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  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Many of you read the hadith about Umar burying one of his girl children alive-this is fabricated

    100 FABRICA!" #A"I#


    able of Contents

    #adlt& 'o% (age 'o%

    Introduction )

    1% Conversation in the Mas*id eats u+ good deeds 1,

    ,% Beautify your dining table ith herbs 1.

    .% (rayer +erformed in a turban 1/

    /% ove the Arabs for three reasons 1/

    % 2hen Adam 3456 committed the sin 1)

    )% here is not a single +erson .0

    7% #e ho gets married before he +erforms #a** .0

    8% #e ho visits the grave of his +arents . 1

    9% 1 am a city of &noledge and Ali :ra; is the gate ..

    10% he members of my household are li&e ./

    11% My com+anions are li&e the stars .

    1,% "iversity among my folloers .)

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    1.% If it eren

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    .1% erily the Angels said to Allah E4 ))

    .,% he carrying of a rod is a sign of )7

    ..% #e ho +ractices I never used to visit 7

    .9% Beare of ?ina 7)

    /0% #e ho begets a son and names him 79

    /1 % #e ho begets three sons 80

    /,% #e ho builds a house bigger 80

    /.% o love your country is a +art of Iman% 80

    //% A small amount of deeds bac&ed u+ 81

    /% Beare of the "unya 8 1

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    /)% #e ho made #a** to the house in Ma&&ah 8,

    /7% #e ho ma&es #a** and then visits my grave 8.

    /8% Chic&en ta&es the +lace of lamb 8.

    /9% 2henever anyone of you cohabits 8/

    0% he #oly (ro+het G forbade to cohabit 8

    1 % Allah fe shall call +eo+le by 87

    ,% he aubergine :egg+lant; is a cure 88

    .% et the most handsome among you lead 88

    /% #e ho travels on Humu

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    9% erily it is the non-Arabic s+ea&ing 9,

    )0% he mista&e of (ro+het "avid 454 9,

    )1% 2henever something is com+rised of halal 9/

    ),% o loo& at a beautiful face 9/

    ).% o loo& at the face of a beautiful oman 9/

    )/% If the Arabs should become degraded 9)

    )% he (ro+het > had the ability to see 99

    ))% It is the >unnah that one should not +erform 100

    )7% Allah .4 has sorn that #e shall never allo 101

    )8% 2henever the Imam ascends the Mimbar 101

    )9% #e ho shortens the [email protected] 10,

    70% #e ho raises his hands in >alah 10,

    71% #e ho +erforms udhu and i+es his nec& 1 0.

    7,% erily Allah .fe loves to see #is servant 10/

    7.% he in& of a scholar is holier than 1 0)

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    7/% Hihaad-u-'afs Hihaad dul A&bar 1 07

    7% #e ho eats ith someone hose sins 108

    7)% he s+ider is a shaitaan 109

    77% #e ho +rays tenty ra&

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    89% he Humu< ah +rayer is com+ulsory 1 ,0

    90% here is not a single (ro+het ho 1, 1

    #adith'o% (age 'o%

    91 % here ill be no Mahdi and no Isa .4B 1,1

    9,% he Mahdi shall come from 1,/

    9. % #e ho &nos himself &nos his lord% 1 ,/

    9/% Ma&e your aassul ith my lory 1,)

    9% Allah the Most #igh has +romised 1.0

    9)% erily Allah JE4 has Angels hom 1.0

    97 s he hite rooster is my friend 1.0

    98% Music sos hy+ocrisy in the hearts 1 .,

    99% A >hai&h is li&e a (ro+het among his +eo+le% 1.)

    100% 'ecessity &nos no la% 1.7


    All +raise is due to Allah fe ord of the orlds% 2e

    +raise #im and as& #is forgiveness and guidance% 2e see&

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    refuge in Allah fe from the evil in ourselves and the bad

    [email protected] of our vile actions% 2homsoever Allah 4 guides

    no one can misguide% And homsoever #e misguides no one

    can guide% I testify to the fact that there is nothing in the heavens

    above nor the earth belo hich deserves to be orshi++ed

    eKce+t Allah E5 % I also testify to the fact that Muhammad Ibn

    Abdullah > is his last (ro+het and Messenger%

    he most truthful s+eech is the boo& of Allah and the

    best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad >% he orst of

    matters is the nely invented ones% And every nely invented

    matter is a bid< ah and every bid< ah is a going astray and every

    going astray leads to the 'aar :#ell Dre;%

    L= you ho believe Fear Allah as #e is su++osed to be

    feared and do not die unless you die as Muslims L lu


    >urah Al-Imran .N10,

    L0 *m Ag believe Fear Allah and hen you s+ea& s+ea&

    straight to the +oint #e ill ma&e your actions right for you

    and forgive you your rong doings% 2hoever obeys Allah and

    #is messenger has on a mighty victoryL% 11

    =n many occasions I have attended Islamic conferences

    sym+osiums lectures and &hutbas in diOerent +arts of the orld%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Unfortunately I have heard many Muslim s+ea&ers delivering

    Dery lectures on Islamic to+ics in Arabic and !nglish and they

    often @uote fabricated Ahaadith &noingly or un&noingly and

    their audience ere totally unaare that these ahaadith are

    Unsound% hese fabricated ahaadith if they are left uneK+osed

    the Muslims ill eventually believe in them and thin& they are a

    +art and +arcel of Islam% And this is eKactly hat is ha++ening

    in the Muslim communities today around the orld

    It is for this reason that I have decided to com+ile this

    boo&P the Drst of its &ind in the !nglish language% It is

    im+ermissible for a +erson to @uote fabricated ahaadith and give

    Muslims the im+ression that the hadith is sahih :authentic;%

    hese fabricated ahaadith that are Qoating around the Muslim

    communities in diOerent countries are very dangerous to the

    s+iritual ell being of the Muslims% !s+ecially those hich

    +romote bid


    >urah Al-Ah?ab ..N70-71

    said L#e ho tells a lie on me intentionally let him ta&e his

    seat in the hell Dre L% .

    he scholars of #adith diOer as to hether or not the

    +erson ho lies about the (ro+het is a &aDr% >ome say he is

    a [email protected] :ea& Muslim; hile others say he is a &aDr% I +refer

    the o+inion that says he is a &aDr because lying about the

    (ro+het > is actually lying about Allah%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    he >unnah of the #oly (ro+het Muhammad has

    been acce+ted as an im+ortant source of Islamic la neKt in

    im+ortance to the #oly urunnah has

    remained unchallenged and undis+uted throughout the centuries%

    here have been many diOerences among Muslims in their

    *uristic o+inions but the authority of the #oly urunnah of the #oly (ro+het 3i has never been denied by any

    *urist% 'o Muslim is alloed to deny the authority of the >unnah

    because Allah E4 has made it com+ulsory on us all to believe

    and follo all the authentic traditions of the #oly (ro+het In regards to this Allah


    L>ay := Muhammad > to man&ind; if you really love

    Allah then follo me :ie% my >unnah;% Allah ill love you and

    forgive you your sins% And Allah is =ft-Forgiving Most


    . >ahih Al-Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 1 +%8. 'o% 107%

    / >urah Al- Imran .N.1

    L%i%%And hatsoever the Messenger Muhammad > gives

    you ta&e it and hatsoever he forbids you abstain from it%%3% L3

    LSinrf hoever obeys Allah and his Messenger , Allah shall admit him intogardens underneath hich rivers Qo they shall abide therein forever this is thesu+reme trium+h% unnah is a &aDr outside thefold of Al-Islam%

    #ad it not been for the sunnah e ouldn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    classiDcation% hey have meticulously se+arated the sahih :sound; traditions fromthe fabricated ones% hey ere able to do so because Allah 44 has given thisummah something hich #e didn his isstated in an Athar :sayings and doings of the >ahaabahs; from Ibn Abbas :ra;%

    #ence every authentic #adith has an Isnaad%

    >urah Al-#ashr 9N7

    ) >urah An-'isaa /N1.


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    7 >urah Al- #i*r 1 N 9 - Isnaad is not the only gift hich Allah 44 has given

    to this Ummah tayammum% lailatul @adr as ell as the aneemah :booty; are allgifts from Allah hich are eKclusive to the Ummah of Muhammad may #e cron this

    endeavour ith success and ma&e it be of beneDt to the believers of the +resentand of those to come in the future May Allah bless our #oly (ro+het > his familyand his com+anions and grant them abundant +eace%

    >hai&h Faisal

    ondon ,000

    #adith 1

    Conversation in the Mas*id eats u+ good deeds the ay animals consume grass%

    his as related by Al #aaDdh [email protected] ho said it as a fabricated #adith% Abdul2ahhaab As->ub&i in the boo& [email protected] As->haafia :ol%/ +% 1/; said this #adithis devoid of an Isnaad i%e% an authentic chain of transmitters%

    It is +ermissible for Muslims to converse in the [email protected] +roviding the conversationdoes not include bac&biting slandering tale bearing ridiculing &ufr shir& anddeviation from the urunnah%

    2hile conversing the Muslims are not alloed to raise their voices because this

    behaviour is not beDtting of a Muslim in the [email protected]% Moreover Allah has forbiddenthe raising of voices in the [email protected] in >urah #u*uraat verse ,%

    L0 you ho believe do no raise your voices above the voice of the #oly (ro+hetL

    It is also ma&ruh :disli&ed; to s+ea& unnecessarily after the [email protected] is called% It isharaam to s+ea& hen the Athaan is being called% hus the Muslims are obliged to&ee+ @uiet and re+eat the athaan softly behind the muathin% As for s+ea&ing in [email protected] on Humu

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    'arrated Abu #uraira :ra; Allahahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol%, +% ,7 'o%)

    10 >urah Al Araaf 7N,0/

    #adith .

