EyePiece Camera (IEPC-100)

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EyePiece Camera (IEPC-100). For Warfighters /Snipers. The EyePiece Camera for Military Scopes (Model: IEPC-100 ). The IEPC-100 with a rugged video camera is designed to work with: ACOG ™ Nightforce™ Leupold ™ , Schmidt & Bender ™ and others combat riflescopes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EyePiece Camera(IEPC-100)

For Warfighters/SnipersThe EyePiece Camera for Military Scopes(Model: IEPC-100)The IEPC-100 with a rugged video camera is designed to work with:ACOG NightforceLeupold , Schmidt & Bender and others combat riflescopes

It can be easily attached behind any military scopes to ensure that every round is on target (pin-point accuracy) to ultimately suppress enemies faster, reduce collateral damages, and conserve ammunitions.

The IEPC-100 with a see-through lens, snipers or war fighters can operate their rifles normally. At the same time, it offers shooters additional protection and safety by minimizing body exposure during engagement with enemies.

It is developed to minimize casualties! Users of the IEPC-100 are not required to position their bodies behind the sight.

It converts any rifles into corner shot rifles just by installing the EyePiece camera

Using a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), shooters can quickly acquire targets, and deliver firepower with pinpoint accuracy boosting shooters confidence in the field.

EyePiece Camera

Camera with a Dot Sight

Micro-bullet D&N camera

Main Components

2 m Urethane cable with connector(Connect to Main control Box/MCX-100-FR)Camera attaching screwEyepiece holder (silicon )Body Scope adaptor mounting screwLarge prism for wide field of view and eye reliefScope-AdaptorExtra LCD Monitor: Connect to video (BNC) for Instructor

Eyepiece CameraMain Control Box(DC15V/2.6A Battery pack)HMD (Optional)HMD Control Box (On-Off, Brightness. Right-Left)Main Components (training configuration)EyePiece Camera Adapter

Eyepiece CamRubber Eye piece CupIntelOptix EyePiece cam will come with multiple adapters to allow an easily installation on various military scopes.

Camera Orientation Control Unit

Right handLeft hand

The Eyepiece Cam with a Red Dot Sight

Eyepiece with a Magnifier

Eyepiece with a Dot Sight + Mag

The Eyepiece Cam with a Riflescope

Control BoxControl Box

(6) Camera JACK(3) DC Jack(4) Menu Button(Waterproof type)(7) HMD Monitor Jack(5) BNC Jack (Video Out)(8) 3-water proof caps. (DC Jack, Camera Jack, Monitor Jack)Rotary s/w (Water-proof type)(C: Charge, D: Day, N: Night)(2) LED Lamp(3) DC Jack

Control BoxControl Box CX 100-FR

Optional Fog /Haze filter Main control Box with image Enhancer to filter out fog, haze ,smoke, rain & boost-up image quality at Day & Night) MCX-100-FR


DVR for Recording LCD displayHMD

Integrated Eyepiece CamControl Box

HMDInterEyePieceCameraEyepiece With a DVR

Instructor StationDVR Excellent Sniper Training Solution

Instructor displayAny sniper training sessions can be recorder for debriefing Leupold Riflescope BenefitsCorner shotsConverts any rifles into corner shot rifles just by installing the IEPC-100Allows its operator to both see and engage threats, without exposing the operator to counterattack.

Extra protectionSoldiers build obstacles such as walls, sandbags, or other objects that provide protection from enemy fire power but require them to expose themselves to enemy fires when operating machineguns or rifles.By installing the IEPC-100 with a HMD, soldiers can stay below protection of sandbags or bunkers and still engage targets effectively without exposing operators to counterattacks. The IntelliOptix EyePiece cam, will save lives!!!


XBenefits (cont.)Other optical devicesConvert any spotting scopes, binoculars, night vision devices thermal sights, rangefinders, target designators, periscopes etc.. into a remote observation system just by installing the IEPC-100 for tactical or training mission

IEPC-100 allows war fighters to operate their optical devices normally with a see-through-view.

Highly rugged and portable!! Easy to install !!!

General Specifications Rugged large prism with micro bullet Day & Night camera(IP66) Good eye relief through the use of a large prism lens optical block (patent pending) Included 2 m Urethane cable with connector (IP66) Family of Main Control Box with image Enhancer to filter out fog, haze, smoke, rain & boost-up image quality at Day & Night( MCX-100-FR) 1/3 SONY Super-HAD II CCD micro bullet D&N camera (410K pixels, 600TV lines) Day- 0.04Lux true color/ Night -0.001Lux by true color IR filter Digital WDR / 2DNR / HLC selectable(Optional) Smart IR compensation to take good image at night with strong IR illuminated areas Horizontal Mirror image / Blemish Compensation Rugged & Weatherproof Metal case (IP66)Very Low Power Consumption (70mA Max.)DC12V/70mA (0.84W)Dimensions: 50paix44(H)x110(L)mm Weight: 0.24Kgs(0.53lb)

Camera SpecsITEMNTSCPALImage Sensor SONY 1/3SUPER HAD High Sensitive Color CCD Total Pixels811(H)508(V) 795(H)596(V) Effective Pixels 768(H)494(V) 752(H)582(V) Scanning System2:1 Interlace Scanning FrequencyHorizontal15.734 KHz 15.625 KHz Vertical59.94 KHz 50.00 KHz SynchronizationInternal Resolution600TV Lines Minimum IlluminationDay-0.04Lux/Night-0.0001Lux by Sens-up(F1.2) S/N Ratio50dB (AGC Off) White BalanceAWB/Manual/Indoor/Outdoor/ATW (1800~10,500K) Shutter SpeedAUTO/MANUAL 1/60,1/50 ~ 100,000 White Clip105 120 IRE SET UP5IRE 4 IRE SYNC Level37 43 IRE BURST Level37 43 IRE Current Consumption130mASupplied Voltage9V ~ 14V Operating Temperature-10 +50 / 60% Storage Temperature-20 +60 / 80% Thank you

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