Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam

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Transcript of Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam

  • 8/14/2019 Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam




    1-3 Allah , the Wise and the Knowing has said: The guidance you long for (1/5), is preserved

    in this Book (15/9) wherein there is no uncertainty, ambiguity or psychological perplexity. ThisBook shows to the Muttaqeen the path leading to the ultimate destination prescribed for humanity.The Muttaqeen are those who wish to avoid pitfalls of the wrong path, who believe in the unseen(which becomes comprehensible through reflection on the Quran ), and are confident that the rightpath will lead to the destination even though the former may be obscured initially.

    In order to achieve this objective, they establish the Nizam-us-Sal at in which all humanbeings follow the Laws of Allah , and after retaining that much which is necessary to meet theirbasic needs (2/219), they keep the remaining material resources open for the needy ones for their


    4 The Muttaqeen believe in all the truths revealed to you (O Nabi !) and those revealed to theAnbia who came before you. (The latter are, however, no longer in their original or unadulteratedform). Believing in these truths (which are now all in the Quran ) implies believing in the fact,which is corroborated by historical evidence, that whenever Allah s Plan has been followed, thesame beneficial results have been achieved, namely, a blissful life free of anxiety. They, therefore,believe that now, again, adherence to the Laws of Allah will bring about the same good results andtheir striving in the present will make the future bright, and that this process of evolution will

    continue even beyond death (57/12, 66/8).

    5 The Muttaqeen are blessed ones who lead their lives according to the Laws of Rabubiyyat and whose efforts eventually bear fruit (23/1-11, 31/2-5). They wish to follow the right path,warding off dangers inherent in taking the wrong path.

    6 As opposed to Muttaqeen , there are K afireen who see the right path clearly, yet do notadopt it, being impelled by their obstinacy, jealousy, vanity, and vested interests (2/89-90, 109,27/14, 35/42-43, 47/32). They do not follow this path themselves, and also prevent others fromfollowing it (6/26, 41/26, 43/32). Whether or not the K afireen are warned about the disastrousconsequences of following the wrong path, it is the same for them. They will never adopt the rightpath (36/70).

    7 As a result of their outlook and actions, the K afireen lose their capacity for observationand comprehension. They, thus, deprive themselves of the real joys of life, falling headlong into theinferno of devastation. Indeed how pathetic is their end!

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  • 8/14/2019 Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam



    8 While the Muttaqeen and K afireen accept or reject the truth openly, the Mun afiqeen paylip service to the truth of the Divine Code, the Law of Mukaf at and life Hereafter, withoutbelieving in it.

    9 They adopt two faced tactics towards Allah s System and delude themselves into thinkingthat they are deceiving the Momineen who establish it. But if they were to reflect, they wouldrealise that, in fact, they deceive only themselves.

    10 Leading such a life results in a diseased mind and Allah s Law is that He furthers such amind. This situation compels them to persistent lying and what a torturous life they have to live in.

    11 When they are asked not to spread Fas ad (disorder) in society, they retort audaciously:We do not spread fas ad (disorder); rather we are the Musliheen i.e. those who promote order.Beware! they, indeed, are the mufsideen who spread disorder.

    12 It is amazing that these people fail to realise how the discrepancy between their word anddeed exposes their true self.

    13 When it is said to them that they should also adopt and follow the Divine Code as theMomineen have done, they reply: They are simpletons who do not understand what is in theirinterest, and who forego present opportunities and benefits in the false hope of constructing an idealsociety. Should we too become simpletons like them? Beware! it is these Mun afiqeen who do notknow what is in their interest and who are, indeed, simpletons, since they do not even understandthat to forego permanent advantages for temporary gains is not a good trading.

