Exploring search for the Digital Marketplace

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We are exploring a lot of different options around how best to improve search for the Digital Marketplace.

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  • 1. Rebecca Cottrell Interaction designer Government Digital Service @recottrell

2. GDSRebecca Cottrell gov.uk/digital-marketplace 3. GDSRebecca Cottrell Some of you have seen the CloudStore or the Digital Services store already. The Digital Marketplace will eventually replace both these things. 4. GDSRebecca Cottrell Procurement 5. GDSRebecca Cottrell Procurement=! buying stuff for the public sector 6. GDSRebecca Cottrell + Add to favourites! This option is great when youre shopping for shoes but in procurement this is illegal 7. GDSRebecca Cottrell Its not about the top search result, its about nding the thing that ts what you need! 8. GDSRebecca Cottrell 1. Enter requirements! 2. ??? ! 3. Prot Save money 9. GDSRebecca Cottrell GDSRebecca Cottrell 10. GDSRebecca Cottrell Our current search box looks like this 11. GDSRebecca Cottrell Digital Marketplace! However, it sets people's expectations, with the top results being the most valuable and most relevant. 12. ] Were looking at a way for people to build their requirements, something like this. GDSRebecca Cottrell 13. ] GDSRebecca Cottrell 14. ] GDSRebecca Cottrell This will help buyers to be more precise about what theyre looking for. 15. ] GDSRebecca Cottrell This is work in progress and were still testing it out and gathering feedback as part of our user research. 16. GDSRebecca Cottrell gov.uk/digital-marketplace 17. Rebecca Cottrell Interaction designer Government Digital Service @recottrell