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Express qq 24 jul 2013

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    Tladi Moloi


    (67) has been living in a two-room

    shack for many years without get-

    ting an RDP house, but she said she

    never lost hope.

    Mphuthi, who hails from Putha-

    ditjhaba near the Setsing Shopping

    Centre, now finallyhas a goodhouse.

    The Maluti-a-Phofung Municipali-

    ty has built her a house with five


    It was officially handed over to her

    on Mandela Day by Ace Magashule,

    the Free State premier, and Sarah

    Moleleki, the Maluti-a-Phofung

    (MAP) executive mayor.

    She said good things came to those

    who were patient and she believed

    that her patience had earned her a


    In addition to the house, furniture

    was also provided. Express Eastern

    Free State has also learnt that benefi-

    ciarieswho receivehouseswould get

    six months medical care, three

    months worth of groceries and the

    children from those families would

    be assisted to further their studies at

    the FET College.

    I am very happy. I have accepted

    the house. I want to thank Ntate

    Mandela, who is in hospital, because

    the house was officially given to me

    on his day, she said.

    This grandmother, who is origi-

    nally from Bohlokong near Bethle-

    hem, lives with her 13-year-old

    grandson, Tisetso, whose parents

    passed away a few years ago.

    I have lived in a shack since that

    time when there was a war in Lesot-

    ho. The Bible says there is a right

    time for everything andmy time has

    come, she said.

    Moleleki said she would like to

    thank all business people who had

    made it possible to build the house.

    She said it was evident that many of

    the local business ownerswould love

    to help the government.

    We visited the families last year

    and we found that the living condi-

    tions were not good, because some

    were sharing one room with their

    grandsons. The premier promised

    Mphuthi, when hewas here last year

    in May, that the government would

    build a house for her and nowwe are

    opening it, she said.

    The mayor said their aim was to

    make sure that all the elders in the

    municipality lived a good life with

    dignity, because they had fought for


    As themunicipality, we will keep

    on looking for other elders who need

    houses so that they can enjoy the

    good life and the fruits of freedom.

    We are not building houses, but

    we will make sure that we help

    where we can, she said.

    She said they had built three hous-

    es, but the contractors only finished

    the one whichwas unveiled and add-

    ed that she hoped that the other two

    would be unveiled in three weeks or


    Ace Magashule, the premier of the

    Free State, said that theywere happy

    that they had built a house for the

    grandmother. He pointed out, how-

    ever, that the issue of building hous-

    es for people was not going the way

    he wanted it had to be accelerated.

    We had a meeting in our execu-

    tive council where we decided that

    we would have to accelerate the

    solution of the building issue in


    We want to build houses that will

    represent the culture of the Sesotho


    We will start building in Septem-

    ber and that will also be part of the

    Mandela Day celebration.

    A house for Mandela Day

    OVER THE MOON: Paulina Maditaba Mphuthi stands between Ace Magashule, the Free State premier, and Sarah Moleleki, the MalutiaPhofung

    (MAP) executive mayor, during the official handover of the RDP house. Photo: Tladi Moloi


    features some of the top DJs from

    various radio stations.

    Sithole admitted that he disap-

    pointed his followers by not

    releasing a movie in three years.

    He, however, said the next one

    would show them why he had

    been so quiet.

    I wanted to come with some-

    thing very special and believe you

    me they would love it, he said.

    He said the making of the movie

    would not have been possible if it

    was not for the supportive

    Nketoane Local Municipality

    under the leadership of Matshuku-

    du Molapisi.

    I want to thank the mayor and

    the municipal manager, Lekhetho

    Mokhahle, for their support. We

    would like to work with them

    from now on and we would make

    sure that their money does not go

    to waste, he said.


    Tladi Moloi

    AFTER spending three years

    without releasing a movie, the

    peoples favourite comedian Molefi

    Sithole, known as Mopostola, is

    back on camera.

