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  • Meet Jay Baer Americas Hype-free social media strategistAs a leading social media consultant, Jay provides social mediastrategic planning and counsel to some of Americas largestcompanies through his consulting firm, Convince and Convert.Hes been a digital marketing consultant since 1994, and hasworked with 29 of the Fortune 500. Current and recent clientsinclude Sony, MetLife, Allstate, California Travel & TourismCommission, Billabong, and Caterpillar.As co-author of the highly-acclaimed book, The NOWRevolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Company Faster, Smarter, andMore Social, popular blogger of www.convinceandconvert.compresently ranked as the #1 content marketing blog inthe world, the #3 social media blog in the world, and the#20 overall marketing resource in the worldand frequentkeynote speaker, Jay teaches business leaders and ownershow to harness the awesome power of social media withoutforgetting that social media is an ingredient in a successfulbusiness, not the whole entre. Hes frequently quoted bythe press about social media and its impact on business andcompanies, with recent appearances including USA Today,MSNBC, Fast Company Magazine, and Inc. Magazine.When Jay isnt giving speeches, writing blog posts, orconsulting, he enjoys a good tequila or red wine, a solidtheatrical performance, a great NFL game, and time withhis two children. Jay Baer - @jaybaer ExactTarget www.ExactTarget.com
  • Facebook Marketing: Emails Next Frontieremails next frontier:by jay baerOverviewTheres no denying it: Facebook has had a profound impact oninteractive marketing. Regardless of your organizations size or In an ironic twist of fate, itindustry, youre viewing Facebook as an opportunity to expandmarket reach, grow your business, and reach new customers. turns out that email is socialBut one lingering question remainswill Facebook or the broadersocial media movement kill email? medias secret weapon.In short? No! Social media and email are not mutually exclusive. Fred Wilson co-founder of Union Square Ventures, anIn fact, social media accounts require customers to sign up with investor in Twitter and Foursquarean existing email address. And studies show that your fans onFacebook are already loyal customers and heavy purchasersnotjust casual shoppers or even prospective shoppers. The questionisnt Facebook OR email. Its how you combine Facebook WITHemail thats the true indicator of your interactive marketing success. Inside youll learn:So even if Facebook seems like uncharted territory, it doesnt have Part 1: Facebook and Email Customers:to be complex or complicated. Your existing email expertise will One and the Same?actually make it easier to build a successful Facebook marketingprogramwith full message and channel integration. From Fortune Part 2: How to Integrate Facebook and Email:500 companies and small local businesses to international retailersand travel organizationsthis complimentary eBook will show you 3 Quick Tips to Combine Operations and Measurementhow to take your tried and true email marketing know-how andapply it to conquer the next frontier of Facebook marketing. Part 3: How to Integrate Facebook and Email: 5 Quick Tips to Combine Channels and Audiences Part 4: How to Integrate Facebook and Email: 4 Quick Tips to Integrate Messaging and Content ExactTarget 3 www.ExactTarget.com
  • Facebook Marketing: Emails Next Frontier Part 1Part 1 Facebook and Email Customers:one and the same?Data shows that we like what we already likemeaning the people 84%who like your brand on Facebook are already your loyal customers.In fact, a study from highly-ranked worldwide advertising agencyDDB in 2011 found that 84% of Facebook fans are current or formercustomers of the companies they like.These fans tend to be loyal to your brand and may be more thanhappy to shout out their support on Facebook. On occasion, fans of Facebook fansinteract with business page status updatesgiving a digital headsup to their friends. These friendly nods to your brand might result innew awareness to a broader audience. But its rare for your fans to are current oractually take that action. According to a study from market researchfirm Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, on average, 1.3% of your fans will former customers.actually interact with your business on Facebookmeaning that forthe most part, youre preaching to the already converted. source: 2011 Study from Worldwide Advertising Agency DDBSmall businesses and enterprises alike can leverage Facebook fansto grow email listsand vice versa. Engaging your already-convertedcustomers on Facebook creates a powerful conversion opportunity.bottom line:Facebook is an opt-in tool to keep your brand top-of-mind amongpeople who have raised their hand and asked to be marketed to. Sois email. Essentially, Facebook is emails hip, young cousinonemodern and cool, the other the original. But the original still providesa very effective means of reaching loyal customers. Another helpfulanalogy? Think of email as Madonna, and Facebook as Lady Gaga. ExactTarget 4 www.ExactTarget.com
  • Facebook Marketing: Emails Next Frontier Part 2Part 2 How to Integrate Facebook and Email:3 quick tips to combine Operations and MeasurementWhen you evaluate Facebook and email side-by-side through the lens 3. Timing of Content/Newness Theres an ocean of contentof operations and measurement, the similarities become even more being published on Facebook every minute. How recently astartling. For example, take what youve learned from email and map particular piece of content was published impacts whetherit to your Facebook metrics. If your emails and Facebook messages or not its shown to a user. Its like the atomic half-life youarent relevant, your content may never reach your fans and email learned about in high school chemistryeven if a particularsubscribers. Just like spam filters, Facebook uses an algorithm to piece of Facebook content is disproportionately successfuldetermine what users see in their Facebook News Feed. (Though (as determined by interaction rate and viral spread), it willnot a Facebook term, the industry refers to this as EdgeRank, which is eventually fade away and disappear.how well address it throughout this report.) Users couldnt possibly see It really boils down to showing people more of the content theyeverything from every friend or brand at once. So in theory, this algorithm want and less of what they dont wantcreating a better usergives users more of what they want and less of what they dont. experience. With recent Facebook Timeline changes, Facebook isThe three factors that determine whether (and how often) you see telling you to act like individual users to gain visibility. Just like withcontent on Facebook from a friend or company include: email, Facebook requires compelling, relevant, and timely content to successfully reach your customers. 1. Affinity How often does a user interact with content published by another user or a brand? Facebook assumes that if they frequently interact with a brands content, a user must be engaged. Thus, if a fan interacts with your content today, he or she is more likely to see your content tomorrow. A Facebook fans greatest value to marketers lies in his or her ability to spread messages 2. Weight of Behavior A like or thumbs up on Facebook indicates a moderate level of interest, where consistent to friends and contacts. If you empower your commenting or sharing of your content infers a deeper level of engagement with them. Think about ittyping something Facebook fans to spread your brands message, requires more action than clicking on an icon. youll acquire new audiences and increase ROI. A share is obvious that the user likes the content, says