    (rayer +erformed in a turban is [email protected] to Dfteen +rayers ithout a turban% And aHumu

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    In Islam e love +eo+le if they are mindful of their duties to Allah% 2e do not sholove to +eo+le because of their race language tribe nationality or ealth%

    he Arab governments in the orld today ha++en to be the greatest enemies of

    Islam and Muslims thus e are not alloed to love these des+otic leaders sim+lybecause they are Arabs this is so because e are obliged to +ractise Al 2alaa

    2al Baaraa i%e% to love and hate solely for Allah% In this regard Allah saidN

    LFan iSS never Dnd any +eo+le ho believe in Allah and the last day ma&ing friendsith those ho are enemies of Allah and #is messenger% !ven though they may betheir fathers or their sons or their brothers or their &indred% For such #e Allah hasritten in their hearts Iman :faith;%

    It is orthy of mentioning that hen (ro+het Muhammad fought his Drst battle i%e%the battle of Badr% #e didn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    1, >urah aa->in .)N8 - >ee afseer Ibn $athir for the eK+lanation of >urah

    aa->in verse 8%

    his #adith as narrated by Abdur Rahman Ibn Vaid Ibn Aslam ho the scholars of#adith say is very ea&% Adh-"hahaabee said this hadith as fabricated and thereis a +erson called Abdullah Ibn Muslim AH Firee ho as found in the chain oftransmitters ho as a &non liar%

    Ibn #ibbaan said Abdullah Ibn Muslim as in the habit of fabricating ahaadith%

    #e used to fabricate ahaadith and claimed that he heard them from aith and Mali&%

    he vie held by the scholars that this #adith is a baseless fabrication is furthersu++orted by the fact that it contradicts the #oly uro that is #is saying Lhen Adam received from hisord ords%%% LAl #aa&im has classiDed this #adith as authentic and Adh-"hahaabeeagreed ith him%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Allah told us eKactly hat Adam and his ife !ve said hen they sought #isforgiveness% hey never at any +oint called u+on Allah in the name of Muhammadbut instead they said during their su++licationN

    L=ur ord 2e have ronged ourselves% And if ou forgive us not and besto notu+on us our Mercy e shall certainly be of the &haasiroon :losers;% L

    here are various >uD orders in the Muslim orld today ho rely on this fabricated#adith to +ractise the haraam ty+es of taassul% he Arabic ord taassul mean+to dra near to hat one desires earnestly% aassul can be halaal or haraam%

    he halaal taassul comes in three diOerent forms% he Drst of hich is to dranear to Allah fe and see& #is +leasure and forgiveness by doing righteous deedsli&e salah ?a&ah [email protected] thi&r fasting ha** umrah reading ur< an *ihad etc%

    =ne of the most s+lendid eKam+les of draing near to Allah ith righteous deedsand [email protected] attaining hat one desires from Allah by virtue of the +ious deedis the >urah Al Araaf 7N,. - >ee Hamiul Bayaan Fee afseer Al ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    till in a season of great hardshi+ due to famine she a++roached me for hel+ and Igave her one hundred and tenty dinars on condition that she ould have seKualintercourse ith me% >he agreed and hen e got together and I as going to haveintercourse ith her she +leadedN LFear Allah and do not ta&e my virginity u nlafully% L 2hereu+on I moved aay from her des+ite the fact that I desired her

    +assionately and I let her &ee+ the money I had given her% = ord if I did thissee&ing only thy +leasure do thou remove the distress in hich e Dnd ourselves% LAgain the roc& moved a little but not enough to let them +ass out% hen the thirdman su++licatedN L= ord I hired

    some labourers and +aid them their dues but one of them left leaving behind hatas due to him% I invested it into the business and the business +ros+ered greatly%After a time the labourer came bac& and saidN L= servant of Allah hand over to memy ages% L I said to himN all that you see is yours camels goats cattle andservants% #e saidN L"on o he too& all of it s+aring nothing% ord if I did this see&ing only thy+leasure

    do thou relieve us of our distress% IHie roc& then moved aay and all three came outof the cave safe and sound he above mentioned #adith has many lessons hich


    1 % he obligation of +lacing ones trust in Allah J44 in times of


    ,% he +ermissibility of using ones +ious deeds as a means of

    taassul to accom+lish ones aim and ob*ective from Allah fe %

    .% he high merit of loo&ing after oneince all three men dre near to Allah by the virtues of their +ious deeds andbeseeched #im to alleviate their +light by the eKcellence of their righteous actionsthere can be no doubt that this hadith is one of the most s+lendid eKam+les of thelaful taassul%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #ence it is +ermissible for a Muslim today to say to Allah N = Allah E5grant meyour forgiveness due to my fast of Ramadhan or #a** or Hihad etc% ou can use allthese +ious deeds as taassul as long as you did them solely for the +leasure ofAllah E5 and not for fame or fortune%

    1 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% . +% ,)0 'o%/7, - >ee also Riyadh-

    us->aleheen ol% 1% +%8S'o%l,%

    he second halaal form of taassul is to dra near to Allah fe and see& his hel+blessings or forgiveness by calling u+on #im ith some of #is names and attributes%In this regard Allah saidN

    LUnto Allah belongs the most +erfect and beautiful names so call u+on #im bythese names%L l)

    #ence it is +ermissible for a Muslim to say in his du

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    remove his anKiety and sorro and re+lace it ith *oy%

    Anas :ra; re+orts about the #oly (ro+het N that hen a matter grieved the (ro+hetG he ould sayN L= !ver-living = >ustainer and (rotector of all that eKists by our

    Mercy I beg for our aid% L I8

    >o these ahaadith and their li&e sho the +ermissibility of taassul to Allah theMost #igh ith one of #is names or #is attributes and that this is something hichAllah loves and is +leased ith% herefore it as done by Allah and Allah 44 the Blessed and Most #igh saysN

    LAnd hatsoever the Messenger 8 gives you ta&e it and hatsoever he forbidsyou abstain from it L H9

    he third ty+e of taassul hich is laful is see&ing a means of nearness to Allah the Most #igh by the su++lication of a righteous man% If a Muslim falls into great

    diXculty or a great misfortune befalls him and he &nos that he has been verynegligent ith regard to Allah the Blessed and Most #igh% And he ishes to as&another Muslim ho he &nos to be a +ro+er +ractising Muslim one ho is odfearing and is mindful of his or her duties to Allah P to ma&e du

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    destroyed[ Zand in another narrationN the horses are dying and the shee+ are dying[\and in another ordingN the cattle are dying and the roads are cut oO[ sosu++licate to Allah for us :thai he should give us rain; and in anotherN that he shouldgive us a don+our% >o he raised u+ his hands and su++licated :until I sa thehiteness of his arm+its;N = Allah bless us ith rain = Allah bless us ith rain and

    the +eo+le raised u+ their hands along ith him su++licating and he did notmention that he had

    turned his cloa& inside out nor that he faced the iblah and by Allah e could notsee any clouds nor any trace of clouds nor

    anything and there as no building or house beteen us and >al and in anarrationN Anas :ra; said o I then sa a large cloud li&e a shield and

    hen it came to the middle of the s&y it s+read and it rained% By

    #im in hose hand is my soul as soon as he loered his hand

    clouds li&e mountains had gathered and did not descend from

    the minbar until I sa the rain dri++ing from his beard Zand in

    a narrationN suddenly the ind ble gathering clouds hich

    came together and then rain +oured don from the s&y[ \and he

    L "aamil-adaaN A house hich belonged to Umar Ibn Al-$hattaab and

    hich as sold in order to re+ay a debt

    3 A small mountain in Al-Madinah%

    came don from the minbar and +rayed the >alah[ so e ent

    out and aded through the ater until e reached our homes

    Zand in a narrationN and it as such that a +erson could hardly

    reach his home[% >o it continued to rain that day and the neKt

    and the neKt and that hich folloed until the folloing


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    &hutba so he stood facing him and he said il Messenger of

    Allah buildings are being destroyed Zand in a narrationN

    houses are colla+sing roads are cut oO and the cattle are

    dying[ Zand in a narrationN travellers cannot +roceed and the

    roads are bloc&ed and livestoc& are being droned[% >o

    su++licate to Allah to ithhold it for us so the (ro+het

    smiled and he raised his hands and saidN L= Allah around us

    and not u+on us Allah u+on the hills and river beds arid

    +laces here trees gro% >o he did not +oint ith his hand in

    any direction eKce+t that the clouds cleared ay +roducing a

    clear circular hole Zand in a narrationN so I loo&ed u+ and sa

    the clouds se+arating around Al-Madinah to the right and the

    left forming a sort of cron and in another narration so the

    clouds cleared aay from Al-Madinah *ust as clothes are

    removed and it as no raining all around us but not raining

    u+on us at all Zin another narrationN not a dro+[ and e ent

    out al&ing in the sunshine[% >o Allah shoed them a miracle of

    #is (ro+het i and #is res+onse to his du aa% he valley of

    =anart as Qooded for a month and no one came from outside

    eKce+t that he told of abundant rain% ,0

    he above hadith is evidence for the +ermissibility of

    using a righteous +erson as taassul i%e% by as&ing him to

    beseech Allah on our behalf to besto on us the blessings

    ,0 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% , +%,) 'o%%

    that are desired% [email protected] Allah E4 grants such blessings

    because the su++licant ho is a +ious +erson is dear to #im

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Allah 34%

    Another eKam+le of ma&ing taassul ith a +ious +erson is as follosN Anas IbnMali& :ra; narrates from Umar Ibn Al- $hattaab :ra; that hen the +eo+le suOeredfrom drought he used to as& Al-Abbaas Ibn Al-Muttalib :ra; to +ray for rain for them%#e used to sayN L0 Allah e used to [email protected] our (ro+het G to su++licate to you for

    rain ie% e used to ma&e taassul to you = Allah ith the (ro+hetic for rain and oublessed

    us ith rain 'o e use the uncle of the (ro+het ,8 as taassul by as&ing him tosu++licate to ou for rain so grant us rain L he narrator Anas :ra; said then itrained ,1

