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Stay up to date with Facebook's branding assets and how they should be used.

Transcript of Facebook brand permissions

  • 1. Presents
    Facebook Brand Guidelines

2. f Logo
Facebook permits the use of the f logo to refer, off of Facebook, to the following:
Your Facebook Page
Your Facebook Group
An application you offer via Facebook Platform
Your implementation of Facebook Connect
3. f Logo
f logo should clearly indicate the action the audience is being prompted to initiate (e.g. Like us on Facebook or Use this app on Facebook).
Dont hyperlink the f logo to our Facebook log-in page.
While you may scale the size to suit your needs, you may not modify the f logo in any other way (such as by changing the design or color).You may revert to black and white
4. Like Button
Facebook permits the use of the Like button in the following situations
In connection with Like button social plugin
Can be used in offline advertising with a textual or visual reference made to Facebook
5. Like Button
Facebook does not permit the use of Like button in online advertising.
Facebook does provide some other variations of the Like symbol that are approved.
6. Using the facebook logo
Use of the facebook logo is not allowed under any circumstances.
However, you can send in petition to request the use of their logo.
7. Referencing Facebook
It must be truthful, and cannot suggest that you are affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Facebook.
Textual references should never be hyperlinked to anything but the Facebook.com login page.
Never combine your name with Facebooks name.
Facebook should be capitalized and in the same font size and style as the other content.
Using Facebook has helped drive sales for our company!
8. Referencing Facebook
When inviting users to like your Page, say like our Page.Do not invite them to friend your Page.
Do not use Facebook, or any other of their trademarks, as a verb.And dont pluralize them either.
When creating an event you need to make it clear that you, and not Facebook is responsible for the event.
What not to do:
9. Using Screenshots
Screenshots may be used with Facebooks prior written permission
They cannot be modified in anyway from their appearance on Facebook.
Individuals displayed in screenshot need to give permission to use their profile image.
Any Facebookprofile will need written consent from its creator before use.
What not to do:
What is acceptable:
10. Using Screen Shots
What not to do:
What is acceptable:
11. More Information
More information on brand permissions:
For permission request forms:
12. Venpop is here to help!
If you have questions or are unsure about using Facebooks brand assets, please feel free to contact us.
Contact information:
Erik Jacobsen