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Extreme NetworksIdentiFi opali@muk.ua

2014 Extreme Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.



Linux-based , API

IdentiFi Wireless Enterprise / Cloud / SP / HPC

, 100 Gbps ASICs

NetSight & NACPurviewOneController SDN Platform ,

100% L7 ,

Open Daylight SDN



Extreme is the only company in the industry that takes an architectural approach to bringing products to market (from R&D to product release). Everything we do and create is a part of this Software Defined Architecture [SDA].

Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, Data Center -- It starts with highly reliable, high performance infrastructure. This is our heritage and we have always been outstanding at this: WiFi, Campus LAN all the way to the Data Center. (Ranging from your user to the applications they consume.)

ExtremeXOS -- On top of this, we use a single consistent and differentiated OS call EXOS. (next gen HW will run on EXOS). Lots of companies make high performance hardware, so to truly offer value added differentiation; we include an integrated layer of software into our architecture.

Network Management & BYOD -- We fully integrate management across our entire portfolio. We are very proud that in only 5 months, NetSight became the management platform for the entire portfolio. This was an emphatic message to the market that we take a different approach aligned to our SDA. NetSight has a single, integrated database for all aspects of management. This streamlines operations, enables dynamic management and removes the manual aspect of correlating information.

Application Analytics -- Purview offers application layer analytics, so you can understand what is happening on your network, you can optimize your environment, help increase productivity and measure adoption. Purview allows you to deliver both tactical and strategic information to make better more rapid business decisions.

SDN -- Our SDN platform is unique because it offers an open, standards based and comprehensive platform allowing customer to migrate from what they own today to where they need to be with SDN in the future. Our support of multiple north and southbound APIs (part of our OpenDaylight based controller) is how we accomplish this. Big vendors have a lot to lose in market share and are resisting the open approach, opting for vendor led versions that require proprietary hardware.

Finally, we offer orchestration across the entire architecture. Whether that infrastructure is multi-vendor or not. Orchestration within the data center is available across virtualized workloads and consolidated storage and compute. Extreme is the only company in the industry committed to this type of integration, backward compatibility and openness to support technology partners and third party vendors. Many in the industry have grown through M&A, successfully so, however it has led to a portfolio with lots of products that are not integrated through management or orchestration. Each time you add a product, it increases your complexity with the introduction of a new disparate management tool.


Our Extreme Networks IdentiFi Wi-Fi solution provides wired-like performance, security and reliability for mobile and BYOD users. This includes access points, centralized management, and controllers that provide enterprises with economic value, reduced risk, and flexibility to rapidly adapt to change in the business environment.


IdentiFi Extreme Networks4

IdentiFi , , , RF SSID High Availability Flexible SFP+ (1G/10G)Hardware- 2,000 AP and 32,000 802.11ac

/ WPA2, WIDS/WIPS, AAA, Forensics 2x HD Video 1 /

IdentiFi - WiFi Done Right

IdentiFi is a purpose built WiFi solution that provides a wired like experience for mobile and BYOD users. IdentiFi access points, centralized management, and controllers provide the scalability, control, and density required to meet the high user demand for simultaneous voice, HD video, and data services. With IdentiFi control and management are done centrally then pushed out to access points thereby distributing the intelligence out to the edge.

IdentiFi provides predictable TCO for the business with no hidden or additional costs, an easy to deploy/manage solution for IT, and an exceptional quality experience for the mobile user. IdentiFi is future proof; adds, moves, and changes can be done dynamically without making changes to the existing network infrastructure. The flexibility of IdentiFi insures that it will meet the demands of both small and large enterprises.

IdentiFi in combination with OneFabric unifies the WiFi and wired network providing consistent management, access and control from the network edge to the datacenter. IdentiFi benefits include:

Distributed intelligence Consistent user experience (anywhere/anytime/any device) access control and policy follows the user /device; users are not tied to the physical network or to VLANsEnforcement of security and policy at the access pointThreat detection and response at the access pointTCO predictability The IdentiFi solution provides everything required to offer exceptional user experience without increasing fees or hidden costsReliability purpose built solutions for the enterpriseMonitor and control - real time visibility into users and devicesDensity and scalability Deployment flexibilityAll traffic from the access points is sent to the controllerAll traffic is handled at the access pointOr a combination of both

Provides a scalable and future proof infrastructureEnables BYOD and guest access simply and securelyProvides higher performance for dense needsIntegrates with the Wired infrastructure for holistic provisioningOffers services that can extend the Fabric outside the brick-n-mortar


IdentiFi C3550-125 250 4 GEGE Mgmt2048 4096

C5210100-1000 2000 HW- 2 x SFP+2 x GEGE Mgmt16,000/32,000 .V2110VMware ESXi 5.18-248 496 2x GEGE Mgmt4096 .8192 .