    2hat the saying of Umar :ra; ZInnaa $unnaa

    'ataassulu ilai&a Bi nabiyyinaa a innaa 'ataassulu ilai&a Bi ammi 'abiyyinaa[means isN 2e used to go to our (ro+het $> and use him as taassul by as&ing him

    to su++licate for us so that it ill rain% And no that he feG has +assed on to theom+any of the highest Angels and it is not no +ossible for him to su++licate for usthen no e go to the uncle of our beloved (ro+het . Al-Abbaas :ra; and as&him to su++licate for us%

    here should be no doubt that Umar :ra; used Al-Abbaas :ra; the uncle of the(ro+het > as a means of taassul because of his closeness to the (ro+het >%

    he great scholar Ibn #a*ar [email protected] attested to this fact% hus he said in hisboo& Fathul BaariN 2e learnt from this story ith Umar :ra; and Abbaas :ra; theeKcellence of using +ious +eo+le to ma&e duahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish ; ol% ,% +))% 'o% 1,.%

    u+on Ahul Bait to +ray for us%

    Ibn #a*ar arrived at this conclusion because of the ords

    used by the (ro+het

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    disaster eKce+t by our re+entance% And the +eo+le have

    a++roached me to +ray for them due to my closeness to our

    (ro+het m- n

    2ith these +revious mentioned evidences e can safely

    conclude that the only halaal and +rescribed taassul are the

    folloing three ty+esN

    1 % aassul by means of a righteous deed hich the +erson

    ho is su++licating has done or he may +romise Allah E4 to

    do it in the future%

    ,% aassul by means of the (erfect and Beautiful 'ames and

    Attributes of Allah the Most #igh%

    .% aassul by means of the su++lication made by a righteous

    man or oman%

    he haraam ty+es of taassul ill no be loo&ed at

    here are some Muslims in the orld today ho +erformed

    ty+es of taassul that are not +rescribedP hence they do not fall

    into any of the three halaal +revious mentioned ty+es of taassul%

    hese Muslims call u+on Allah by sayingN L= Allah forgive me due to the glory ofMuhammad ,8L or L= Allah forgive me due to the right that Muhammad has over

    ouPL >ome of them even go as far as to a++roach the grave of the (ro+het ,> andstand by it and sayN L= Muhammad beg Allah to forgive me%L or LBeg Allah tobless me ith such and

    >ee Fatliul Baari ol , W +% 77%

    >ee Fathul Baari ol% , +%77%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    such a thing%L hese ty+es of taassul are haraam because they are not +rescribed%In fac t Abu #anifa and his to students Abu usuf *l #asan A sh->haybaani hatedthese

    yges*of^taassul% hese ty+es of taassul are hatecbythe guided Muslims for thefolloing reasons%

    2e are not su++osed to call u+on Allah .4 due to the

    glory of Muhammad 8 because the glory of Muhammad G

    is im+erfect hile Allah

    i&eise e do not have any Dght over Allah because e are not +ious enough to+lace right over Allah % Because of this the #oly (ro+het P> saidN L'one of youill enter (aradise due to his +ious deeds% L ,/ i%e e sin by night and by day thuse cannot +lace a right on Allah due to our shortcomings and human failings% Asfor those ho argue in favour of using the (ro+het for taassul e refute themby

    sayingN 2hen the Muslims suOered drought in 18 A# during the cali+hate of Umar:ra; he Umar :ra; saidN L= Allah e used to use our (ro+het I> as taassul [email protected] him to beseech ou for rain and ou ould bless us ith rain% 'o eas& the uncle of our (ro+het > to su++licate to ou so grant us rainW

    If it ere halaal to use the (ro+het > as a means of taassul even after his deathUmar :ra; ould have made a duahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol 8 +% . 1 'o /7/ - 2e ill enter

    (aradise due to Allahahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol , +))% 'o% 1,.

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    his ould have been the best time to do so because they ere suOering fromsevere drought% But instead he% Umar :fa; used the uncle of the (ro+het > Abbaas:ra; ho as alive at the time as a means of taassul to beseech Allah fe for rainand it

    did rain his is clear evidence that taassul ith the (ro+h et

    v - G is haraam after his dea th%

    As for those ho go to the (ro+hethir& and it contradicts the folloing ayah%

    LAnd I :Allah; created not the Hinn and Man&ind eKce+t that they orshi+ Me% _,)

    2hatsoever is on earth of Allahhir&%

    i&eise to say that Allah fe created everyth ing from the noor

    :light; of Muhammad G is also >hir&% Both conce+ts are

    >urah Adh-"haariyaat 1N)%

    foreign to Islam% hese conce+ts ere borroed from false religions li&e #induismand ChristianityN L

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Inregards to the deviants ho claim that they &no ho Allah fe created theheavens and the earth and that he created them from the noor of Muhammad >Allah fe saidN

    LS Allah never made anyone a itness to the creationof the heavens and the earth and not even their on creation

    nor as I Allah to ta&e the misleaders as he l+ers% f,7

    >ince Allah stated clearly in the above ayah that #e never used anyone as itnesshen #e as creating the heavens and the earth and hatay my ord has forbidden ledness hether committed o+enly or secretly sins ofall &inds unrighteous >urah Al-$ahf 18N1%

    o++ressions *oining +artners ith Allah ithout authority and saying things aboutAllah of hich you have no &noledge% L

    #adith )

    here is not a single +erson from among the

    Muslims ho has not been forgiven by Allah for his

    sins on Humu

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #e ho gets married before he +erforms #a** has

    indeed started :his life; by committing a great


    Related by Ibn Adee and graded fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee

    !ven though #a** is a +illar of Islam it is +ermissible for a

    +erson to get married before +erforming #a**% his is so because

    marriage is necessary to &ee+ a +erson in the deen -es+ecially in

    a society hich is saturated by vices and tem+tations% 2hen a

    +erson is single it is eKtremely diXcult for him or her to be a

    +ro+er +ractising Muslim% For this reason the #oly (ro+het ,>

    saidN By Allah I am more submissive to Allah and more afraid of

    #im than youP yet I fast and some days sus+end fasting some

    nights I stay u+ and +ray hile other Qights I go to bed and I

    also marry omen% >o he ho does not follo my eKam+le of

    ,8 >urah Al-Araaf 7N..%


    getting married such a +erson is not of me :i%e% one of my


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    Because of the above mentioned hadith the scholars of

    Islam agree unanimously among themselves that marriage

    becomes com+ulsory on a +erson the moment he or she fears

    falling into ?ina% (eo+le should get married even if they have

    attained old age because it is not alloed for us to live by

    ourselves% he #oly (ro+het has forbidden us to live by

    ourselves by doing so e become vulnerable

    In regards to marriage the #oly (ro+het g also saidN

    L2hen anyone comes to you ith a +ro+osal of marriage for

    your daughter hose moral conduct and religion you li&e then

    marry him to her% If you do not do so a trial and vast corru+tion

    ill +revail on the earth L .0

    hus no father should turn don someone

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith 8

    #e ho visits the grave of his +arents every Humuurah aa->in over them or one of them

    shall have his sins forgiven by the number of each

    verse or each letter%

    Related by Abu 'aahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 7 +%l 'o%l%

    .0 >unan Ibn Maa*ar :ArabicS!nglish; ol . +% 18/ 'o% 19)7%


    he above-mentioned fabricated #adith encourages Muslims to

    recite the #oly ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    lifetime ill not beneDt from the recitation of his relatives over

    his dead body%

    In regards to this the #oly (ro+het G saidN 2hen a

    +erson is dead all his +ious deeds have sto++ed eKce+t in three


    7% A continuous charity%

    ,% $noledge hich the deceased left behind for others to

    beneDt from%

    .% A righteous child ho ma&es du ince the recitation of the ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    .1 >ahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; ol% . +% 8)7 'o% /00%


    and as&ing them for things this is haraam i%e% ma*or shir& and it

    ma&es the su++licant becomes a &aDr% 2omen are not alloed

    to visit the graveyards habitually because the #oly (ro+het

    has saidN LAllah curses omen ho visit the graveyards

    :habitually;% L n


    I am a city of &noledge and All is the gate by

    hich you +ass to obtain that &noledge%

    Related by Al-#aa&im .S1,) and classiDed fabricated by Imam


    his fabricated #adith is famous among the >hi

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    sacriDce% L .

    he >hi

    because they ere his closest com+anions% #ence to insult them

    means the (ro+het had &aDrs for his com+anions% More

    dangerous than that to insult the >ahaabahs is to insult

    Allah fe because this means Allah sa #is Messenger

    ., Musnad Ahmad ol 1% +% ,,9

    .. >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% +% 17 'o% ,,%


    L.>> choosing hy+ocrites and &aDrs for his com+anions and

    Allah 44 didn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    emeni origin called Abdullah Ibn >aba% Concerning the Hes

    Allah 4 saidN


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Ahmad Ibn [email protected]%

    #adith 11

    My com+anions are li&e the stars in the s&y

    hichever one you follo you shall be guided%

    Related by Ibn #a?m in Ih&aam )S8, ho said a liar as found

    in the Isnaad called >alam Ibn >ulayman%

    he com+anions of the (ro+het > ere humans li&e

    usP hence they ere not infallible% Infallibility as eKclusive to

    the (ro+het G Allah fe saidN


    LAnd he :Muhammad; doesn a s infallible in issues that

    are connected ith the deen% As for the >ahaabahs they ere not

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    infallible as this fabricated hadith is suggesting Ibn Abbaas :ra;

    is re+orted to have said on one occasion that don&ey meat is

    halaal% According to Usool ul [email protected] e follo the >ahaabahs

    henever one ma&es a statement and the rest of them received

    his verdict ith acce+tance% And if they should diOer on an

    issue e follo the o+inion hich is closest to urunnah% 2e are obliged to follo the >unnah of the four rightly

