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Presentation used to help explain f-stop to students.

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  • 1. Understanding F-Stops


  • How much light is allowed to enter through the lens.
  • How much is in focus. It controls the Depth of Field in the Image. (DOF)

F-Stops control 2 Things 3.

  • F-stops are the opening on the lens.
  • There are numbers on the lens that correspond to the openings on the lens.
  • Most common F-stops are
  • 22161185.63.521.4
    • (these are the ones you will see on tests)
    • The Depth of Field refers to the plane of focus.

What is an F-Stop 4. 22161185.63.521.4 The Larger the number the smaller the opening the larger the Depth of Field. The Smaller the number the larger the opening the smaller the Depth of Field. 5. Large Depth of Field Smaller the Opening More is in Focus 6. Small Depth of Field Larger the opening, less that is in focus Larger the opening, less that is in focus 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.