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  1. 1. Eyelash Extension las vegas Say goodbye to mascara! Get your eyelashes extended as ladies with lashes get everything they want in life. Say hello to extended lashes by eyelash extension Las Vegas.
  2. 2. What is eyelash extension? With the increasing popularity of eyelash extension in Las Vegas, more and more people are getting down these extensions. But first of all it is very important to know that what actually it is. An eyelash extension is the procedure in which the length of the eye lashes is enhanced, thickness and fullness of the natural eyebrows is done. The hairs used in these extensions may be silk, mink and synthetic. These lasts for 3- 4 weeks . Types of eyelash extensions? The type of eyelashes differ according to the four categories: 1 Applications 2. Curl 3. Size 4. Color As eyelashes can applied in two ways: 1. Individually usually known as individual lashes 2. Bonded together and these are known as cluster
  3. 3. Individual eyelashes are those which are pasted to the natural one and when natural one falls it also falls without any damage. Cluster eyelashes are tied together in a tiny knot which contains 5 to 8 blunt end lashes which are pasted onto the base. As they are bonded together so they need extra support , for this they are glued with one of the natural eyelash. The major drawback is that if one natural eyelash falls the glued one also falls Do's and Don't s of eyelash extensions 1.Do not immense heavy water on eyelashes at least for 12-24 hours as this will remove the clue by which the lashes have been pasted. 2.Even hot steam and sauna is to be avoided till the glue gets permanent bond 3.Don't rub eyelashes 4.It's OK to wear mascara but not immediately after getting down extension 5.Gently comb eyelashes after shower in order to retain their shape 6.even the moisture rich elements should be avoided for getting into the eyelashes like shampoo and moisturizers These eyelash extensions and makeup applications are very popular all over the globe and many new methods are coming for us.
  4. 4. Ph: 702.307.3330 Fax: 702.869.6199 3320 N. Buffalo Dr., Suite 103 Las Vegas, NV 89129 bluepointmedicalspa@mail.com