    . >urah 'a*m .N.-/%


    guided Cali+hs i%e% Abu Ba&r Umar Uthman and A# :ra;%

    #adith 1,

    "iversity among my folloers is a mercy from


    Related by Ibn #a?m in Ih&aan S)/ ho said this saying is not

    a hadith% Another ording for this fabricated hadith goes as

    follosP "iOerence of o+inion among my folloers is

    a mercy from Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    he more e are diverse in our o+inions the harder it is

    for us to unite% he more disunited e are the ea&er e

    become% he ea&er e become the easier it is for our enemies

    to defeat us%

    here is absolutely no merit in Muslims having an

    abundance of diOerences amongst themselves es+ecially in

    regards to their deen% Concerning diOerences and disagreements

    Ibn Umar :ra; saidN LI ent to Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    certain [email protected] issues they all shared the same [email protected]

    'arrated Ubaida :ra;N LAli said to the +eo+le of [email protected]

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    .7 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% % + /)% 'o% )%

    .8 >unan Abu "and :!nglish trans%; ol% , +% ,0%


    ith Al Islam%L .9

    V3 3*ll iW- i *Hi* *- l**tb-.-l* I*-i**i. **H> *-**fe **

    L/Sirf )e nof of those ho divided and diOered among

    themselves after the clear +roofs had come to them It is they

    for hom there is an aful torment L3

    Ibn Mas

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    ra&ahs or the com+lete +rayer% >ome scholars are of the vie

    that he +rayed four ra&ahs because he intended to settle there

    and become resident% /1 he #oly (ro+het .G has saidN Allah

    ill never allo my Ummah to be united u+on an error% /,

    #adith 1.

    If it erenurah Al-Imraan .N 10.


    /0 >urah Al-Imraan .N 10

    / < >ee An Al- Ma

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    chain of transmitters by the name Abdur Rahim Ibn Vaid ho

    the scholars deemed a liar and a &habeeth :scum;%

    his fabricated #adith is re+ulsive and it

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    to his ife $hadi*ah :ra; trembling and said to her cover me

    cover me hich she did% >oon after he described to $hadi*ah

    :ra; hat too& +lace ith him in the cave of #ira%

    #aving heard hat he had to say she comforted him

    sayingN L'ay By Allah never ill you be disgraced by your

    ord% ou bring bac& the torn families together and you do not

    >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% +% 10. 'o% 1)/%


    brea& family ties you are generous to your guests you hel+ the

    feeble and ea& and you feed the +oor you stand in su++ort of

    the truth% O//

    2hen the revelation came to the (ro+het > for the

    Drst time and he as overhelmed ith fright and fear he

    needed s+iritual +sychological and emotional su++ort from

    those ho ere closest to him% $hadi*ah :ra; gave this su++ort

    to the (ro+het

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    very often in the com+any of Aisha :ra;%

    'ot only as a oman the Drst to ta&e the shahada but

    the Drst +erson to die for Islam as also a oman >umayyah

    :fa;% >he as slain by Abu Hahl hen she refused to renounce Al


    i&eise the greatest scholar of Islam as a oman

    Aisha :ra;% 'arrated Abu >alama :ra;N Aisha :ra; saidN =nce


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    / >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% +% 7 'o% 11,

    /) >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% +% 78 'o% 119%


    /% Fatima the daughter of the (ro+het

    #adith 1/

    =bedience to a oman

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Among such traditions is an incident hich too& +lace at the

    treaty of Al-#udaibiyyah%

    he year ) A# the #oly (ro+het and one thousand

    four hundred of his com+anions left Madinah for Ma&&ah ith

    the intention of +erforming Umrah% he $aDrs of uraish in

    their haughtiness and +ride +revented the Muslims from entering

    into Ma&&ah% [email protected] the (ro+het - encam+ed at the

    valley called AI-#udaibiyyah and signed a +eace treaty ith the

    $aDrs of uraish% =ne of the +oints in the treaty is that there

    ill be no more ars beteen them for ten years and that the

    Muslims must return to Ma&&ah the folloing year for their

    +ilgrimage instead of +erforming it the year ) A# as they had

    +lanned% he >ahaabahs ere dee+ly oOended by the terms and

    conditions of the treaty and deemed it an insult to them%

    !s+ecially since they had to return to Al-Madinah ithout


    entering Ma&&ah hich they had set out for%

    After agreeing ith the terms and conditions of the treaty

    the #oly (ro+het .5< commanded his com+anions to +erform

    the rituals of Umrah at the valley of #udaibiyyah here they

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    had encam+ed hus he told them to slaughter their animals and

    shave their heads hey all heard him but not a single +erson got

    u+ to cany out his order% >o he re+eated the command three

    times and still not a single >ahaabah stood u+ in order to com+ly

    ith the order% After seeing that no one as +re+ared to obey

    him he ent to Urn >alamah :ra; and told her hat had

    trans+ired beteen him and his com+anions% U+on hearing his

    com+laint she told him to go out to them ithout s+ea&ing to

    any of them and that he should slaughter his animal in front of

    them and shave his head for them to see he #oly (ro+het ,

    too& her advice and acted u+on it +rom+tly% 2hen the

    >ahaabahs sa that the (ro+het > slaughtered his animal and

    shaved his head they all folloed suite% hey shaved each other

    ith ?eal and enthusiasm to the eKtent here they almost shaved

    the very s&in% /7

    he above-mentioned story states that the advice of the

    (ro+hetalamah :ra; hen acted u+on

    +rom+tly by the (ro+het > +roved to be fruitful and saved the

    day% his action of the (ro+het G contradicts the fabricated

    hadith that states that to obey a oman causes regret%

    #adith 1

    here is no sin in bac&biting an evil liver%

    Related by abaraani%

    /7 >ee Al-Bidaaya 2an-'ihaaya by Ibn $athir ol% / r +% 178%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    !ven though a +erson is an evil liver he or she is still a Muslim% he evil liver as longas he didn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    /8 >ahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; ol% , W +% 77, 'o% .,7%

    i&eise hen Imam >haDe as as&ed about a so-called

    hadith scholar he said he is a +illar from among the +illars of lies and falsehood%2ith these to incidents e can say that the four great Imams and those ho follonever conceal the treachery

    of the deviants and ic&ed scholars because the "een is more im+ortant than one+erson% Imam Ahmad Ibn #anbal used to sayN Lhe man ho +rays taha*ud all nightis only beneDting himself but the man ho eK+oses the deviants is beneDting theentire Ummah of the (ro+het -G % L /9 #e also saidN If the scholars of Islam &[email protected] about the falsehood ho ill the layman &no the truth from the falsehood% L0

    #adith 1)

    Umar Ibn Al $hattaab is the light of Islam in this

    orld and the lam+ :light; for the +eo+le ofSannah in

    the hereafter%

    Related by Ibn Ha?ee%

    here should be no doubt that the best of +eo+le after the

    (ro+het > are Abu Ba&r :ra; and Umar :ra;%

    'arrated #uthaifa Ibn amaari :ra; Allah concerning the merits of Umar :ra;% herefore e

    stand in no need of the above-mentioned fabricated &habar


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Ar-Rasaa saidN

    LS sa myself :in a dream; entering (aradise and behold I sa

    Ar-Rumaisa :ra; Abu alhaomebody said it is Bilal :ra;% hen I sa a +alace

    and a lady sitting in its courtyard% I as&ed for hom is this

    +alaceW >omebody re+lied it is for Umar :ra;% I intended to

    enter it and see but I thought of your :Umar; hira :*ealousy;

    and gave u+ the attem+tL% Umar :ra; said Let my +arents be

    sacriDced for you% Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    'arrated Abu #uraira :ra; the (ro+het .G saidN Among

    the nation of Bani Israel ho lived before you there ere men

    ho used to be ins+ired ith guidance though they ere not

    (ro+hets and if there is any of such +ersons amongst my

    folloers it is Umar% L /

    #adith 17

    >ee& &noledge even as far as China%

    Related by Ibn Adee ,S,07 and classiDed fabricated by Ibn

    Ha?ee and Ibn #ibbaan%

    he [email protected] of &noledge is a religious duty% he very Drst

    -- >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% % +% ,,% 'o% ,8%

    . >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% % +% ,/ 'o% .,%

    / >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish: ol% % (% ,7 'o% .8


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    condition of shahadah is &noledge of hat the shahadah

    means% #ence anyone ho ta&es his shahadah but doesnay are they [email protected] in dignity those ho &no and those

    ho donurahahaa,0N11/%

    >urah Vumar .9N9%

    >urah Mu*aadala 8N11%

    he #oly (ro+het G sa idN u 2henever Allah ants

    good for a +erson #e gives him or her understanding of the

    "eem L 8

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    he #oly (ro+het > saidN Lhe religious scholars are

    the inheritors of the (ro+hets% And he ho travelled a +ath

    see&ing &noledge thereof Allah fe shall use that +ath to ma&e

    it easy for him to enter the (aradise% < y9

    he #oly (ro+het LG saidN 2henever the son of Adam has

    +assed aay all his +ious deeds come to a halt eKce+t in three casesN

    H% A continuous charity :e%g% #e built a [email protected] or an Islamic school etc;%

    ,% Islamic &noledge hich he left behind%

    .% A +ious son or daughter ho constantly ma&es du y aa for

    Allah E4 to forgive himW

    he #oly (ro+het > also saidN Lhis dunya is cursed and everything in it is cursedeKce+t three thingsN