Physical & Virtual controllers Feature Rich, Enterprise-Grade Wireless Out-of-the-BoxHigh Availability & Double Capacity for the Same PriceFast Roaming; Intra and Inter-Controller RoamingAdvanced Security and Role Based Access ControlsMultimedia QoS Enabled Voice and VideoComprehensive Guest Portal and BYOD Support


ExtremeCloud Wi-Fi .( SMB)

Out of Band Cloud ManagementZero Touch AP ProvisioningCentral configuration, management, troubleshootingWireless (+Wired in the near future)Subscription-Based Model

Step 1:Pick Hardware

Step 2:Add CloudSubscription

Step 3:Install

Cloud Management

AP3805 is a dual radio 2x2:2 802.11ac indoor access pointSmoke detector form factor to blend into the environmentInternal & External Antenna models support unique installation need1x 10/100/1000BASE-T port3x LEDs (Status, Radio1 & Radio2)Ethernet Link Down: Status LED=Blink Red, Radio1=Blink Green & Radio2 = OFFTotal Wireless Link Rate: 1.17 Gbps5GHz (Radio 1) is 802.11ac radio, supporting up to 866 Mbps2.4GHz (Radio 2) is 802.11n radio, supporting up to 300 MbpsWall & Flush Ceiling brackets (9/16 & 15/16 wide T-bars) includedOptional universal ceiling brackets available i.e. WS-MBI-DCU01 Optional multi-region power supply (WS-PSI12V-MR1)Supports US, EU, UK, AUS, Brazil & China regions


IdentiFi 37 802.11n

3705i11abgn, 2x2:2 MIMO Dual-radio802.3af PoEMesh, Policy, QoSOptional WIDS, WIPS, Spectrum analysisAdv 11n (beamforming, LDPC, STBC)40K ppsSmoke-detector footprint3710i/e11abgn, 3x3:3 MIMODual-radio802.3af PoEMesh, Policy, QoSOptional WIDS, WIPS, Spectrum analysisAdv 11n (beamforming, LDPC, STBC)60K pps

3715i/e11abgn, 3x3:3 MIMODual-radio802.3af PoEMesh, Policy, QoSOptional WIDS, WIPS, Spectrum analysisAdv 11n (beamforming, LDPC, STBC)60K pps2 x E/N for power and wired data redundancySmall footprint / blends into environment

3765i/e Industrial11abgn, 3x3:3 MIMODual-radio802.3at PoEMesh, Policy, QoSOptional WIDS, WIPS, Spectrum analysisAdv 11n (LDPC, STBC)60K ppsIntegrated & ext antennasIP65/NEMA43767e IndustrialSame as 3765e +2xSFP E/N interfaces

identiFi access points built to meet the demands of today and tomorrow

Purpose built APs What does that mean?

These are purpose built APs. They do not just rely on a standard reference design supplied by the radio / chip vendor. Designs included upgraded CPUs, additional memory, additional amplifiers, and purpose built antennas for more predictable RF coverage.

Optimized Packet per Second (pps) processing on the E/N port ensures no bottlenecks from the air-to-the-wire or the wire-to-the-air. Most wireless vendors focus on the optimizing the radios and forget processing on the wire.

Run at full radio power and maintain good signal quality - Enterasys APs have been purpose built to run at full power they can do so without introducing noise, or causing issues with signal quality.

Optimized internal antenna array allowing for with higher receive sensitivities for client devices with lower capabilities - Provide extended range to less capable clients offering a great user experience for all client devices.

Large metal heat sinks designed to efficiently dissipate heat for one, two, or even three radios running at full power Run at full power and efficiently dissipate the heat at all power ranges providing a cool running AP which, in turn provides a quality user experience and trouble free operation of the AP

Additional identiFi access point data to poi