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A look at Social Media and in particular Facebook for Manfacturers who are in the Business to Business world. Includes case studies both large and small of manufacturers using Facebook.

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2. Facebook forManufacturersWolverhampton - October 2014 3. Introductions Who you are? Where you are from? What you do? Social Media WHAT 1 THING WOULD YOU LIKE TOACHIEVE TODAY? 4. Have a Plan 5. Social Media Plan1.Executive Overview2.Define specific social media goals (measurable)3.Research your audience (Who, Where etc)4.Pick your platforms5.Plan and execute delivery (Content Marketing)6.Track metrics (adapt accordingly) 6. 1C.Wohnat tceonntentt dMoesa yroukr eaudtiienncge w Panlt?an2.What content do you already have?3.What content can you create?4.What platforms should you use?5.How often should you post?6.When should you post?Build into you Social Media Plan Calendar1.Build into you Social Media Plan Calendar 7. How often should I post? 8. How often should I post?EVERYDAY! 9. Saturdays and Sundays 10. Saturdays and Sundays 11. Demographics 12. Demographics 13. Demographics 14. Social Media Calendar Plan 15. Social Media Calendar Plan 16. Social Media Calendar Plan 17. Social Media Calendar Plan 18. Social Media Calendar Plan 19. YOU 20. Facts and Stats 21. Google Analytics 22. Total Facebookmonthly active users(MAU):1,317,000,000 23. Total Facebook dailyactive users (DAU):831,000,000 24. Total UK Facebook dailyactive users (DAU):24,000,000 25. Business Pages25 millionWorldwide 26. UK Business Pages1 Million+ 27. Owned by Facebook 28. ? 29. Case StudiesHow manufacturers can grow a targeted community 30. QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 31. QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 32. Get more Likers 33. Facebook EssentialsAbout PageAbout PageMake sure you About page:An overview of what your page has to offerA link to your websiteAny other info to help prospects 34. Promote Online andOffline 35. Watch your Competition 36. Facebook Ads To promote your Facebook Page To promote your Website 37. Pay to get more likes 38. Pay to get more likes 39. Boost a Post 40. Facebook Apps 41. Facebook Apps 42. Press and PR 43. Fun (with engagement) 44. 3 Things Are you going to have a Facebook Page? What is the goal of your Facebook Page? How will you promote it? 45. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/philoakleyhttps://plus.google.com/+PhilipOakleyTwitter @philoakley