    1% he remembrance of Allah 44 and hat causes you to

    remember A llah 44

    ,% A scholar of Islam

    .% =r a student of that scholar L% )1

    i&eise the (ro+het saidN Lerily Allah E4 and all #is Angels

    and the inhabitants of the #eavens and the !arth even the ant in

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    his hole and the Dshes in the sea sends +eace and blessings u+on

    the scholar ho teaches the +eo+le their religion% L ),

    8 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 1 +% )1 'o% 71 %

    9 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 1-+% 8% 'o )7

    )0 >ahih Muslim ol% . +% 8)7 'o% /00%

    )1 Related by irmidi ol% / +% ,.,, graded #asan%

    ), Related by irmidi ol% +% ,)8 graded #asan%

    #adith 18

    he scholars of my U?nmah :i%e% Ummah of

    Muhammad >; are li&e the (ro+hets of Bani


    ClassiDed fabricated by the I*maa of the scholars

    he Islamic >cholar even though he is Drmly grounded in

    &noledge cannot be on the level of a +ro+het of Allah .4

    neither in &noledge ran& nor status% his fabricated &habar is

    cited by the adiyaanis may Allah curse them ho claim that

    the +ossibility eKist for +ro+hets to come after Muhammad >%

    he #oly (ro+het > saidN Lhe learned are the

    inheritors of the (ro+hets% ) 3 >ince the learned are the inheritors

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    of the (ro+hets as stated by the #oly (ro+het GP inevitably

    they ill suOer the +ersecutions hich the (ro+hets had

    encountered% his includes ridicule re*ection3 bac&biting

    im+risonment and ultimately death%

    he Muslim scholars today are +resently undergoing

    these +ersecutions es+ecially in Arab countries%

    #adith 19

    he snee?ing of a +erson hile another +erson is s+ea&ing is a +roof that hat the+erson is saying is

    the truth%

    Related by abaraani classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee%

    >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 1 +% 9%

    #adith ,0

    o thin& for an hour is better than to be engaged in

    orshi+ for a +eriod of siKty years%

    ClassiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee%

    #adith ,1

    2hen Allah created the [email protected] :human intellect; #e commanded it by saying come andit ent to Allah%

    #e then said to it retreat and it retreated% >o #e said by My lory and Ma*esty I havenot created

    anything more +recious then thee%

    Related by [email protected] and classiDed fabricated by Adh- "hahaabee%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    he rationalists +ride themselves on the above-mentioned #adith% A rationalist is a+erson ho forms his o+inions by reasoning rather than relying on urunnah%

    Rationalism is a Dtnah in the Muslim orld at the moment% he rationalists aremainly +eo+le ho study dunya sub*ects in the &aDr institutions of !uro+e and

    America and [email protected] they start loo&ing don on the urunnah% herationalist often uses his intellect to veto the urunnah%

    2e do not discourage Muslims from thin&ing or using their intellect% #o could ediscourage Muslims from using their intellect hen Allah 44 saidN

    Lerify the orst of creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and the dumb thoseho dono since Allah 35fe has encouraged us to thin& it could never be a thing hich isfroned u+on% 2hat is froned u+on is the attitude of the rationalists ho relyentirely on their intellect to understand the deen rather than relying on divinerevelation i%e% urunnah% his attitude of theirs has led

    some of them to denying Allahurah Al-#a** ,,N8

    tal& other than thatP :but if you stay ith them; certainly in that case you ould beli&e them% >urely Allah ill collect the hy+ocrites and disbelievers all together in#ell ft))

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    2hen the Muta?ilites :rationalists; deny all of Allahifaat hich is one of the fourbranches of aheed% aheed has four branches and anyone ho denies one isguilty of denying all hence he has a+ostated from the "een%

    he four branches of aheed are as follosN

    1 % aheed Rububiya i%e% to believe that Allah `6 is the only ord and Creator%#ence #e saidN

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    In this regard Allah J44 saidN

    LMaster of the "ay of Hudgement L )9

    urah Fatiha 1N/

    70 >urah At-een 9N8

    71 >urah Al-$ahf 18N,)

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    #aa&imiya is a bid ah% By ma&ing this claim they have all

    a+ostated from al Islam because Allah said in regards to #is

    governance in >urah al $ahf verse ,)N

    :g*;; IUH iJHci- iH*ii .

    And #e Allah doesnhai&h Uthaymeen of >audi Arabia% If e should follo this

    [email protected] of Uthaymeen then e ill all have to believe that the

    >haitaan is a Muslim% In >urah #i*r verse .) the >haitaan

    ac&noledges aheed Ruboobiya% 2hen he as thron out of

    #eaven by Allah >haitaan said N

    ; 1,/ iHZ 5&ti /. Hi

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    LMy ord grant me res+ite until the "ay hen they

    ill be resurrectedL

    #ence the >haitaan in the above mentioned ayah

    ac&noledges that Allah is his one and only ord i%e% #e

    ac&noledges aheed Ruboobiya% et the >haitaan doesn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    [email protected] :intellect; to the [email protected] :teKt; is the Madhab of Iblees so hen

    Allah 9fe commanded him to bo don to Adam E543 he

    refused claiming that he as better than Adam 55teB because

    Allah 44 created him from Dre and Adam 5tt from clay%

    By using logic he deemed it ina++ro+riate to bo don to Adam

    44 since according to his common sense Dre is better than

    clay% Allah related his disobedience to us as follosN

    LAnd surely 2e created you :your father Adam; and

    then gave you sha+e :the noble sha+e of a human being; then

    2e told the Angels L(rostrate to Adam n and they +rostrated

    eKce+t Iblees he refused to be of those ho +rostrate% Allah

    saidN L2hat +revented you = Iblees that you did not +rostrate

    hen I commanded youW< 9 Iblees saidN LI am better than him


    \Adam; * ou created me from Dre and ou created him from

    clay%L 7,

    'ot only as Iblees the Drst to use his intellect to rebel

    against Allahhaitaan% o refute this notion Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    fe saidN

    -H ./ iltrl s=f mI; . *iiCif 1 .H

    L= man&ind verify 2e have created you from a single

    male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you

    ill &no each other not that you ill des+ise each other%

    erily the most honourable of you in the sight of Allah is that

    believer ho is most righteous% L 7.

    Anyone ho relies entirely u+on his intellect to

    understand the deen rather than relying on urunnah is

    bound to go astray% hings li&e the descri+tions of (aradise and

    #ell-Fire have to be deducted from the teKt and not the intellect%

    Also the conversation that too& +lace beteen Allah and the

    #oly (ro+het G hen he ent on Israa al Miraa* can only

    be learnt from the teKt% !ven though Allah said in >urah

    Muhammad verse 1 that there is ine in (aradise many times

    hen I deliver lectures and @uote this ayah the Muslims become

    sur+rised% According to their reasoning and logic there canurah Al-Aurah Al-#u*uraat /9N 1.%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    hyena meat is halaal to eat% In arning us about relying solely

    on logic to com+rehend the deen Ali :ra; saidN Lhis "een is not

    by logic% If this religion ere based on logic it ould be more

    reasonable to i+e under the soc&s hen e ma&e mas- and all #is

    favours that #e has bestoed u+on us% By doing so e ill

    become more a++reciative of Allah 5 and [email protected]

    submit to #im holeheartedly% #ence Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    men of understanding% hose ho remember Allah :alays

    7/ >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans ; ol% 1 +% /0 'o% 1),%

    7 Musnad Ahmad ol% , +% .

    and in +rayers; standing sitting and lying don on their sides

    and thin& dee+ly about the creation of the #eavens and !arth

    sayingN L=ur ord ou have not created all this ithout a

    +ur+ose lory to ou !Kalted be ou above all that they

    associate ith ou as +artners% ive us salvation from the

    torment of the #ell-Fire% L 7)

    #A"I# ,,

    An illegitimate child cannot enter the (aradise nor anyone from his descendants to

    as far as the seventh generation%

    Related by At abaraani and classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee

    his fabricated #adith contradicts the #oly ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    L%%And if one heavily laden ith burden :ie% sins; calls

    another to bear his toad nothing of it ill be lifted even

    though he ill be near of &in%%% L 78

    An illegitimate child had no choice hether to be

    legitimate or illegitimate% he blame lies totally ith his or her

    +arents o insinuate that Allah E4 ill +unish an illegitimate

    child due to the sin of the +arents is unislamic and illogical

    Allah .fe is not an o++ressor and hence #e doesnhias :elvers; "emocrats etc%

    #adith ,.

    here is no Athaan nor [email protected] for omen and no husl for >alatul Humuurah Faatir.N18%

    Men and omen are [email protected] in regards to reards and +unishments% #ence hen eare commanded by Allah to do something it also includes omen e%g% >hahadah>alah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Va&ah >aum and #a**% Because omen are included in the commandments hichare inside the ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    ClassiDed fabrieated by Ibn Ha?ee%

    !ven though the #oly (ro+het Muhammad 5 became a

    (ro+het at the age of forty e should not entertain the idea that

    that as the case ith all the +revious (ro+hets% Isa

    became a (ro+het at the young age of thirty% #e as ta&en u+ to

    heaven at the age of thirty-three% #ence his mission lasted for

    three years three months and three days


    Allah ill not (unish :#is servants; over an issue in

    hich there as a diOerence of o+inion concerning


    ClassiDed fabricated by >a&haai%

    !ven though the Muslims diOer about Music3 Allah

    +romised a +ainful +unishment for those ho engage in it in

    >urah [email protected] verse )3


    Bury your dead in the graveyards of the +ious

    +eo+le for verily the dead is hurt by a had

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    L >ee tafseer Ibn $atheer for the eK+lanation of >urah [email protected] verse )% he

    music hich is condemned in this ayah is ind and string instruments%or

    lyrics of shii& and leedness%


    neighbour the same manner in hich a living +erson

    suOers from a bad neighbour%

    Related by Abu 'aA to Asia to be buried this is

    unnecessary hassle and should be avoided% If the dead +erson

    [email protected] that his body should be trans+orted to far +laces to be

    buried such as from !ngland to (a&istan his relatives do not

    have to fulDl that [email protected] because he is being a&ard and


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith ,7

    I begged my ord :loriDed be #e; not to send any

    member of my household to the #ellDre and #e

    granted me my [email protected]%

    Related by Ibn Bushraan and classiDed fabricated by 'isaaee%

    his fabricated hadith is in conQict ith the Islamic [email protected] and

    many authentic traditions of the #oly (ro+het Muhammad 5%

    For eKam+le Abu #uraira :ra; narrated hen Allah J44

    revealed the verse N


    LAnd arn your tribe = Muhammad and near &indred L 79 #e

    the (ro+het gathered the +eo+le at >afa and said to themN

    L0 +eo+le ofuraish buy yourselves from Allah I cannot avail

    you at all against Allah sons of Abdul Muttalib I cannot

    avail you at all against Allah Abbaas Ibn Abdul Muttalib I

    cannot avail you at all against Allah >aDya :Aunt of the

    Messenger of Allah; I cannot avail you at all against Allah

    Fatima :daughter of Muhammad; as& me hatever you li&e but I

    cannot avail you at all against A #ah L 79

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    his hadith states that mere relationshi+ ith the #oly

    (ro+het N -5 ill not absolve anyone of his or her sins% !very

    Muslim has to fear Allah J44 and strive in #is +ath ith

    righteous deeds if they ant to be in (aradise% As for de+ending

    u+on blood ties and high lineage to be in (aradise this ill not

    be the case because even the nearest of the (ro+het

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    >ahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; bl%l +% 1.7 'o% /0,%

    >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol% . + 10./ 'o% .).)


