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This OzLINK for UPS Custom Webinar covers the benefits of extending the capabilities of UPS WorldShip® by integrating it into your pick, pack, ship process. You will also learn how to Streamline fulfillment and increase accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction all helping you achieve a faster time to value.

Transcript of Extending UPS WorldShip with OzLINK

  • 1. Extending UPS WorldShip

2. Agenda Welcome Oz Development Introduction Where are the Opportunities? Real customer ROI Streamline pick/pack/ship Service customer channels Integrate & automate fulfillment OzLINK Solution Overview Q&A 2U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only 2 3. Oz and UPS Oz Overview A Solution for Every UPS Customer Over 10,000 joint customers Scales down and up with size of business 20 years experience in shipping Integration from Excel to Enterprise ERP Part of UPS Ready for 10+ years Handle complex business rules Rapid company growth Premiere customer service3U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only 3 4. Where Are the Opportunities?Expanding Channels could determine UPS ServiceSales Growth of eCommerce (eBay, Amazon)Channels Balancing P&L of shipping Mix of B2B, B2C processes Increased Complexity in Complex shipping rulesWarehouse Too much clerical/paperwork Low-cost, on-time shipping HeightenedCustomer Mandates such as labels, doc, ASNPick/PackExpectations Ship Real time status U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only4 5. Real Customers With Real ROIFulfillment Shipping Products: Snack Foods Products: Machinery & tools Segment: Food processingSegment: Wholesale distribution Functional Area: LogisticsFunctional Area: FulfillmentChallenge: Challenge: Up to 250 shipments per day 200-300 shipments per month Front office produced shipping documents Domestic and international No MAS 200 & WorldShip integration Serialized equipment Extra data entry, duplicate address books 2-3 errors per month $600-$1000 cost per errorSolution:Solution: Bidirectional integration Pack validation, with serial number Eliminated 100% shipping data entry Savings $24K per year Improve customer service Improved customer serviceU.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only5 6. Real Customers With Real ROIFulfillment Shipping Products: Gourmet Food Products: Home lighting Segment: eCommerce Segment: eCommerce Functional Area: Fulfillment Functional Area: Shipping/returnsChallenge:Challenge: 200-300 shipments per day 10-15 returns per day Multiple documents for pick/pack/ship 2 hours processing per day Legacy system performance was slow Complex charge-back rules Costly pick/ship errors ($36 per error) Too much clerical paperwork Minimal time for customersSolution: Solution: Integrated pack slip/UPS label Integrate RMA & UPS Increased fulfillment productivity by 50% Savings $17.5K per year Reduced shipping errors Reduced clerical tasks 96%U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only 6 7. Extending WorldShip to Capture OpportunitiesStreamline Service AutomatePick/Pack Customer Shipping Ship ChannelsDocuments Combine pack-list & label Branded pack slips Retail compliant labels Scan based pack verification Label customizations Paperless commercial invoice Batch shipping Branded E-mail notifications ASN Bar code scanning Auto-create return labels UPS Freight/BOL Automate business rules Drop ship capabilities UPS SurePost UPS Mail Innovations 8. Automate Advanced Business Rules ShipmentOrigin/Dest ConsigneeDetails Address Weight, dims Loyalty programs Residential Value Drop ship Urban area Commodity Preferred service PO Box Delivery date InternationalOzLINKAutomate Business Rules ServiceShipping OptionsPackage Options Ground Return Service Delivery confirmation Next Day Air Saturday Delivery Flexible parcel ins. Mail Innovations Intl Commodity Declared value Freight etc etc. etc 9. Streamline Pick/Pack/Ship withCombo Packing Slip and UPS LabelOrders Pick/Pack& Label ShipConfirm 10. Create Branded Pack Slips andReal-time e-mailsBranded e-mailsBranded packing slips to improve customer serviceFor drop ship customersand repeat businessor different brands 11. Automate Shipping Documents Retail International Bill of Lading ComplianceshipmentsPaperlessInvoice 12. OzLINK Solutions Overview 13. OzLINK for UPS: A Solution for Every CustomerValue OzLINK for UPS Custom Integration to any accounting/ERPOzLINK Customer business rulesfor UPSPro $99.95 per month Pre-built integration QuickBooks, NetSuite 5 minutes to integrated WorldShip shipping OzLINK for UPS $29.95 per month Plus Excel batch processing Negotiated and list rates Batch shipping with WorldShipOzLINK $15.95 per monthfor UPSRating (small package and freight)Address ValidationTracking Free Degree of Integration 13 14. OzLINK Pro: Out of the BoxIntegration with UPS WorldShip Host System:OrdersERP/accountingOR WorldShip Costs &Tracking Bi-directional integration Go live in minutes All QuickBooks editions including online Supports all UPS services: International paperless invoice, freight, mail innovations, SurePost, etc. 15. OzLINK Custom Integrates End-to-End FulfillmentHost System:ERP/accounting Integrate to any host Streamline fulfillment/operations Handle advanced business rules Rapid time to implement 16. OzLINK Custom Integrated with Virtually Any HostCRM/ERP/ AccountingHomegrown eCommerce Web ODBCServices Batch Files XML TerminalLegacyEmulators Applications 17. OzLINK DemoSolution Demo 17 18. Options and Next Steps 19. Summary of Needs Is WorldShip integrated to your ERP/host? Do you need to automate shipping rules? Do you want to send a branded email notification to your customers? Do you drop ship on behalf of your customers? Do you sell through Amazon, eBay, etc? Do you sell to large retailers? Do you want to use TNT to select a shipping service? Do you ship UPS freight?19U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only 19 20. Capture The Opportunity: Agile Approach1. Review end-to-end fulfillment process for issues2. Stack rank the issues based on ROI3. Pick one or two top priorities, start small4. Leverage external domain experts: UPS, OzLINK5. Define goals & expectations6. Align team to deliver solution7. Use success to tackle next priorityContinuous improvement 20 U.S. Marketing / Business Planning | Confidential For internal use only 20 21. OzLINK DemoQ &A 21 22. OzLINK for UPS: Additional Information 508-366-1969 sales@ozdevelopment.comupsready.ozdevelopment.com