    14-15 Such is the duplicity of the Mun afiqeen that when they are with the followers of theDivine Code, they aver that they too believe in the same truths, but when they meet their ring-leaders in privacy, they say: We are, in fact, with you. It is only for the sake of appearance that wemeet them. In reality, we mock them by pretending to be on their side. If they could only see that,in accordance with Allah s Law of Mukaf at , they mocked none but themselves ! Intoxicated withpower, the Mun afiqeen let themselves loose in the whirlpool of perfidy.

    16 These people fancy that they are very clever since their deceitful ways bring them temporalreturns; and feel smug about their profitable trading. But, in fact, no one is more mistaken than theyare, because they have exchanged the wrong path for the right one. Such trading cannot eventuallyprosper because the wrong path can never lead to the ultimate destination prescribed for humanity.

    17-18 These pursuers of temporary and easy gains may be compared to one who, in the dark night of the jungle, lights a fire to find the way and the fire brightens the surroundings momentarily,but when it goes out, he finds himself in total darkness. In other words, the glitter of quickly-acquired gains initially dazzles the eyes like the fire in the wilderness. However, the brightness isfollowed by a darkness which renders one incapable of seeing, hearing or understanding (8/22).

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  • 8/14/2019 Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam



    There is, then, no way left whereby such a person can return to the right path.

    19-20 Hypocrisy may lead to some gains, but these gains are always mixed with losses, as acloud which brings life-giving rain is also accompanied by darkness, thunder and lightning. TheMun afiqeen desire to profit from the rainfall but to be secure from the havoc caused by thunderand lightning, they stuff their fingers in their ears believing that they will not perish if they can shutout the terrifying noises of the storm. They are unable to perceive that they cannot protect

    themselves from lightning by simply shutting their ears, as Allah s Law of Mukaf at encompassesall those who deny the truth (7/183, 29/54, 79/36, 82/16).

    It needs also to be remembered that though lightening can sometimes show the way to atraveller lost in the wilderness on a dark, stormy night, it is not a sure guide since it occurs only inflashes, each flash being succeeded by darkness deeper than before. Likewise, human intellect,brightens the path only momentarily. It is the Divine guidance which provides constant light tothose who tread the right path.

    If We had wished, We could dispossess the Mun afiqeen of all means of acquiringknowledge (namely, the faculty of perception and hearing), so that they could not benefit from themeans of nurture provided by nature. But we did not do this. We have prescribed Laws for allevents in the universe and We do not infringe upon these Laws even though We have the power todo so.

    21 Therefore, O Mankind! do not be deceived by the glitter of secular systems (17/18-20).It behoves you to adhere to the Laws of that Creator and Sustainer Who created you and yourancestors, and Who has brought the human race to the present state of evolution through variousstages despite the destructive forces of nature (7/172). This is the only way you can shield yourself from the hazards of the journey.

    22 You will find protection from lifes pitfalls only within the universal system of Rabubiyyat according to which Allah made the earth a resting place for you and scattered variousplanets in the atmosphere which remain in their orbits through mutual gravitation. Allah also causedrain to come down from the sky so that means of nourishment could be provided for you. It isevident that all means of sustenance have been given to you unearned but Allah alone is the ownerand master of these means and you are permitted only their use. Therefore, take care lest you makehuman beings masters of these means. If you were to do this, it would be tantamount to Shirk , orsetting up rivals to Allah .

    23 If after reviewing such persuasive arguments and clear evidence, you are still in doubt andperplexity about the truth or falsity of this Book (Code of life) which We have revealed to youthrough our Rasool , then there is a simple way to resolve this problem. Produce only one Surah likeany Surahs from this Book (11/13, 10/38). If you cannot do this single-handedly, ask variousthinkers in your society to co-operate with you in producing the like of just one Surah accept this

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  • 8/14/2019 Exposition of Quran Chapter 02 Baqara by G A Parwez published by idara Tulu-e-islam



    challenge to prove, if what you say is true.

    24 But if you will not accept our challenge and, for sure, you will not and continue inyour opposition, all of you common and elite, leaders and followers alike will fall into aninferno of devastation along with your wealth and glory. Th