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A simple outline to guide you through the WHY and HOW of putting your small business on Facebook. Includes goal setting, strategy, dos and don'ts, time-savers and tips for growth and engagement.

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  • 1. Facebook for Small Business Workshop May 8, 2014

2. Why bother with Facebook (or any social media? 2 3. The world has changed. 3 Selection of the Pope the rise of the smart phone/tablet and sharing. 4. Its a part of life 4 13 million users in Australia alone. Fastest growing demographic? 45+ 5. Shift in how people choose brands 5 6. Why? It is everywhere. The conversation is happening. Be part of it. Or not. Another channel of communication with your market or community. Build your brand values and personality. Online presence is expected by your market. 6 7. Goals PR-focused and communication-focused goals Not direct sales goals (or measurement) 7 8. Goals SMART goals 8 9. Task: Goal setting Write down 2 or 3 goals for your business Facebook Page Share your goals with a partner Ensure they are not just about sales also about community and communication 9 10. How to set up a Facebook Page Youll need: Branding 851 x 315 cover picture Profile picture (square logo) Summary of your business Decision on a page name Your basic business details, links, opening hours, etc. 10 11. Advanced Explore the page features, tabs and apps. Merging pages you can merge a check-in page or another defunct page with your main Facebook page. Contests install an app to run a contest. More: there are loads of apps you can use to add functionality to your page. 11 12. What to post? Keep sight of your goals 80/20 rule (20% sales/goal oriented) Review competitors and your favourite brands Choose your preferred approach to posting How much? Mix it up Value add Entertain Events Timing Use occasional calls to action 12 13. Your community Building the community Content is King Invite your real friends Network and like other pages Like us and check-in advertising (newsletter, website, signage around your business) Patience quality not quantity! You can also pay for it! Sponsored posts 13 14. Feedback and Questions Interacting with your community Show your love (reward) Show respect 14 15. Feedback and Questions Answer questions Stay Calm and Value their Feedback Take it private if necessary 15 16. Time savers Check daily! (prevent banking up) Set up notifications so you know when someone is commenting or asking a question Facebook scheduling (the little clock) 3rd party apps like Hootsuite/Buffer, etc. Sharing the admin role with a colleague Linking SM accounts (see next slide) 16 17. Integrating Everything Show off your page everywhere: Your website or blog Your business (signs) Your e-news Sharing across platforms (Pinterest/Facebook, etc) Flyers, biz cards 17 18. Measuring and Analytics Use: Facebook Insights (in the admin tools of your page) Go in and explore. Play with date ranges. Question, review, revise but dont obsess! Compare: add some pages to watch in Insights to benchmark against competitors. Pay attention to times your likers are online. See which posts get great engagement and reach. 18 19. Measuring and Analytics There are a huge range of analytics. Export to excel for sharing at team meetings. 19 20. Measuring and Analytics (cont.) Explore some external platforms e.g. Simply Measured, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Social Bakers . 20 21. Resources Sashas blog: http://ozcopywriter.blogspot.com.au http://www.facebook.com/help/pages Social Media Today Social Bakers Business to Community 21