com Raleigh, NC facebook.com/lindacraftteam

2. facebook.com/lindacraftteam 3. 1. Brand Mere Exposure Effect 2. Build Relationships How? By Conversation Post, Receive, Comment, Comment Back 4. www.google.com/trends 5. google.com/alerts Sign up for Google Alerts to be notified of your keywords ex.) Raleigh and Best Of 6. Search local Chamber websites, downtown alliance groups and local newspapers for events. 7. www.nationaldaycalendar.com 8. New Years Message 9. LindaCraft.com/santaday 10. 1.Most Likes 2. Random.org 11. 1. Congratulate in original post comment box. Tag the winner so it highlights their name. 2. Create a separate post with a new photo of a win button etc. You are not able to tag winner in this post. 12. Homes for Sale Overshare Post controversial topics Immediate Duplication 13. Boost : Pay for post to increase reach and target users. 14. LindaCraft.com lc@lindacraft.com Raleigh, NC facebook.com/lindacraftteam