    The Lindley-based comedian who

    made his mark in the industry

    with comedies such as Otlo fella

    kae, is busy shooting Mopostola 6.

    He made his firt television

    appearance in 2006 and since then

    people have been talking about


    The last two weeks the funny

    man has been working on the

    movie which is expected to be on

    the shelves in September. Moposto-

    la 6 promises to be a hit and it


    Sithole to release first movie in

    three years in September

    ACTION. CUT: Molefi Sithole, aka

    Mopostola, busy shooting the

    movie. Photo: Supplied


    Tladi Moloi

    THE Maluti Bus Service manage-

    ment is hoping to have 36 new bus-

    es by the end of August, Jackie

    Ntshingila, the chairperson of the

    Maluti Bus Service Board, says.

    Ntshingila, who spoke during

    the handover of ten new buses at

    the Charles Mopeli Stadium in

    Qwaqwa on Wednesday, said they

    were very happy with what the

    Free State government has done

    for them.

    The new buses where handed

    over by Butana Komphela, the

    MEC for Police, Roads and Trans-

    port, and Ace Magashule, the pre-

    mier of the Free State.

    The ten buses increased the

    number of new buses to 12 after

    the other twowere given to the bus

    company last year October.

    Ntshingila said she wanted to

    thank the MEC, because he was

    the one who had opened the door

    for them. She said the commuters

    also deserved something better for

    their patience.

    Our commuters kept using our

    buses, even though at times they

    were dying on the road, andwe are

    aware that some of them were

    fired because of their late arrival

    at work. We are sorry about that,

    she said.

    Ntshingila said they were ex-

    pecting to have 36 new buses by

    the end of August.

    Who would have thought that

    black people would be in control

    of the bus company? I feel over-

    whelmed with what our govern-

    ment has done for us, she said.

    Ntshingila has urged the com-

    munity to look after the buses, be-

    cause they were the ones who

    would be using them.

    Komphela said they started ne-

    gotiations for the possibility of

    changing the transport industry

    in 2002. He also said it was a

    good feeling that what they have

    long fought for was finally work-


    We came here to give you ten

    buses. We believe that you will

    take care of them and use them

    wisely. You should start looking

    after them today, so that they will

    last you longer, he said.

    Komphela said theywouldmake

    sure that the buses were driven by

    South Africans with proper pa-


    We have seen many taxi own-

    ers employing people from Lesot-

    ho and we do not want that to hap-

    pen with our buses, he said.

    He concluded by requesting the

    community to support the govern-

    ment and added that, if they did,

    good things would come.

    With me in the leadership eve-

    rything is possible.

    I am a leader who does not easi-

    ly go down. I want to make sure

    that many things are happening

    under my leadership, Magashule


    He saluted Komphela by saying,

    You have done it, my chief. You

    know, he is one of those people

    who does not want to be congratu-

    lated alone for the good work, as

    he always says the government

    does it, but he deserves to be told

    that he has done well.

    Brand new buses can

    finally take to the road

    BUTANA KOMPHELA, the MEC for Police, Roads and Transport, in the new bus of the Maluti Bus Service. Photo: Tladi Moloi


    Tladi Moloi

    BLADE NZIMANDE, the minister

    for Higher Education and Training,

    told the gr. 12 learners from all the

    provinces who had gathered at the

    Lere La Tshepe College that it would

    not be the end of theworld if they did

    not go to university.

    He said most of the skills that

    South Africa needed at the midlevel

    were only found at the FET Colleges

    and not at university.

    The minister spoke at the Nelson


    lingwhichwas held onMandela Day

    in Qwaqwa.

    This is an annual event where we

    visit the colleges in the rural areas.

    I would also like to tell those who

    would like to go to college and uni-

    versity to start applying now, he


    He said as the department they

    have devotedNelsonMandelaDay to

    career guidance, because their own

    research showed thatmany students

    battled in colleges and university be-

    cause they d