    Related by ayyibee and classiDed fabricated by As->aghaani%

    here is no doubt that to give someone his or her shahadah

    is a great blessing and reard for the "aa

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    the Vaidis As for the other grou+s they are not to be considered

    Muslims because they ma&e ta&feer on the >ahaabahs they

    claim the ururah [email protected] .1N./ because

    Allah stated that no one &nos hen they ill die%

    81 >urah A?-Vumar .9N)%


    #adith ,9

    #e ho +lays chess is cursed%

    ClassiDed fabricated by Imam 'aai%

    >a&haai is of the o+inion that there is no authentic hadith

    condemning the game of chess% he ma*ority of scholars are of

    the o+inion that bac&gammon is haraam% his is so because

    there are many authentic traditions condemning it thusP LAbu

    Musa al-Ash

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    L#e ho +lays bac&gammon disobeys Allah and #is A+ostle% L 8>

    As for the +rohibition of chess hich as mentioned in

    the !nglish version of >ahih Muslim /S1,,,P this is a

    mistranslation by the translator% he #oly (ro+het > never

    meant chess but he meant bac&gammon because he used the

    ord 'ard% If he had meant chess he ould have used the ord


    he scholars ho have alloed the game of chess have

    laid don three guidelines by hich the +layers adhere toN

    1 % he >alah should not be delayed from its +rescribed time%

    ,% ambling should not be involved%

    .% (layers should not lose their tem+er nor use obscene


    As for the remaining board games li&e draughts

    scrabble mono+oly trivial +ursuit dominoesP they are all

    8, >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol . +% 1.7 'o% /9,0%

    8. >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol% . (% 1.7 'o% /9,1

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    +ermissible because according to the Islamic >hariah everything

    is halaal until +roven haraam and there is no evidence that these

    games are haraam%

    #adith .0

    2ere I to sear by Allah and tell a lie is more

    +referred by me than to sear by someone other

    than Allah and s+ea& the truth%

    Related by Abu 'a

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #e g saidN hat hich de+rives a Muslim of his +ro+erty i%e%

    ta&ing an oath hile he is a liar in order to ri+ oO another

    Muslim% 8

    8/ >ee tafseer Ibn $atheer for the eK+lanation of >urah Maida N89%

    8 >ee Riyadus >aaliheen ol% , +% 8, 'o% 171/%


    #A"I# .1

    erily the Angels said to AllahN = ord ho do ou

    eKercise +atience in regards to the many sins of

    Bani AdamW #e saidN I test them then I +ardon them for

    their sins% he Angels saidN If only e ere in their +lace

    e ouldno

    they chose #arut and MarutP and they both descended

    toards the !arth% Allah then gave them seKual desires%

    hey then Dnally descended to the !arth% U+on reaching

    !arth there came to them a oman called Vuhra

    and they both fell in love ith her% >o they both began

    to conceal from each other the feelings of lust hich

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    they had in their hearts for Vuhra% =ne of them returned

    to herP then the other came and saidN "o you feel hat

    I feel for her he said yes% hen they both as&ed her

    for her body% >he re+lied I ill never submit my body

    to you both until you teach me the secret ord that

    you use to ascend the #eavens and return to !arth% hen

    both #arut and Marut refusedP then again they as&ed her

    for her body but she refused also% hey both then gave

    in and taught her the secret ord to ascend to

    the #eavens% >he immediately used it and as soon as

    she ascended the #eavens Allah 4 tossed a star at

    her hich destroyed all of her ings% #arut and Marut

    then begged Allah to forgive themP so Allah gave them

    a choice #e saidP If you li&e I can return you to

    your Angelic state and +unish you on Hudgement "ay%

    =r if you li&e I can +unish you no in the "uniya

    and return you to your Angelic state on Hudgement "ay%

    =ne of them said to the other the +unishment of

    the "uniya is tem+orary so they chose to be +unished

    in the duniya rather then to be


    +unished in the hereafter% Allah then told them to go

    to Babylon so they both ent there and stayedP they

    are +resently hanging beteen the #eavens and the

    !arth being +unished until Hudgement "ay%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Related by Ibn Hareer ,S.)/ and classiDed fabricated by Ibn

    Ha?ee 1S/7 in his boo& of fabricated Ahaadith%

    #adith .,

    he carrying of a rod is a sign of a true Muslim and a

    tradition of all (ro+hets%

    Related by "aylamee and classiDed fabricated by Adh-"hahabi%

    #adith ..

    #e ho +ractices I

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    =ne of the most +rominent >ahaabahs as >alman :ra; the

    (ersian% #e as not listed by Angel abriel #$sM as one of the

    hy+ocrites of Madinah nor as Bilal :ra; the !thio+ian listed as

    one of them% Instead the leader of the hy+ocrites as an Arab

    called Abdullah Ibn Ubay Ibn >alool% Also in regards to the

    desert Arabs ho s+ea& only Arabic Allah .fe saidN

    Lhe Bedouins are the orst in disbelief and hy+ocrisy% L3

    #A"I# .

    here is no good in blac& +eo+leP hen they are

    hungry they steal and hen their stomach is full

    they commit ?ina% #oever they have to noble

    characteristics hich are generosity to their guests

    and +erseverance at times of hardshi+%

    Related by abaraani and classiDed fabricated by Imam Bu&hari

    and Ibn Ha?ee%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    his fabricated hadith as ell as hadith ./ is detrimental

    to the Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood because they create a

    feeling of nationalism and racismP hich are both unbelief

    Ibn-ul-ayyim al Ha?ia said all ahaadith cursing blac&

    +eo+le are fabricated% Bilal :ra;the Muathin of the (ro+het G

    as blac& and the (ro+het g saidN LBilal is from my

    household urah At-aubah 9N97%


    =ur father Adam 454 as blac& hence Allah 44 saidN

    LS1Strf indeed 2e created Man&ind front sounding clay

    of altered blac& smooth mud L3 7

    (ro+het Musa W4 as also blac&% If the +eo+le ho

    fabricate this hadith say those ere (ro+hets so it as eK+ected

    for them to be goodP e say to them [email protected] the ise and Bilal

    ere blac& ith good character and they ere not +ro+hets%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #o could the above-mentioned &habar be authentic hen the

    #oly (ro+het -8 said to BilalN S heard the sound of your shoes

    in (aradise *ust in front of me% L 88

    If blac& +eo+le didnahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol +% )8 'o% 98


    #adith .)

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    he #oly (ro+het > once sat on a cushion made of


    ClassiDed fabricated by Al-#aaD? Vaylaee%

    his fabricated &habar as used by some Muslims to allo

    Muslim men to sit on sil&% It is haraam for Muslim men to sit on

    sil& because the authentic ahaadith have forbidden it%

    'arrated #udhaifa :ra;N Lhe #oly (ro+het > forbade

    us to drin& out of gold and silver vessels or eat in it and also

    forbade the earing of sil& and "ibaa* or sitting on sil&% L 90

    he >ahaabah >a

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    teKt and say since the hadith only forbids Muslim men from

    sitting on sil& then it

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    >o ho can a Muslim become intoKicated by the +om+

    and glitter of this orld after learning this #adithW

    #adith .7

    Marry and do not divorce for verily Allahee Fathul Baari ol% 10 + .0/%

    9. >urah Al-Anee afseer Ibn $athir for tafseer of the verse ,N,1%


    Related by Ibn Adee and classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee%

    In this orld +eo+le don

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    and hy+ocrites divorce is a great blessing from Allah to

    remove undesirable +eo+le from our lives%

    he above-fabricated &habar is +romoting Catholicism in

    Islam because in the Catholic faith divorce is eKtremely

    diXcult or totally forbidden%

    here is another hadith here the #oly (ro+het is

    su++osed to have saidN LAllah did not ma&e anything laful

    more hated to #im than divorce% L 9

    his hadith even though it is ides+read is classiDed

    ea& by the scholars of #adith !ven though divorce is alloed

    in Islam it becomes #araam hen there is no need for it i%e% in

    the case here both husband and ife are com+atible and are

    living ha++ily together in love and harmony%

    here are to ty+es of divorce >unnee i%e% in accordance

    ith the >unnah of the #oly (ro+het and Bidunnah of the (ro+het .8L%

    "ivorce Bid

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    9 >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol% , +% 8 'o% , 17,%


    2henever a man divorces his ife hile she is

    menstruating even though he is obliged to ta&e her bac& it is still

    counted as one divorce% >o he has to chances left to divorce his

    ife% 9)

    As for the man ho divorces his ife three times in one

    sitting by saying I divorce you three times there is big

    confusion and dis+ute among the scholars as to hether or not it

    should be counted as one or three divorces% hose ho hold the

    o+inion that it should be counted as three divorces also hold the

    o+inion that the ife becomes haraam for her husband until she

    marries another man ho ill cohabit ith her and if she gets a

    divorce from the second husband only then can the Drst

    husband remarry her ith a ne dory and to itnesses% his

    is the o+inion of the four great Imams some >ahaabahs and

    scholars li&e Umar :ra; and Aisha :ra;%

    he other o+inion states that if a man should +ronounce

    three divorces on his ife in the same sittingP it is counted as

    one only% his is the o+inion of Ibn Abbaas :ra; Ali :ra; as ell

    as Ibn aymiyya Hafar As->[email protected] Muhammad [email protected] and the

    +u+il of Ibn aymiyya Ibn ul-ayyim%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    here is no doubt that the most accurate o+inion on this

    matter is that of Ali :ra; and his cousin Ibn Abaas :ra;% his is so

    because their evidence is stronger than those ho hold the

    o++osite vie% Among their evidence is the hadith found in

    Muslim here Abu al->ahba :ra; said to the (ro+hetahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; ol% , +% 79 'o% ./9,%


    >ince the #oly (ro+het used to count three divorces in one

    sitting as one divorce e should do the same today because

    Allah saidN

    Jlfr H* i* o*-3 H*H6 &>Kl3 i*

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith





    LSIntf hatsoever the Messenger gives you ta&e it and

    hatsoever he forbids you abstain from it L 98

    o im+ose on the Muslims the o+inion that three

    divorces in one sitting is irrevocable is unise% And such +eo+le

    are see&ing to advance the argument that they &no the "een

    more than Allah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    before cohabiting ith her then she has no Iddah% If she divorces

    her husband ith $hula i%e% by returning the dory her Iddah is

    one menstruation% #er $hula has to be +erformed by an Imam or

    a scholar% he Iddah of a ido is four months and ten days%

    If a man should say to his ife I divorce you *o&ingly it

    98 >urah Al-#ashr 9N7 - For further reading on this issue of divorce see

    Vaadul Muaad ol% +% ,/7 and Fataa Ibn aymiyya ol% . +% 1.-,%


    is still counted as one divorce% hus divorce is a grave matter

    hich e are not alloed to +lay ith #ence the #oly (ro+het

    3> saidP Lhree things should alays be ta&en serious hether

    they are said in earnest or *est the edloc& the divorce and the


    As I have mentioned +reviously it is not right for to

    Muslims to divorce from each other if there is love and

    com+atibility in the marriage% In regards to this the #oly (ro+het

    G has saidN LIf any oman as&s her husband for a divorce

    ithout some strong reason the fragrance of (aradise ill be

    forbidden for her S yo

    he same ruling goes for the husband ho divorces his

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    ife ithout a valid reason% A oman divorcing her husband for

    a valid reason includesN

    1% >he is divorcing him because she as forced by her +arents

    to marry him even though she eK+ressed that she has no feelings

    for him%

    ,% >he is divorcing him because he beats her harshly


    .% #e is la?y and refuses to +rovide%

    /% >he is divorcing him because he is evil in character e%g% he

    smo&es drin&s gambles atches +orn material commits

    adultery ta&es drugs abandons his salah etc%


    he #oly (ro+het

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith




    #adith .9

    Beare of ?ina :unlaful seKual intercourse; for

    verily it results in siK evil [email protected] three of

    hich occur on earth hile the others occur in the

    hereafter% As for those that occur on earth they areN

    1 % It ta&es aay radiance from your face%

    ,% It breeds +overty%

    .% It causes your sustenance to decrease%

    And as for those that ill occur in the hereafter they


    1 % It brings don the rath of the ord%

    ,% It ma&es one

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Related by Abu 'aahaabah or classical scholar +ast or +resent that holds the

    vie that fornication or adultery causes a +erson to be in the

    hell-Dre forever%

    In regards to this Allah saidN


    if */ . 3 t3H y%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    According to the [email protected] of Ahlus >unnah 2al


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    here are some Muslims today ho claim that this

    verse means disbeliever of a lesser degree thus the +erson ho

    dismantles the >hariah is not really a disbeliever because to

    dismantle the >hariah is a minor issue a minor &ufr% 2e refute

    them by saying a +erson is either a Muslim or a disbeliever

    hence there is no such thing as a disbeliever of a lesser degree%

    his is bidhariah in regards to the >abbath% he >hari is more valuable than the >harihariabbath%

    he reason hy I said earlier that most of the message in

    this fabricated hadith is true is because Ibn ul-ayyim has made

    mention of these evil [email protected] of sins in his boo& Al

    Haaab Al-$aafee +age 98-101%

    2e can see for ourselves that in any society in hich

    ?ina becomes ides+read there are alays a lot of street

    children living in +overty ithout +arents e%g% >outh America

    Africa 'orth America Far !ast Asia etc%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Additionally Allah E4 said about the fornicatorN


    .+ I>1E5 J-H lli***iP *lloll

    Lhe torment mil be doubled for him on the day of

    resurrection and he ill abide therein in disgrace% L 10/

    If the fornicator ma&es taubah he ill be forgiven but if

    he ma&es it halaal and refuses to ma&e taubahP he ill abide in

    #ell forever%


    #e ho begets a son and names him Muhammad for

    the sa&e of blessing both he and his son ill be in


    Related by Ibn Ba&eer and classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee%

    his fabricated hadith +romotes ir*aa :liberalism ; and

    gives Muslims the false ho+e that it is +ossible to enter Hannah

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    ithout +ractising Islam% In order for a Muslim to enter Hannah

    he or she has to +ractise the seven conditions of >hahadah hich


    1 % $noledge of hat the >hahadah means

    ,% Certainty

    .% o believe in it inardly and to declare it outardly

    /% Com+lete submission to urunnah

    % o condemn all shades of falsehood

    )% o be devoted to Allah alone in orshi+

    7% o love and hate for Allahurah [email protected] ,N)9


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith /1

    #e ho begets three sons and doesn

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    hese eK+ressions enhance +re*udices and deviations

    among the believers% he only time a country is orth loving is

    hen >hariuyooti%

    In order for a righteous deed to be acce+ted to

    conditions must be found%

    1% he doer has to +urify his or her intention i%e the deed has to

    be done solely for Allahunnah of the

    #oly (ro+het ,>

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Abundance of &noledge is not a condition as this fabricated

    &habar is saying%

    #adith /

    Beare of the "unya :life of this orld; for verily its

    magical +oers are greater than that of #arut and


    Related by Ibn Abee "unya and classiDed fabricated by al

    #aaDdh al [email protected]%

    here is no harm in a Muslim or&ing hard for his living

    and becoming rich% In fact it is better to be rich than to be +oor if

    you have [email protected] hen you ill be able to s+end for the s+read of

    this deen% hus the rich man ho is grateful is better than the

    +oor man ho is +atient because the +oor man all he has is



    In regards to this dunya Allah JE4 saidN

    *Biif see3 irt f Aaf ealth hich Allah has bestoed on you

    the home of the hereafter and forget not your +ortion of legal

    en*oyment in this orld and do good to others as Allah has

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    been good to you and see& not mischief in the land erily

    Allah li&es not the mischief-ma&ers% L 10

    he #oly (ro+het .g used to sayN L0 Allah I see& refuge in

    hee from $ufr and +overty L 10)

    If +overty ere any good hy ould the #oly (ro+het

    G see& refuge in Allah from itW Also Umar :ra; the

    second Cali+h used to sayN L(overty leads to $ufr% L he

    evangelist movements often target +oor Muslim countries to

    s+read their evangelism because even they the Christians &no

    that +overty leads to $ufr and a+ostasy% his is eKactly hat the

    evangelists are +resently doing in Muslim lands li&e Africa

    Indonesia Bangladesh etc%

    #adith /)

    #e ho made #a** to the house in Ma&&ah and didnurah asas ,8N77%

    10) Musnad Ahmad ol% +% .)%


    visit my grave in Madinah has indeed treated me

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    Related by >aghaani in his boo& of fabricated #adith +%)%

    ClassiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee and Ash->hou&aani%

    #adith /7

    #e ho ma&es #a** and then visits my grave hen I

    die ill be li&e the one ho visited me hen I as


    Related by At-abaraani and classiDed fabricated by Ibn


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Related by Ibn #ibbaan and classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee

    ad-"aar utnee and adh-"hahaabee%


    #adith /9

    2henever anyone of you cohabits ith his ife let

    him avoid loo&ing at her +rivate +arts because it

    causes blindness and also let him avoid eKcessive

    tal&ing because this causes dumbness%

    Related by al-A?dee and classiDed fabricated by adh-"hahaabee

    and Ibn #ibbaan%

    his fabricated &habar see&s to outline some Islamic Adaab in

    regards to cohabitation eKce+t that the meaning of the #adith


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    used to ta&e a bath from a single +ot called [email protected]% L 27

    his authentic hadith of Aisha :ra; contradicts the above-

    mentioned fabricated &habar% Ibn #ibbaan re+orted that Aince there is no diOerence in loo&ing at one

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith 0

    he #oly (ro+het forbade that one should

    cohabit ith his ife before fore+lay %

    Related by Ibn Asaa&ir ,S,99 and classiDed fabricated by adh-


    here is no doubt that it is better for a man to +ractice fore+lay

    before cohabiting ith his ife% #oever e cannot say

    fore+lay is fard% he above-mentioned fabricated &habar is

    insinuating that fore+lay is fard hile it is sunnah

    :recommended; es+ecially if the oman is a virgin% 2henever

    something is sunnah e cannot ma&e it fard% Also if something

    is ma&ruh e are not alloed to ma&e it haraam% his is

    eKtremism in regards to verdicts and *udgements%

    As for oral seK this is ma&ruh for Muslims% And anal seK

    is totally haraam hence the #oly (ro+het > saidN Anyone ho

    goes to a soothe sayer and believes in him or enters a oman in

    the anus has re*ected faith in hat as revealed unto

    Muhammad% L l09

    It is also haraam to cohabit in front of others or to

    cohabit hile the oman is menstruating Anyone ho does this

    has to +ay an eK+iation of // grams of gold hich he gives in

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    108 >ahih Bu&hari :ArabicS!nglish; ol% 1 (% 18 'o 8

    109 Musnad Ahmad ol% l+% 8)%


    charity% As for using aids li&e iagra this is +ermissible for the

    man ho is im+otent and is in need of it% #oever if the man is

    normal and he uses iagra unnecessarily it becomes ma&ruh% #e

    ho cohabits ith his ife once and ishes to do so again

    should ash his +rivate +arts i%e% he and his ife% It is

    +ermissible to cohabit in a na&ed state but it is advisable to do so

    under a blan&et so as to avoid the accident of someone seeing

    you in that state% It is incumbent on a husband to cohabit ith

    his ife once every four days unless she ants to let him oO%

    his Fata as issued during the cali+hate of Umar Ibn al

    $hattab :ra; by the cali+h himself A man may cohabit ith his

    ife in hatever +osition he li&es as long as he avoids entering

    the anus% 110

    he #oly (ro+het 5 saidN 2henever a man calls his

    ife to bed and she refuses him all the angels in #eaven curse

    her until morning% L 1U

    his also a++lies to the menP thus the angels curse the

    man ho avoids his ife

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    them hus Allah fe saidN


    L%%And they :omen; have rights over their husbands as

    regards to obedience and res+ect similar to hat their

    husbands have over them to hat is reasonable% L 11,

    10 >ee >ahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; ol%, +% 7.1 'o% ..).%

    1 1 < >ee >ahih Muslim :!nglish trans%; ol%, +% 7. 1 'o% ..))%

    1, >urah [email protected] ,N,,8%


    It is because of this ayah that Ibn Abbaas :ra; used to dress in

    Dne clothing for his ife%

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith 1

    Allah shall call +eo+le by their mothers< names on

    the "ay of Hudgement in order to cover for them%

    Related by Ibn Adee and classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee%


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol% .% +% 1.77 'o% /9.0%


    a-s"aaam LW #e the #oly

    (ro+het saidN L"eathL

    #adith .

    et the most handsome among you lead the +rayer

    :salah; because it is more li&ely that he ill be the

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    best in character and use your ealth to safeguard

    your honour and safeguard your deen by guarding

    your tongue%

    Related by Ibn Adee classiDed fabricated by Ibn Ha?ee

    #adith /

    #e ho travels on Humuahih Bu&hari :ArabicS !nglish ; ol% 7 (% /00 'o% 91


    Related by al $hataab and classiDed fabricated by adh-

    "hahaabee and Ibn #ibbaan%

    here is no authentic tradition that forbids a Muslim from

    travelling on Humu

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    then said in the +resence of Umar :ra; if today erenin he ho reads it once

    ill have the reard of reading the urhaybah ol% , +% ,0- ClassiDed >ahih%

    11 >ee $itaab Fadhaa

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    #oever it is +ermissible to +ray salatul Hanaa?ah over a

    deceased +erson ho is already inside the grave% >tanding by the

    grave of the deceased hile +raying over him or her is also

    +ermissible but this can lead to shir&%

    #adith )

    #e ho charges a fee for teaching the ur

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Moreover e have an authentic hadith in >ahih Bu&hari

    hich contradicts this fabricated &habar% 'arrated >ahl Bin >aao a man stood u+ and saidN =

    Allah A+ostle Marry her to me% he (ro+het as&ed him

    have you got anythingW #e saidN 'o% he (ro+het 4 saidN o


    and search for something even if it ere an iron ring% he man

    ent and searched and then returned sayingN I could not Dnd

    anything not even an iron ring% hen the (ro+het > saidN "o

    you &no something of the ur urah and such >urah% he (ro+het ,G6G saidN o I have

    married you to her for hat you &no of the ur ince the #oly (ro+het G married her

    to him for him to teach her hat he &ne of the ur< an this is

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    clear evidence that it is +ermissible to charge a fee for teaching

    others the recitation of the #oly urhafee Mali& al-#asan Ataa

    [email protected] and many more% Imam 'aai has cited this vie in his

    boo& >harh >ahih Muslim 117 and said Al aadi Iyaad as also

    of this o+inion due to the above-mentioned #adith in >ahih

    Bu&hari and Muslim% his hadith also +roves the +ermissibility

    of a oman +ro+osing to a man%

    #adith 7

    2udhu on to+ of udhu is light on to+ of light%

    Related by Imam a?aali in Ihyaa 1S1. and classiDed

    fabricated by al Mandharee%

    #adith 8

    Bac&biting nulliDes oneahih Bu&hari :ArabicS% !nglish; ol% 7 + 9 'o% 79%

    1.7 >ee >har >ahih Muslim ol% 9 +% ,1/- By Imam 'aai%


  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Related by Abu 'a

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    #adith )0

    he mista&e of (ro+het "avid as in his lust%

    118 >ee Adab Al Mufradby Imam Bu&hari +% 1/,%


    Related by Abu 'auyooti and Adh-"hahaabee ho said a liar by the name of

    Ahmad Ibn [email protected] as found in the chain of transmitters%

    he eK+lanation of the above hadith is famous in Heish and

    Christian circles% hus they claim that "aud 3E5He' sa the

    body of a oman called Batsheeba as she as ta&ing a bath and

    he as overhelmed ith her remar&able beautyP so he

    [email protected] about her and [email protected] that her husband should be

    +laced on the front line of the battleDeld to be &illed by the

    enemies so that he ill be able to marry his ife hich he did

    hen her husband died%

    he scholars of Islam agree unanimously among

    themselves that this story is from the Israeeliyaat :i%e% saying of

    the Hes; and not a #adith of the #oly (ro+het % It is not

    our creed as Muslims to insult and slander any of the (ro+hets

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    of Islam hether it be Muhammad or any of the +revious

    (ro+hets of Allah% It is not beDtting of a (ro+het to lust much

    less to cause the death of someone in order to satisfy his on

    lust% 2e as Muslims believe that the (ro+hets of Allah ere all

    infallible% Meaning they did not commit a sin deliberately%

    2hatever sli+ they committed as merely a mista&e and not a

    deliberate sin li&e Musa 3554 slaying of the Co+tic >oldier in


    Anyone ho insults or slanders any of the (ro+hets of

    Allah %becomes a $aDr and deserves to be &illed if he is

    living in an Islamic sate% he insulter is &illed hether he is a

    Muslim Christian or He because to insult a (ro+het is to insult

    Allah 44 Anyone ho insults Aisha :ra; and accused her of

    ?ina even though Allah has declared her innocent of this

    charge in >urah 'oor verse 17 becomes a &aDr and deserves to

    be &illed herever in the orld he might be living%


    As for those ho insult Abu Ba&r :ra; Umar :ra; or any other

    >ahaabah they are to be Qogged and if they re+ent they are

    released from +risonP if not they are im+risoned until death

    overta&es them% 119

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith



    2henever something is com+rised of halaal and

    haraam the haraam alays outeighs the halaal%

    ClassiDed fabricated by Al #aaDdh Al [email protected]%


    o loo& at a beautiful face im+roves ones eyesight

    and to loo& at an ugly face causes ones eyesight to


    Related by al $hataab and classiDed fabricated by Ibn #ibaan%


    o loo& at the face of a beautiful oman and green

    vegetation im+roves ones eyesight%

    Related by Abu 'a

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    119 >ee As->aarin-ul-Maslool by Ibn aymiyya for further reading on the

    to+ics insulting Allah #is Messenger and the >ahaabahs%


    beautiful omen hich is something Allah has forbidden in

    the #oly ururah 'oor verse .0-. 1 Allah E4 saidN

    Lell the believing men to loer their ga?e :from loo&ing at

    forbidden things; and +rotect their +rivate +arts :from illegal

    seKual acts;% his is +urer for them erily Allah is All Aare

    of hat they do% And tell the believing omen to loer their

    ga?e :from loo&ing at forbidden things; and +rotect their

    +rivate +arts from illegal seKual acts and not to sho oO their

    adornment eKce+t only that hich is a++arent e% the face and

    the +alm of both hands% L3 ,0

    hus it is +ermissible for a oman to eK+ose her face

    and the +alm of her hands hen she goes out in +ublic because

    they are eKem+ted from being covered% o understand this

    verdict +ro+erly I ould suggest that you read afseer urtubi

    for the eK+lanation of >urah 'oor verse .0-.1%

    he #oly (ro+het ,> has encouraged us on many

    occasions to loer our ga?e and avoid starring at omen

    because it

  • 7/23/2019 Fabricated Hadith


    Buraidah :ra; re+orted the A+ostle of Allah > once

    said to Ali :ra;N L"o not give a second loo& because hile you

    are not to blame for the Drst you have no right to the second% L ,1

    Habir :ra; saidP Lhe (ro+het sa a oman so he

    entered u+on Vainab Bint Hahsh and had intercourse ith her%

    #e then came out to his com+anions and said to themN A oman

    advances in the form of a devil so hen one of you gets eKcited

    by her he should go to his ife and have intercourse ith her

    for that ill re+el hat is fee ling% L l,,

    1,0 >urah 'oor ,/N.0-.1

    1,1 >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; oi%,% +% 7)% 'o% ,1//%

    1,, >unan Abu "aud :!nglish trans%; ol%, +% 7) 'o% ,1/)%


    2hen a oman comes out of her house she charms

    others by her beauty% >trange men may have evil notions by

    loo&ing at her% #ence she causes them to fall into sin% here is